WND Reports On Duggar Scandal

World Net Daily fails to report that four of the girls molested by Josh Duggar were his own sisters. Sample reader comment: “This is another attack against FRC, because they refuse to give in to the Nazi-Gay Agenda.” 

  • Craig S

    How convenient that WND put this story in the “Diversions” section. Shouldn’t it be in the Perversions section?

    • LonelyLiberal

      No, because child rape is only a diversion to that crowd. To be perverse, it has to be two adult, consenting men doing stuff to each other.

    • TheManicMechanic

      Knowing how some religionists operate, I’m surprised it’s not in the “Recreation” section.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Sadly typical. These are the same people who routinely shield pedophile priests, who hide pastors who abduct children and sneak them out of the country (in the name of jebus), and who call for open carry of firearms in churches, restaurants, bars, schools, etc.

  • oikos

    I love their piggy squeals of pain! Poor baggers, their fantasy world is colliding with the real one.

    • People4Humanity

      I’m hearing nails on the blackboard
      as their parallel universes collide.

  • Blake Jordan

    Duggar molests his sisters (and other girls), but somehow “teh gayz” are to blame… WND commenters really a damaged bunch!

    • oikos

      You knew at some point it would be our fault that Josh Duggar is a child fondling freak.

      • ETownCanuck

        I knew that it was the first thing they were gonna say.

    • Steverino

      Yeah, so much for the ideology of “personal responsibility.”

    • JJS_prime

      It’s because we devalued marriage, you see.

    • Goodboy

      Only proves that they use the bible to mask their hate. Fake as shit “FAS”.

    • Kruhn

      Remember Blake, one of us (I blame RuPaul) appeared in the middle of the night and whispered in Josh Duggart ear “Sashay Molayst” and made him do it. Didn’t you read the “Official Gay Guide to Take Over the World”? Chapter 11 Poof into a Christian Pillar of the Community and make him Molest a Family Member Made Easy.

      You need to keep up with the instructions from the mother ship. LOL

  • Reality.Bites

    Except that in this case the FRC was more than happy to give into the “Nazi-Gay Agenda” and fired his ass.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Since 4 of these girls are not “pure” they will not be allowed to marry, right?

    • oikos

      Per the bible they get to marry Josh.

      • Gene

        actually, even the leviticus crowd would be scared to touch this one! (shudder)

        As per the readers on that trash site, well, they are so deep in denial they should all have Sudanese passports. NOTHING their ever shrinking # of heros do will turn them off….think about it…they have so SO few people in public life to look up to now. they are desperate.

        As it happens, Christian (sic) radio is full of truly despondent people today, I must admit. Everywhere they look they see their worldview falling apart, their heros falling, and society turning on them.

        Aint it nice ? 😉

        • Goodboy

          If they actually believed their own BS they’d make Josh marry them. It’s what GOD wants afterall. Of coarse it’s poor Josh. Leave her alone.

        • oikos

          I shall toast their sorrow all weekend, hopefully while celebrating the expanded rights of our Irish friends.

          • Anastasia Beaverhousen

            Oh, honey, my bottle of Irish whiskey is half depleted. Cheers…

          • oikos


      • And he has to pay 50 shekels for each of them – that’s about 550 grams of silver. At today’s price ($17.16 a toy ounce), just a bit over $300 each.

        • People4Humanity

          So, Jim Bob and Michelle make money off Josh and the sisters?
          Will they pay the other girl who Josh diddled?

        • LonelyLiberal

          How pure was the silver in a shekel? At least some of that is probably copper, iron, or lead, so the price per bride is likely cheaper on today’s futures market.

          Also, if talking the modern Israeli shekel, the cost per bride is only $12.85 at the present instant, a real bargain per Duggar-wife!

      • Goodboy

        Here’s another law. It says to kill the daughters and Josh. Hmm..they got some decisions to make.

        Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB

        If within the city a man comes upon a girl or young woman, especially an unmarried one who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death.

        • oikos

          Hmmmm decisions, decisions. Which of their gawd’s laws will they break?

    • MarkOH

      I think the Bible says they need to be stoned on their wedding night. And I don’t think it’s the same kind of stoned that you are used to, Anastasia.

      • JJS_prime

        It’s either marry their molester Josh or be stoned to death. No other choice.

        • One way of getting himself some biblically-approved “sister-wives.” Just imagine how that whole “quiverfull” thing would work out if Josh has several wives, so he doesn’t have to waste *any* of his seed in infertile territory – why, at 50 shekels each (just over $300 in today’s market” he could have quite a harem, and perhaps hundreds of children! Maybe even girl-children!

          • I’m so torn between marking this, +1 because you are right…and not marking it because, “ew”.

          • I know – think of it as a “Betty Bowers” moment . . .

          • “America’s Best Christian”!

          • D. J.

            Think of how many wives Brian Octopop Brown can buy per year with his NOM salary.
            Soon, there will be no women to marry.
            There would be more twinkies left at the twinkie factory after a Maggie Gallagher tour.

      • While we don’t know the lurid details of Josh’s defilement of his sisters and at least one other girl, it may be that his molestations did not disturb any hymens, so stoning might not be appropriate on the wedding night.

        But look at Leviticus 20, just a few verses after the one the Duggars and their ilk love to claim prohibits gay relations:

        17 “‘If a man marries his sister, the daughter of either his father or his mother, and they have sexual relations, it is a disgrace. They are to be publicly removed from their people. He has dishonored his sister and will be held responsible.

        Now, if Josh “became one flesh” with any of his sisters via his molestation, that would bring all of this up to biblical literalists.

        Then again, in Deuteronomy 22, right after that wedding night thing, we’ve got:

        22 If a man be found lying with a woman married to an husband, then they shall both of them die, both the man that lay with the woman, and the woman: so shalt thou put away evil from Israel.

        23 If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her;

        24 Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.

        25 But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die.

        26 But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and slayeth him, even so is this matter:

        27 For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

        28 If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found;

        29 Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he hath humbled her, he may not put her away all his days.

        Is there any evidence whether Josh’s sisters “cried out” when he was molesting them? Or are they far enough outside city limits that they might be spared?

        • crewman

          Now that’s a morality that is worthy of God and clearly cannot be improved on.

        • D. J.

          Oh dear, what if the city doesn’t have gates?
          Will the gates of a gated community do?
          Does the gated community have to be IN the city?
          What if the gated community is in an unincorporated part of the county?
          I think we need to have a discussion with Betty Bowers about this….

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      cause you know females are given soooo many rights in the bible.
      In that book, females are nothing but baby making cattle with a dowery and a penchant for running a loom.

      • Queequeg

        Have you seen the pictures of the parents where Michelle has this adoring look as she gazes at the husband, as though worshiping him? No equality in that family!

        • D. J.

          The Quiverfulls are required to always present “Happy Face”. Any other facial expression is considered to be a sign of rebellion against their Gawd and parents.
          The more I read about them and Dominionists in general, the more I fear for the future of the USA.

    • b
      • People4Humanity


  • SockMikey

    They also failed to report that the Jim Bob Duggar lied to police in his interview about counseling program.

    Or that he refused to make Josh Duggar available:


    Jim Bob told police, when he was interviewed in 2006, that the Duggars sent their son to a Christian program at the advice of their church elders

    He said the program was a “Christian program.” Michelle Duggar later admitted to police that Josh did not receive counseling and instead had been sent during that time to a family friend who was in the home remodeling business.

    Asked about the training center that Jim Bob said Josh was sent to, Michelle told police, according to the report, “it was not really a training center. Det. [Darrell] Hignite asked if the guy [redacted, Josh] talked to was a certified counselor. She said no. She said it was a guy they know in Little Rock that is remodeling a building. Det. Hignite asked if the guy was more of a mentor. She said “kind of.”

