IRELAND: Mothers & Fathers Matter Offers “Warm Congratulations” To Yes Campaign

“We offer our warm congratulations to the YES campaign on their victory. There are thousands of people who worked hard for them to achieve this result, and they can be justifiably happy with their efforts today. Though at times this campaign was unpleasant for people on all sides, nobody who involves themselves in a campaign does so with anything but the good of their country at heart. There is no better way to resolve difference than the way we are using today. From our point of view, we have represented a proportion of the
population greater than those who support any political party. One in
three Irish people in this campaign was not represented by the political
establishment, the media, or the institutions of state. We are proud to
have fought on behalf of those voices when nobody else would. Today’s
result was achieved by the Government after they issued certain promises
about surrogacy, adoption, and a range of other issues. A lot of voters
believed those assurances and they must now be kept.” – Mothers & Fathers Matter, via press release.

  • clay

    and, the NOM-backed assholes appear.

    • Homo Erectus

      Both of them!

    • Dramphooey

      I agree with your take. While this seems gracious any complete surrender is because the defeated are at the mercy of the victors. This is what it looks like when the opposition is completely destroyed. I hope to see it in our nation soon.

      • clay

        You disagree that this particular group was NOM-backed, or that they’re still acting like assholes? Iona Institute seemed gracious and civil; theses folks, not so much.

        Opps, my bad, you wrote “agree”.

  • Homo Erectus
  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    Thank you very much for your gracious concession…now go away.

  • Gigi

    That’s warm? Yikes!

    • Blake Jordan

      Well compared to “the sadz” of the USA dark forces… yes, yes it is!

    • clay

      straight from Hell

    • zhera

      Consider the statement that will come from NOM, FRC, AFA, etc., when SCOTUS ruling comes. The accusations of all sorts of evil and corruption will fly everywhere.

      I’m pleasantly surprised that the Irish bigots are able to say ‘Congrats and let’s move on’.

      • oikos

        They’ve been soundly defeated. The Irish people will deride them as sore losers if they whine like our bigots do.

  • Blake Jordan

    So wait, are same sex couples not allowed to adopt in Ireland?

    • Megaera

      Yes, they are now. But it’s a fairly recent thing for couples to be allowed to. Used to be that a single gay person could adopt, but not a same-sex couple.

    • IamM

      Those promises the Yes side made were that the No side was lying in suggesting this referendum would change law regarding adoption, assisted reproduction, or church practices. Promises kept. ✔️

      • BobSF_94117

        Yes, they’re taking all the statements that this referendum was only about marriage and trying to twist them into promises that gay people won’t have access to adoption, surrogacy, etc.

  • Baltimatt

    What are these “promises”?

    • Blake Jordan

      Probably something that will still assure that heters are undeservedly better off…

      • occono

        Basically, I’d say the promise was that if in the future overwhelming well-researched (not Regnerus) science said same-sex parenting has a detrimental effect, the government can legislate in reaction.

        As in a response to the warning that the government couldn’t ever privilege straight couples parenting if science stood against LGBT parenting.

        Edit: None of this was ever actually said. The general warnings about parenting were given, and the response was that treating same-couples equally was right no matter what same-sex parenting looks like in the future.

        • RoFaWh

          Rhetorical error alert: “Regnerus” and “well-researched” should never be used in the same sentence. Even better: not in the same paragraph. Best of all: not in the same publication.

          • occono

            Haha, sorry.

    • SockMikey

      I *think* they may be referring to:

      The outcome of the referendum won’t have any bearing on surrogacy or adoption rights.

    • occono

      That the marriage referendum would not directly legalize two-parent same sex adoption and surrogacy. (Surrogacy isn’t legal or illegal, it isn’t regulated by law.)

      There was no promise such things wouldn’t be legalized, only that laws would have to be debated and passed by the legislature first. A law was brought up but was delayed.

      • Gustav2

        “This will not change current law on….” stopped the scaremongers in their tracks. Would that SCOTUS and media do the same thing in July.

    • occono

      Basically, I’d say the promise was that if in the future overwhelming well-researched (not Regnerus) science said same-sex parenting has a detrimental effect, the government can legislate in reaction.

    • occono

      I was wrong. Two-parent adoption was made legal back in April, and is yet to take effect, and I never saw that it happened. Somehow I missed this the whole time, guess I needed to read the government neutral explanatory FAQs!

