IRELAND: Today Is The Day

Via the Irish Times:

Polling stations across the country have opened for the referendums on same-sex marriage and reducing the age of presidential candidates. Just over 3.2 million people are entitled to vote today. Polling stations opened their doors at 7am and will remain open until 10pm today. All Irish citizens aged 18 or over are entitled to vote, but only if their names are on the electoral register. There were 3.14 million names on the register when the date for the referendums was fixed, but 66,000 voters applied to have their names on the supplementary register before the deadline of May 5th. Voters will be given two ballot papers: a white ballot paper for the marriage referendum and a green ballot paper for the age of presidential candidates referendum. In the marriage referendum people may vote Yes or No to the proposal to include a new clause about marriage in the Constitution.

  • Billanddogs

    Well, let’s hope that Ireland’s progressive voters can get off their butts and go to the polls – unlike what happened in the last U.S. election.

    • RobynWatts

      Or, the one in the U.K. several weeks ago. Nothing is assured until the last vote is counted.

  • anne marie in philly

    c’mon ireland, do the right thing! same thing goes for you, SCOTUS!

  • Bill_Perdue

    Éirinn go Brách.

    Féadfaidh beirt, cibé acu is fir nó mná iad, conradh a dhéanamh i leith pósadh de réir dlí. Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.

    Most Irish parties support passage of the 34th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic.

  • Best of luck to all of you in Ireland for your hard work in getting the voters out to support you for equality! Hope you have a huge celebration on Saturday when the results are announced!!!

  • TMA

    I’m telling you all right now: It’s going to fail. I’ve never been more confident about an election result in my life. Don’t say it caught you by surprise when it happens later today.

    • Bluto

      Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine.
      Go Ireland!

    • Gene

      I fear you are right…much of the data I have seen says you are right…but, I WANT to believe you are wrong TMA…

      we will know Saturday.

    • rextrek1

      ..and IF it fails – then Ireland LOSES my tourism dollars forever…….was there once 10yrs ago – spent $1000’s……won’t again.

    • Dramphooey

      If it fails it will be because of people like you: people who are supposedly sympathetic to our cause but don’t vote. I remember you crowing about not voting in the 2014 election.

    • Jeffrey

      It may well fail this time, but so far it is amazingly close. And when something progressive is amazingly close that just means that it is only a short amount of time before we succeed. Either way we have already won and no negativity is going to change that.

    • David L. Caster

      If it fails they will just wait a while and ask again.

      • TMA

        No they won’t.

        • Dramphooey

          Hey, you’re right for the first time in your life because they won. Two amazing things following right after the other.

    • Dramphooey

      Ha, ha, ha! Go cry with Porno Pete and grill up a big hunk of crow at your Memorial Day cookout. Did you learn anything, TMA, or are you going to continue to help our enemies by trying to depress voters?

  • Gustav2

    If THIS can happen, anything is possible.

    • I.Smith

      Knowing Charles he probably thought he was a waiter for his cup.

      • Gustav2

        That is a face he knows. He has carried the ‘wanted’ pic in his pocket since 1979.

        • Gene

          If it had been a rep from a group that had killed my favorite (great) uncle, I am not so sure I could have done it. The recently released letters (which the Guardian, paper of whiny bitches it is, had hoped to use to embarrass him) which actually showed him in a good light, and this, have made me raise my opinion of the prince, who I had not much liked or respected before. That handshake took some doing, and his words of admiration for the people of Ireland, be they in the Republic or in Ulster, were full of true respect and admiration. did not think he had it in him.

          • Gustav2

            The Firm is working to keep the UK together in the way it is legal for them to do. I bet the SNP wins has them a bit scared.

          • Gene

            a bit…but, not too much. Just like Madrid said “go ahead and vote, we wont honor it”, should it come to that, London would do the same.

          • Megaera

            I’m sure they don’t like it, but it’s not the end of the world for them. The queen would still hold the Scottish throne as well as the English & Welsh throne. They were separate until James VI & I and the Union of the Crowns.