    • Octavio

      “Is he certified? Uh, no. But the gentleman does a wonderful job cutting and maintaining our lawn.” said a glowing demure Mrs. Duggar full of the holy spirit.

      • Steverino


        There, fixed it.

      • Joe

        Glowing? No…that was just her usual typical, always pregnant, shine that she exudes and protrudes…

        • Octavio

          You’re right, of course. And she’s not demure. She’s just trying not to fart. 🙂

    • Mark

      And the next guy to fall from heavenly grace will be the builder – for providing employment to child molesters. Did he know – or did ol’ Jim Bob lie to him as well?

  • Gerry Fisher
    • oikos

      Another shining example of the success of hoam skooling and religious indoctrination.

      • clay

        home schools don’t have to abide by Title IX if they receive no public funds.

        Also, child neglect needs to be reiterated.

        • oikos

          Well that works perfectly with their biblical principle of women being inferior.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      I’m gonna puke. Seriously, these stories are making me physically ill.

    • crewman

      That poor girl. I really hope she finds supportive people in her life. Can you imagine what you must think of the world — what you would think you’re worth — if so many people in your own family did this to you?

    • Antinousian

      “If Jesus had not saved Eric…”

      Eric knew it was wrong when he was doing it, hence the confession to the pastor. The “elder” (whatever the hell that is) shouldn’t be trying to spin like this – they did the right thing and called the cops, end of story.

      But he just can’t resist that that last hit of sweet, sweet righteousness-crack…

      The jackass.

    • tcinsf

      And the preacher says what they did is comparable to other “horrible sins” like adultery and homosexuality. Yup, six brothers raping their little sister is just like being gay. Fuck . them . all.

    • I wish I hadn’t read that.

  • Cousin Bleh

    One of the most common responses I’m seeing to this Duggar scandal is: “But Lena Dunham did the same thing. Grunt grunt. Lib’ruls. BENGHAZI!”

    What they all fail to mention is that Dunham was 7 at the time. Josh Duggar was 15.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    The only thing that is possibly more disgusting and offensive than what Josh Duggar did are the comments at WingNutDaily. I wish I didn’t go there and read them. :'(

    • Lakeview Bob

      Me too. I left a bunch of comments. So no doubt I will be banned shortly. Breaks my heart.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        I’ve been banned from WND for a very very long time for posting things like facts, logic, science, and atheism. They are not a truthy loving bunch over there.

        • CB

          I usually slip in by putting it in terms of liturgy and faith. They don’t know they’re being dissed, which is part of the fun.

      • Cousin Bleh

        I left some comments too, but then I felt super gross when I started getting emails that say “A new comment was posted on WND”

      • Joe

        I was busy in there right now….saw some of yours. Lol

        • Lakeview Bob

          I am officially banned from WND. Pity.

    • Bill

      I’ll get over there eventually…..just having my morning coffee and errands to run pretty soon.
      I’ll save my giggles, till this afternoon

    • Thanks for reminding me not to go there.

    • Todd20036

      I’m already banned from commenting, so I don’t bother going there. Fact is, too many of them are far beyond listening to reason and facts, so why bother?

      • Dramphooey

        Yes. I would never bother posting on a site like that. It’s pointless. As Harry Truman said about Joe McCarthy “you can’t approach a skunk in skunk territory and come away with anything except for a bad smell.”

      • Goodboy

        You can educate them all you want but they don’t care. Hate is right under the surface.

    • I’ve finally wised up, and no longer visit snake pits of hate. Reading thru their vile hate just made me to sad. Yes, at times I’m mightily tempted to go, but I stay here, safe and secure.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        Outstanding advise!

      • I made the mistake of commenting on Matt Barbie’s site twice, same post. Those fuckers’ minds have the potential to be serial killers or mass murderers. ..ain’t joking!

