Scrabble Updates Its Dictionary

CNN reports:

Scrabble dictionary has added lotsa new words for its players, and some are so ridic, they’ll make you lolz. The venerable board game has an additional 6,500 words, including a few once limited to social media and technology. The words are straight from the mouths of the cool kids. There’s lotsa, twerking, lolz, emoji and ridic — short for ridiculous. Facetime, which means talking with someone via the Apple app of the same name, will earn you a cool 15 points. Emoji, that ridiculously expressive digital icon, will get you 14 points. Bezzy — best friends in regular speak — adds 18 points. The list goes on and on. Wahh — a shorter, more lyrical word for wailing, is in there. And who knew that shootie, a shoe that covers the ankle, is even a word?

Also: blech, sexting, and shizzle. Yes, shizzle.