      Surrogacy isn’t legal or illegal, so it happens privately. “Commercial” surrogacy isn’t allowed. A law to define surrogacy was stalled.

      Honestly, I didn’t think to actually look this up and it wasn’t clear from the campaign, at least not where I paid attention to! I was at launch fundraisers and I caught most of one TV debate, somehow still ended up clueless.

      The government “promises”….I don’t know, ask the group what they mean by that.

  • Baltimatt

    Mothers and fathers still matter in Ireland. Do they think all children will now be raised in group homes and orphanages?

    • DaddyRay

      By a pack of wolves or bears

      • Gustav2

        In the social work, a pack of wolves or bears are called “intact families” and they must be reunited.

      • ScottJL

        Worked just fine for Tarzan, right?

        • Kruhn

          And Mowgli.

        • And for Romulus and Remus.

      • I vote for bears!

      • BEARS! 😀

      • Lane

        And an otter or two, probably.

  • Gustav2

    Damn, my late mother-in-law arose in Ireland. Every compliment came with a veiled threat.

  • Puckfair52

    as my dear departed mother would say in Irish cac muc ………PIG SHIT!

  • oikos

    Last night I went to sleep with the wonderful schadenfreude of Duggery meltdown, this morning I wake to the fantastic news of equality in Ireland. What a weekend so far!

  • olandp

    More like… “All of the lies we told will not come about, so we will claim that as a victory. Oh ,and, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

  • ericxdc


  • Could you imagine NOM being graceful in defeat?

    • pj

      they will have a nasty press release today wait and see…hate and lies is all they have. wait till june for the real reaction from them. lots of promises to never give up the fight…predictable ….and sad.

      • By comparison, the Irish campaign group appears to be civilized and gracious in defeat. If NOM was running the campaign in Ireland, their message today
        would have done something inspired on Churchill’s “Beaches” speech.

        • BlueberriesForMe

          You got it. “We will never go away – at least in our own minds. We will always be
          relevant – at least in our own minds. We we always have at least 10,000 more people attend our “marches’ than actually do – at least in our own minds.”

          • RNegron

            You forgot “We will always have Tara”.

          • Marc

            Or “We will always have Roscommon-South Leitrim” (as of 1100 Central, anyway)

        • Reality.Bites

          If NOM was running the campaign in Ireland the results would have been a good 5-10 percentage points higher than they were.

    • lymis

      It will be interesting to see how they spin the negative. I’m guessing it will be some “liberal media bias” claim, that the “real” views of the majority were suppressed, causing everyone to vote like good little sheep for the wrong side.

      • Kruhn

        Actually, I was listening to the BBC. An Irish Senator on the No side said the Yes side better organized and congratulated the Yes side. Quite gracious of them.

    • IamM

      No, and I think these M&FM assholes need to try again and see if they can’t get it right.

    • ScottJL

      Could you imagine NOM being graceful?

      • David Walker

        The dancing hippos in “Fantasia” come to mind.

        • Steverino

          Gaggie can dance?

          • Octavio

            I tried to imagine Phyllis Schlafy twerking and suddenly the left side of my face started to go numb.

          • Amanda B. Rekendwith

            Just like Phyllis’!

    • BlueberriesForMe

      I can’t imagine ANYONE from NOM being “graceful” about anything.

      • RoFaWh

        Brian Brown in a tutu dancing Swan Lake, perhaps?

    • David Walker

      Being civil, being gracious in defeat, is not the Murkan way.

      • Octavio

        You’re absolutely correct. The anti gay crowd in ‘Merikuh would just be more encouraged to use guns to express themselves.

      • TampaZeke

        This wasn’t as civil and gracious as it might at first seem. They are setting up a Strawman for a future “told you so!” They are insinuating that the government promised that gay married couples wouldn’t be allowed to adopt or have surrogacy arrangements when no such promise and no such position was claimed. This wasn’t a gracious nod, it was an assurance of future lies and fights, guaranteeing them future employment.

        • David Walker

          I see what you mean. But it doesn’t call for killing the fags and it doesn’t demonize us as we are used to being demonized. The fight goes on there as the fight will go on here. I guess its the tenor of the concession that I appreciate.

        • I saw that part pretty much as a statement of their “fallback position” in the wake of the overwhelming loss – but they did wave the white flag on marriage itself. That’s not what NOM would ever do.