        • Totally and completely agree with you. These are some scary, scary folks. Not to jump the shark and go down into Godwin’s Law territory, however these are the people who quickly swallowed the poison doled out by Hiter & Co about the Jews. These are the people who turned on their neighbors and threw rocks and cobblestones at them. These are the worst of the human condition, and we need some way to root them out as young’ns and some how, if its possible to reprogram them to care about their fellow human.

      • Goodboy

        Actually for once their full of love and forgiveness. Yes it’s fake as shit but you don’t see it over there often or ever.

      • Schlukitz

        And loved. 😉

        • Ahh, thats so sweet! blushing, thanks!

    • Herald

      Thanks for the warning, I will spare myself the further outrage.

  • kcken

    So, the guy calling us child molesting sexual deviants, unworthy of love or legal recognition, was caught red-handed …

    I’ll show myself out….

    On a serious note though, FUCK this whole crazy assed family.

    • Leo Tallant

      They seem to be doing a pretty good job of fucking themselves.

  • BaddogLtd

    Whenever these douchebags go on about “Militant Gays” or “Nazi Gay Agenda” I think of Monty Python and have a good chuckle https://33.media.tumblr.com/82726798c224b9f344b3046f0502fd1e/tumblr_mra0ulNZaC1qgelc7o1_400.gif

    • LonelyLiberal

      I don’t know but I’ve been told!

      Fuchsia doesn’t go with gold!

  • Octavio

    Actually, the article at WND does mention,

    “The police report alleged Duggar had assaulted four of his sisters and a fifth underage female three to four years earlier. Some of the alleged offenses investigated were felonies, according to In Touch.”

    It’s just buried about two thirds down the column. But still . . . those dipsy-doodle Duggars, what antics will they get into next?

  • d.

    That’s stunning. The social conservative commenters on the WND page are defending sexual assault on young girls and incest. One is blaming Josh Duggar’s serial sexual assaults on “TV, the internet, celebrities, even commercials — the culture pushes a sexual agenda.”

    These people will excuse anything that is done by their friends.

    • Don’t forget we are being blamed as well. You want your daughters safe from molestation, leave ’em with us.

    • Goodboy

      Yup. The nuts are in full circle the wagon mode.

      Apparently Josh gets a “get out of jail” card just because he’s a christian and the rest of you of coarse are going to hell.

      I love this commenters clap trap…

      – you do not comprehend the grace of God

      – you are the first in line to wield the sword against a Christian

      – You degenerates need to fall on your knees and cry to Jesus

      – Josh is one who has confessed, repented, turned to his life over to Jesus Christ

    • BobSF_94117

      The Duggars don’t even watch TV. (As I understand it. Only watched half of one show.)

      • Kinda what I thought, that kids in these goodgodly homes were kept fairly isolated from the horrors of the secular-worldly-demonic influences. Josherz had to have learned this behavior from home and church. : 0

    • Kruhn

      Of course, the Devil Box made it do it

  • Sam_Handwich

    Coming to TLC this fall….

    The Real Sisterfuckers of the Deep South

    starring Josh Duggar in a clown costume

    • jmax

      It’s Diddles the Clown!

      • People4Humanity

        YIKES! Talk about a scary clown.

      • Goodboy

        It’s kind of hypnotizing though.

  • SockMikey

    Montell Williams Calls Josh Duggar a “Bigot,” a “Slimebag” and a Hypocrite Over Molestation Allegations


    • Goodboy

      Good. Of coarse people attack him because he’s not a forgiving man. His great response….

      when @joshduggar makes amends to the #lgbt community for his faux-Christian hypocrisy I’ll be pleased to do so. #Hypocrite.”

  • Turi

    yikes at the comments.

    • Antinousian

      As long as they go through the motions of being humble and contrite, you can get away with anything. ‘Cause the Lord calls us to forgive!