            The main difference for her would be that, whereas in English law, the queen and parliament are sovereign, in Scottish law, the Scottish people are sovereign above and beyond the queen and parliament.

            There is a republican movement in Scotland which would like to see the end of the monarchy, but I don’t think it will happen any time soon.

  • Gigi

    Just read a report that there are bibles in all polling stations so that if you forget your i.d. you can swear as to your identity. Imagine if they allowed that in America. The Teabagger Xtians would be both thrilled and aghast. Thrilled about the bibles but aghast that those “evil Libruhls” would be able to commit voter fraud.

    • Gustav2

      When any registered Democrat shows up at the polls it is voter fraud!!!!!!!

      • disqus_oCvsL5SBJH

        Just like anytime a pedophile molests someone of the opposite sex, it’s just sexual assault.

        • vorpal

          And every man who is married to a woman and who assaults a male child is somehow a gay man, of course.

    • David Walker

      Meanwhile, the Teabaggers travel from precinct to precinct swearing on the bible they forgot their IDs. It would be all right, though, because they’re doing it for god, just in case god couldn’t care less about the election.

      • GC

        I’ve read and repeated this before:
        We need to convince the Tea Partiers to stay home and not vote. God is all-powerful; if He wants a suitably pious and conservative candidate in office He’ll arrange it. Voting shows you doubt God’s power. Don’t vote!

  • lymis

    I’m more than half Irish by ancestry. Most of the time, that results in not much more than a small bit of extra effort to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

    I’m finding myself very, very proud of my distant cousins over this, and will probably feel a great deal more Irish because of it.

    • Queequeg

      Me too. I’m mostly of Irish descent (a little German thrown in), but 4th generation American. This could be much more to celebrate than St. Patrick’s Day.

  • lymis

    Presuming this vote goes well, I’ll be very intrigued to see how this play out at next year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York.

    Are they going to kick out all the Irish people?

    • RobynWatts

      Or boycott the Irish…in their own parade?

      • Gene

        The St Patricks day parade in Dublin has long allowed GLBT groups to march, and they think the organizers of the NY march are a bunch of idiots.

        • RobynWatts

          That’s great. I would offer the idea of swapping officials, but the U.S. has enough people hating us as it is.

  • Todd20036

    Cutie in the foreground of that photo.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Meanwhile, Pink Hat is doing a terrible duck face.

      • Dramphooey

        Well, somebody had to do it.

    • The ginger is adorable, as is the fella right after him in grey, then all the way to the end of the line, sexy beardy man…. I can’t decide, I’ll take all three wrap em up for takeaway.

  • Ninja0980

    Go Ireland!

  • dsp

    Hoping that after the vote, that there will be a huge pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow full of gold wedding bands available equally to all! Best of luck Ireland!

    • Megaera

      There was a rainbow over the Scottish Parliament building the day it passed Same Sex Marriage. 🙂

  • DutchBoy74
  • Dramphooey

    That giant YES makes me think of Yellow Submarine! And here’s the opposition response.

  • Jeffrey

    Well hello, bald ginger at the front of the line. I don’t know which way you’re swinging your vote, but Id definitely welcome it in my direction. If I weren’t already happily married myself, of course 😉

    • Oh, he is adorable!

  • Queequeg

    Get out and vote, all you “YES” voters. The world is watching.

  • Today is going to be an awkward day to have a decision to make (besides the obvious). “Would you like fries with that?”

    “N…what is everyone staring at?”

  • RoFaWh

    Notice that everyone in the photo is smiling, with the exception of the two at the end of the line. They’re trying to look tough, so smiling is verboten.

    When was the last time you saw an American “conservative” smile in a genuine way?

  • Did ya take notice of the sign on the light post?

    Discrimination Damages Lives

    That, THAT is the message we need to use here.

  • AuntieCol

    Come on, Ireland! You got this!!! Sending so much love from California! VOTE YES!!!