          • Reality.Bites

            Unlike NOM they probably plan on still being around in six months.

        • Paul

          Adoption by gay couples is already legal in Ireland, anyway.

          • TampaZeke

            I said gay MARRIED couples. There are no gay couples who were married in Ireland.

          • Paul

            Gay adoption was legalized earlier this year. So, even if the referendum wouldn’t have happened, couples would still have been able to adopt.

          • TampaZeke

            Perhaps my English isn’t clear. I’ve repeated and even capitalized the word MARRIED twice.

          • Actually? Like everywhere there were Irish married gay couples whose marriage was not recognized at home. But not anymore :DDD

    • freedom_72

      Graceful? Not everyone:

      • freedom_72

        Manning is one of the homocons of “Mothers & Fathers Matter“who campaigned ferociously
        for a No.

        He is also referring to the YES
        campaigners as “Gaystapo”.

      • Eric in Oakland

        The “No” campaign relied heavily on fear-mongering and lies about children. It is amazing that anyone could believe that is somehow the rational unemotional side.

        • freedom_72

          Yes, especially coming from Paddy Manning of all people. The man is an emotional trainwreck, IMO.

  • Oh, yeah — “warm congratulations.” Gad.

  • Remember when NOM issued conciliatory statements after loosing the votes in Minnesota, Maryland, Washington, and Maine? No? Me either.

    • vorpal

      If by “conciliatory statements,” you mean alternating between kicking, screaming hyperbolic nonsense, and then holding their breath, then I remember it fondly.

      • Doug105

        And crying, don’t forget those sweet tears.

    • 2patricius2

      Just what I was thinking. I have to admit, I appreciate the congratulations this group has expressed to the YES campaign. So unlike the response of NOM to every single victory for marriage equality in this country. NOM has over and over again shown itself to be a small group of petty and hateful individuals.

    • Michael Senesac

      Oh, they were deep blue states, we were outspent, the ballot questions were confusing, etc, etc..

    • David Walker

      Maybe because Maine, Maryland, and so on provided them with fodder for money begs.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    As others have noted, given the bile and acid tongued response we will soon get from NOM, FRC and others, this statement comes off as positively delightful……..and that’s not saying much.

  • Puckfair52

    Adoption by same sex couple became legal this year in Ireland. The idea these folks are pushing that having 2 mommies or 2 daddies deprives you of a mommy or a daddy! The Church was complicit if you remember from Philomena between 40 to 60,000 babies were adopted how many forced we don’t know. 2000 to the US!

    • 2patricius2

      I think it was these revelations along with the revelations of the massive cover up by bishops of the molestation of children by priests that really undercut any argument or pretense of moral authority of the Catholic organizers against the referendum and the Catholic bishops. Plus the support of Irish youth and the fact that so many LGBT people in Ireland came out to families and friends. And the YES campaign was brilliant.

  • KnownDonorDad

    Everyone has beaten me to it: I can’t imagine NOM saying something like this in June. Or ever.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      That’s because they are ALWAYS just getting ‘started’:

  • BearEyes

    As far as passive-aggressive consolation speeches go, this wasn’t too bad. If only NOM, FRC and others were so “gracious” in defeat.

    • IamM


  • Steven Leahy

    I am glad they conceded but there is no “grace” here in defeat, these people campaigned against equality and are still shitheads now as much as they were before. This isn’t a football match. They get no “thanks” from me.

    • lymis

      “Grace in defeat” means being gracious, not changing your mind. I’ll credit them with being genuinely gracious. Doesn’t mean I don’t think they aren’t bigots and shitheads. They’re just being polite about it. Works for me.

      • Steven Leahy

        I know what it means, thanks for the lecture.

  • Parque_Hundido

    Okay, now it’s time to change the bans on surrogacy and adoption. Thanks for providing clear direction on next steps.

    On to Italy, Germany and beyond.

    • Gay people can already adopt in Ireland, and surrogacy is illegal there for everyone.

  • bkmn

    “There is no better way to resolve difference than the way we are using today.”
    Still trying to legitimize voting on the rights of a minority – assholes.


    We are all Irish today !

  • Can you IMAGINE Brian Brown being so gracious? I certainly can’t.

    • If he has any sense he’ll mind his own business and keep his trap shut.