    • Larry in Oklahoma

      I love Michael’s arrogance of *I* can. How does he know that Klein Zack doesn’t already know the Man? I love it when they think He doesn’t belong to everyone. Fools.

    • Goodboy

      Yeah, and if the tables were turned and it was one of us I guarantee you that Michael would want the death penalty imposed.

    • LonelyLiberal

      Funny, I’m always gettin’ hassled by the Man.

      Second, why would I want eternal life anyway? I mean seriously, you wouldn’t be anything approaching human in a few thousand years…and I don’t think it’d be superior.

  • geoffalnutt

    America is listening to inbred hillbillies…and watching them on TV. Wut?

    • Antinousian

      And considering them the *ideal*.

    • BobSF_94117

      Back when it was the Clampetts, it was OK, if you ask me.

  • CB

    What always boggles my mind in these is that people ask their krist for forgiveness, and he ALWAYS comes through. Staggering. Do you recall jeebus ever saying, “Dude, that was some seriously gnarly shit. You’re a total sleazeball, and, no, you can’t hang with me. You make me puke.” Feel free to put that in King James’ language as you will.

    • zhera

      Thou maketh me puketh?

      • CB

        Sanctus regurgitatis?

      • Ben in Oakland

        Puketh is the third person singular. The correct King James English would be: thou makest me puke.

        • jmax

          I like the KJV word “spew”.

    • jmax

      This verse comes pretty close.
      Matthew 7:21-23
      21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

      • That about says it, but until you brought it to my attention, I’ve never hear that verse before. Of course its grade AAA cherry picking down at the Sav-N-Repent Shop, stuffing words in jesus’s mouth since 1000 A.D.

        • jmax

          Churchy people I know love to use this verse to diss other churchy people they don’t agree with. Because only what I believe is correct, you know.

  • mike

    it’s there now: The police report alleged Duggar had assaulted four of his sisters and a fifth underage female three to four years earlier. Some of the alleged offenses investigated were felonies, according to In Touch.Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/05/josh-duggar-in-child-molestation-scandal/#ye5tYHZDHGJyLv4v.99

  • BaddogLtd

    Josh Dugar, victim of the “Militant Nazi Gay Army” seen here practicing Precision drilling http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ozkfd

  • zhera

    Nazi-Gay Agenda?

    I’m amazed that these creatures are able to breathe and feed themselves and even use a computer. How is that possible, when they have absolutely no brain cells?

    • John P.

      This is not on the Gay Agenda. I checked my copy this morning and it’s not there.

  • nycmcmike

    The real story isn’t the molestation, it’s the comments from the so called Christians supporting him.

    • Fiona_Alwyn

      They are twisting themselves into such tight knots trying to excuse Josh’s actions. I don’t see how they can breath in such positions. It really is quite disgusting how they are using the bible to justify excusing his actions. I feel kind of ill after reading all that filth over at WND.

      • This is typical of fundamentalists. the more hard core, the more this is true. (I say that to make it clear that I’m not talking about people who go to their local Baptist church once or twice a month. I’m talking about the people who live in the fundamentalist bubble and everything in their lives revolves around their church.)

    • Queequeg

      The very same people who so strongly condemn us because it is their “sincerely held religious belief”, that we are the sinners. Funny, even the thought of molesting a child has never run through my mind.

  • DumbHairyApe

    12 years ago wasn’t that long ago…I’ll bet Josh hasn’t changed a bit and if people dig, they’ll come up with more dirt on him.

    • Larry in Oklahoma

      I’m gonna change the subject here a bit. Damn, what a sexy hairy chest I am seeing here. Woof!

  • 2patricius2

    I have a suspicion this is just the tip of the iceberg. Nineteen kids, trying for twenty for the second time, home schooling the kids so they are together most of the time and leaving the kids to take care of each other. What else has been going on in this family? What has been done to care for the daughters and the other girl who were molested? Have any of the boys been molested? And what else has gone on with the family in past generations? And is Josh’s wife keeping a close watch on her husband’s interactions with their daughters?

    The big glory of the family is that the parents have been having so much unprotected sex that they have spawned so many children. Sex is what they glorify and what has made them famous and rich. And they criticize gay people for having sex and raising children. At least the gay people I know who have children don’t keep their kids in a sexual hothouse and don’t make any sex they may be having with each other a centerpiece of television shows.

    • DumbHairyApe

      I think you are spot on with your opinions. I personally think that what Josh did was probably learned behavior. Incest and familial molestation are often passed on from generation to generation.

      I think the entire family needs to be brought in for some serious questioning…

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        I think those kids need a DNA test

        • DumbHairyApe

          Are you suggesting that some of the boys may actually be their siblings’ fathers??? Broncles? Brathers? I can’t even get my head around figuring out the relationship name.

          • jmax


    • Larry Ft Pierce

      Imagine how terrified their gay kid or kids must be right now.

      • DumbHairyApe

        Why would now be different from any ohter day of their lives???

  • KaBoomBOX

    Lovely, now the perpetrator is the victim.

    • a xtian victim of us mean and nasty, vile evil gays.

  • Lightning Baltimore

    Once again, being a “Christian” is a “get out of jail free” card.

  • Puckfair52

    A missed opportunity by the family to help their children get help. Were any of the girls given help I haven’t read that.

    • Lightning Baltimore

      I wonder if they were shamed for enticing their poor brother?

      • Hey Lightning, how goes it?

        • Lightning Baltimore

          Hiya Biki! Hanging in there . . .

    • DumbHairyApe

      It’s mentioned in the article that the Josh and the girls got counseling.

      • and i will bet you a dollar that “counseling” was from a xtian family values quack telling the girl to get over it and stfu.

        • DumbHairyApe

          Oh, I am not under the illusion that their idea of “counseling” was productive or useful in any way. They don’t believe in Science and Reason, why would I expect them to understand how the human brain works and how the thought process might be modified? I’m sure their “counseling” was with a xtian counselor who showed them pamphlets with Noah and such in them…prayed with them….and sent them home.

          • I was raised by old-school conservative Christians. If you have gone to an actual psychologist or worse, a psychiatrist, you are ‘crazy’. That means you are seen as inherently further from the Grace of God, like someone who was born with a physical or mental challenge. If, on the other hand, you went to a priest or pastor to deal with what was bothering you, well, then you “merely” had a lapse in moral judgement which is just fine so long as you ask forgiveness. And no, it doesn’t matter if you are the victim. In fact, I’d say they are far worse off b/c they are told that they are the one’s risking their eternal soul if they don’t forgive their assaulter.

      • Fiona_Alwyn

        The reports don’t mention what kind of counseling the girls got (if any) but the counseling Josh received was being sent off to a friend to help with a remodeling project for a few weeks or so.

    • LonelyLiberal

      Unless it impacted their eggs, I’m guessing nothing significant.

  • Michael Smith

    The Nazi-Gay agenda molested those girls and framed poor Josh Duggar. It makes perfect sense as long as you don’t think about it!

    • Schlukitz

      “This is another attack against FRC, because they refuse to give in to the Nazi-Gay Agenda.”

      It was only a matter of time before we got blamed for this too.

      • Marc

        As reported by Faux News: Godless Obama’s gay agenda led to Duggard’s sins

  • Marc

    I think Josh has a promising career in the Catholic Church. *snark*

    • If he’d been with them from the start, we’d never have known about any of this!

  • BaddogLtd

    Acquaintances remember Josh as a smug and creepy child…” http://i0.wp.com/24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4v53nvZU61rxspv4o1_250.gif

  • I sincerely hope that Josh Duggar does not ever come out as transgender.