  • John Calendo

    I think NOM, in responding to Ireland’s YES landslide, will fixate on the #hometovote people, the Irish ex-pats who were able to return to their homeland for this vote. Not all ex-pats, just those who were within the legal requirements for such a return to vote maneuver. NOM will conflate this with a favorite paranoid conservative meme, “stuffing the ballot box,” the implication being the votes were illegitimate. This bit of misdirection will help their bitter constituency explain to themselves how God, who “will not be mocked”, was, in their juvenile view of such things, “mocked.”

    • 2patricius2

      Amazing how their all powerful god is so powerless against the forces of the evil LGBT army that is led by Satan. And strange how Satan seems to be so much more inclusive and respectful of equality and human rights than their god.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Majority of social issues that involve children arises from heterosexual couples and often married heterosexual couples that adhere to the religious sanction tradition. Same sex marriage has nothing to do what so ever with that institution when all these unwanted, abused children were left at the door steps of society. If this people actually concern about children, they need to start reexamine the foundation of relationship between men and women, education on sexual relationship and learning the responsibilities on parenthood. My take is a lot of the archaic view about sex and gender in religion is big part of the problem that leads to the conflict and contradiction with the society today. It’s the very thing that religions held hostage over those followers with no room to negotiate. Same sex marriage directly challenge that notion. It threatens the foundation of that institution and render it irrelevant.

  • gaylib

    Blah, blah, blah. Now go the fuck away.

  • TampaZeke

    Notice how they’re already setting up their Strawman. They are insinuating that the government promised to not allow gay married couples to adopt or use surrogacy, which is blatantly and patently FALSE. Then when gay couples do adopt and use surrogacy they will scream, “SEE, WE TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN! THEY LIED TO YOU! WE TOLD YOU THEY WOULD!” They’re trying to insure their future employment.

    Scumbags to the very fucking end!

    • Queequeg

      True enough. I noticed that as well, but they lost and were more civilized than our haters are capable of being.

  • Bj Lincoln

    When Maryland, which has 2 million more people than Ireland, voted on my marriage and we won, NOM was no where to be found let alone a nice note like this. They will not give up here because it was not by popular vote. The people of Ireland are still old fashion enough to be polite even when they lost.

  • TMA

    It’s good to be wrong sometimes. 🙂

  • Queequeg

    Very polite congratulations. That would never happen from our opponents here. In fact, just wait for the SADZ fro NOM and the FRC. They can’t blame liberal judges, who will they blame? Somehow it must ne Obama’s fault.

  • Aside from being overjoyed for my homeland, I have to say I am somewhat impressed by the other side’s willingness to not only admit defeat, but do so graciously and with congrats toward the other side. That has never and will never happen here will the likes of Brian Brown, Maggie, Bryan Fischer, et al. They are continuously miserable people who enjoy fighting losing battles….

    America could learn a lot from Ireland today on many different levels.

    • lenvus

      I was about to write the same thing. I agree 100%. Of course, Maggie, Brian, and Porno Pete are likely more upset because their monies are for shit. The concept of graciousness is lost on Brown, etc. It perhaps stems from the fact that the American SSM opposition had more [financially] invested in the result than the Irish. (Where did all of the Iona funds come from …? We’ll never really know, just like the NOM monies: Maine, California, etc etc)

  • charliebkk

    Contrast this to Porno Pete’s whining and foot-stomping above.

  • TheManicMechanic

    A bag of fresh shit is warm too, just sayin’…

  • “Warm Congratulations” would never happen in American society. That alone is staggering. Congratulations to our Irish brothers and sisters!

  • Ninja0980

    The warm congrulations doesn’t make up for the fact they try to make LGBT people in Ireland second class citizens.
    Take your congrulations and shove it.

  • RoFaWh

    “Mothers and fathers matter”

    Does that mean you’d be in favor of complex marriages involving two or more men and two or more women? It would, after all, give the kids even more mommies and daddies.

    • Eric in Oakland

      A gay couple and lesbian couple raising children together would provide twice the mommies and daddies of a straight couple…

  • RoFaWh

    More MaryGThompson (no trailing “m”) spam about $73/hr and an Alfa Romeo.


  • ColdDesert

    Hey America! This is what a civil society looks like.

  • ColdCountry

    Bryan, Tony, Pete, et al, take note. This is what civility looks like. Also note, people are likely to be receptive to people and their ideas if the people presenting them are civil. They may not change their minds, but at least theyt may not be reviled as a hateful bigots.