    I’m concerned that his parents might pushfor him to transition so they can truthfully say that at least one trans woman (i.e. Jezebel (formerly Joshua) Duggar – Jezebel – wouldn’t that be an appropriate “Christian” name for a hypothetical trans-Josh?) should be barred from women’s restrooms for fear of little girls getting molested.

    Okay, I went there. Slings and arrows, and all that.

  • Queequeg

    I made a couple of comments on WND, now waiting for the inevitable shit storm from the good Christians on there.
    Checked Disqus, surprisingly, I’ve gotten a few upvotes and only one negative comment.

    • Schlukitz

      Despite having all of my comments deleted this evening, surprisingly, I too received a number of upvotes.

      • Queequeg

        My comments have since been deleted and I’m blocked by the freedom loving Christians from making any more. But who cares, Ireland just voted for marriage equality.

        • Schlukitz

          Absolutely. Who needs to be in that viper’s nest anyway. lol


          • Queequeg


  • Clive Johnson

    Wow, they’re quick to ban people at WND even for engaging in civil discourse. Just like lifesite, barbwire or National Review, they can’t tolerate dissent and disagreement.

    • Gigi

      I was banned from both a long time ago. It’s a badge of honor.

      • it’s a badge of ‘you have too much time on your hands.’

        • Gigi

          I surf the web while I’m waiting for clients.

    • hellsawaitn4u

      Or complete ugliness and gathered. Name calling. Slander. Yeah there so terrible clivey boo bunny child. Go play hide the salami with your friends and call every one else perverts. It’ll make you feel better.

      • Clive Johnson

        “Or complete ugliness and gathered.” What is that supposed to mean?

        You’re confusing yourself: My charge isn’t that that comment editors of those sites engage in name calling or slander, it’s that they can’t tolerate differences of opinion. They’re painfully aware that the quality of thinking of their compatriots isn’t the automatic debate-winner they, in their insular discourse, believe it is. Seeing this contradiction they have to get rid of it by banning those who would force them to face it.

        “…hide the salami…”? A childish remark on your part.

        And, you overgeneralize and fabricate with “call every one else perverts.” I only made the point that Josh was a child molester. No where did I say that to you or anyone else. You must be imagining things.

        • hellsawaitn4u

          I read many of your other posts on other issues. Mainly gay issues so I purposely threw in the salami as bait. I’m impressed you didn’t bite and go off on a lgbt rant. I was do looking forward to playing with you. Lol

      • Schlukitz

        “there” is a place or position.

        A form of the possessive case to which you alluded is spelled “their”.

        If you pulled the salami out of your own ass and spent a little more time learning the English language, your comments might have a bit more gravitas, even if they are shitty.

        • hellsawaitn4u

          Sorry my big fingers can’t always hit the right buttons on this small screen and since I don’t give a rats ass what you think of me I post rapidly to get my say in. Enjoy your salami my lgbt friend!

          • Schlukitz

            Obvously, you are not an LGBT person and your sole purpose for being here is to hassle people, be rude and insult those who do have something of value to say.

            I think I hear your friends at World Net Daily, Briebart and BarbedWire calling fror you.

          • hellsawaitn4u

            I am not against lgbt people. Your assumptions are completly incorrect. I love lgbt people, I however don’t teach my children that sexual perversion is a correct or proper lifestyle for a Christian to live. God clearly defined it as vile, perverted, unseemly and a sin againts your own body. It’s also the reason he destroyed many people with fire from heaven. There’s a thought fire from heaven.,wouldn’t one naturally think fire would be in hell? Hum, I guess God can make hell freeze over if he wants to if he can send fire from heaven. All I know is that my children learn from the greatest book ever written that some things are bad. We teach them not to touch the hot stove or die from aids if it can be avoided. My church invites gay’s but don’t expect us to give you a free pass on sexual deviancy. What you do in your own home is your business but when you try to teach our kids in school that unnatural sex is ok we will stand against your wrong beliefs just as Jesus did. Keep it in your bedroom where sex should be. I dont go out teaching young people about heterosexual relationships at schools and on blogs. Let them decide for themselves. If you really think its ok then why do you keepbtryingvto convince others. Just shut up and live in your lust towards the same sex and leave us alone. The world would be a better place if everyone would just keep their sex opinions to themselves. I don’t form opinions and can’t becswayed because I follow Gods word not people.

          • hellsawaitn4u

            And I thank God im not an lgbt confused person and don’t know what sex I am or who I should be and don’t understand why I’m here on this earth or that I should be procreating to have lineage that is proud of me instead of having unnatural sex with perversion promoting evil demon filled liars on my way to hell. Sorry bumping wiggles is not my thing, you have fun with it though. I’m good with my hot wife, ten children and a great life free from drugs, deviants, addictions, hiv/aids, sexually transmitted diseases and the like. If that’s all you want from your life who am I to persuade you towards a loving God who wants you to enjoy peace, kindness, true unconditional love, patience, humbleness, meeknes sand so many other attributes of living a God pleasing life. It’s your life live it!

    • Schlukitz

      You’re absolutely right. They can’t tolerate dissent and disagreement which pretty much indiicates how frail their counter-arguments are and how insecure these folks are. So much for freedom of speech which is obviously only allowed if you are a member of the Religious Reich.

      Every single comment that I posted on WND, along with that of a fellow JMG commentator, was deleted within the last couple of hours.

      Unlike a number of commentators who hurled names and epithets at me, I engaged in civil discourse and insulted no one but they couldn’t even handle that.

      It’s their private little club and in order to join it, you must speak homo-hate-speak.

  • Gigi

    The Christian Post also left out that bit too – that Josh molested four of his sisters. They’re also still clinging to the lie that, instead of turning him over to police, they sent Josh to a camp for hard labor and therapy. What they actually did was send him to stay with a friend until they had time to indoctrinate their kids to tell the same lie about what happend. They sent Josh to stay with a guy who builds houses. Asked if he was a mentor to Josh, mom Michelle said “sort of.” Daddy Jim Bob didn’t take Josh to the cops until after the 3 year statute of limitations had run out.

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    The pro-Duggar commentators, on WND, are no better than Josh. Defend a child molestor. If he was so all righteous and had been redeemed, as they purport, then, why did he resign from FRC?

  • Jeffrey

    It’s no wonder they’re all scared of sex after they’ve all been fingered by that goon.

  • Dave

    Odd that the number of comments on Wnd is decreasing when I do a refresh…

    • Jeffrey

      They have a moderator on there who deletes all comments that are off message. Info is the enemy to those assholes.

  • kanehau


    “fails to report that four of the girls molested by Josh…”

    The article DOES say the following:

    “The police report alleged Duggar had assaulted four of his sisters and a fifth underage female three to four years earlier.”

  • Randy Ellicott

    Wait, why doesn’t this get child protective services all up in their [email protected]@? They have admitted to hiding the fact that their son molested their daughters, right? Those kids need to be placed away from the parents ASAP!

    • LonelyLiberal

      Please. TV show, so bully pulpit (literally). Religious, White. No way in hell.

  • Bill Harnsberger

    I can’t WAIT to see how Tony Perkins spins a money beg off of this.

  • Steven B

    “Attack” against FRC?! He ADMITTED it!!

  • Edd

    The Today Show mentioned the story but also left out the fact that 4 of the victims were his sisters.

  • furyatx

    What a sad sack of shit!

  • DaveMiller135

    “World Net Daily fails to report that four of the girls molested by Josh Duggar were his own sisters.”

    actually, unless the article was amended, it’s in there:

    “The police report alleged Duggar had assaulted four of his sisters and a fifth underage female three to four years earlier.”

  • TreGibbs

    What I find most telling, is that Duggar knew all along what he did, yet he only resigned when he got caught. So its okay to work for the FRC if you’ve molested children, you just can’t get caught.