IRELAND: Ex-Pats Come #HomeToVote

Thousands of Irish ex-pats have swarmed airports over the last 24 hours as they return home to vote in today’s referendum. Follow along on Twitter. (Tipped by JMG reader Gerard)

  • Gustav2

    Mr Beirne, give your mum a hug for us.

    • RobynWatts

      What a great way to come home to.

    • Chuck in NYC

      Yeah — This is wonderful.

  • j.martindale

    This makes me proud of my Irish heritage. Let’s truly hope I feel the same at the end of the vote.

  • Imagine that. People so serious about their equality that not only do they get up off their asses to get to the polls, they travel from a foreign country to do it!

    EDIT: One man living in Australia emptied his bank account to go home to vote. That is commitment!

    • DaddyRay

      Of course we don’t know how these Ex-Pats will vote but I am encouraged from the sampling from that photo that it looks like younger people

      • Gerard

        Every one of them will be yes. The ex pat community is totally behind the yes campaign. I guarantee it..

        • DaddyRay

          I hope you are right

        • Prixator

          With most of the polls showing ~70% for the “YES” side, it would be very easy to think to oneself that my vote is not needed, so I’ll just save myself the time and effort.

          I really admire these people.

          • Jonty Coppersmith

            The last poll I read said that nearly 25% were undecided. The remaining 75% were decided. The 70% figure meant that 70% of the decideds were for yes. So 70% of 75 would be about 53% I think unless my arithmetic is off.

  • stuckinthewoods

    sending thanks to Gerard for alerting Joe to these Irish tips

  • DaddyRay

    Respect for those Ex-Pats who made the effort to travel home to vote – we can’t even get people to walk a couple of blocks to vote here in the US

    • Plus the polls are open until 10 pm local time. It’s almost as if they want to give people who work a chance to vote!

      • DaddyRay

        That is just crazy talk

      • TrollopeReader

        and on a holiday weekend too! (snark)

        • Bj Lincoln

          Good one!

        • Nuff Said

          It is not a holiday weekend in Ireland. Not every country follows the USA holiday schedule.

          • TrollopeReader

            ummm. sarcasm in my statement? geesh.

          • TrollopeReader

            kinda like Christianists think that Jesus wrote the Bible in English…..

    • TrollopeReader

      yep, and many times nations have “polling sites” at their local US consulate or other office in major cities, and people show up in droves.

      I know US ex-pats can and do vote in our elections, but compared to others that take their democracy more seriously, no where near that many.

    • Ontogenesis

      I voted by mail when I lived in Japan, in the 2008 election. My Japanese students & the teachers were very interested in Obama, and the results were even shown on the TV in the teachers’ communal workroom.

  • TrollopeReader

    :-0 on the photos! Yay Yes!

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Now THAT’s how you motivate and mobilize a vote. Pay attention liberals….pay very close attention.

  • Galvestonian

    Oh god love them all — I’m practically in tears…

    • Philly Mike

      I have the same reaction.

    • Adam Schmidt

      I’m 45… I could never have imagined this news story. Even today it’s unbelievable to me that people would make such an effort to recognize gay people and their relationships. I’m gobsmacked.

      • RoFaWh

        I suspect that this referendum is really about breaking the stranglehold the RCC has had on Irish culture for far too long. It is cocking a snoot at the RC hierarchy, one big fuck-you.

        Not that this aspect in any way lessens the referendum’s significance for LGBT rights worldwide.

  • Would that we could get Americans to care this much about voting on….anything, really.

  • Kruhn

    Love Kevin’s mom! Fingers crossed people. Hope we make it a one-two punch to Bryan Fischer and his ilk.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Imagine coming home to a rainbow-festooned bedroom? All courtesy of one’s mum. How positively lovely.

    YOU GO, IRELAND!!!!!

  • zhera

    Oh, but this is just lovely! I actually felt a twitch in my heart when reading this. (I haven’t slept much for the last 40 hours, so that could be why…)

    If it turns out to be a NO in Ireland it will break my heart completely.

    Edit: Damn, I’m a drama queen today!

    • barracks9

      Yes, but you’re OUR drama queen today, so it’s all good! 🙂

      • zhera

        LOL Works for me!

    • David Walker

      A drama queen? Then come over here into the Green Room and join the rest of us. It’s about to be show time.

    • RoFaWh

      You’re not being a drama queen. You are demonstrating your essential humanity and your sense of compassion. Congratulations on getting in touch with your inner human.

  • Toasterlad

    This got me unexpectedly emotional. You need to be reminded, sometimes, in wonderful ways like this, that you’re not the only one in the world who gives a damn about equality. Hearing about people going back to their homeland to vote for change…it’s literally heart-warming.

    • DonnaLee

      I just burst into tears seeing the rainbow bedroom. And I just ate, so I can’t even blame blood sugar. It’s just when you read about so much hate, this feels so good for a change.

  • TampaZeke

    Clearly 90%+ are under 60. That’s a really good sign for the YES side. It shows that young people in Ireland, unlike the US, are very motivated to vote in this referendum.

  • Octavio

    Nit picking here, but “que”? As in the abbreviation for Quebec? Or is que Gaelic for queue? Small annoyance, I know. But no one in my entire life would ever let me get away with spelling queue as que.

    More to the topic at hand, great news that the public is showing up to vote. Even if the measure is voted down, lots of people will have voted and that is always a good thing.

    • tcinsf

      I think people who tweet cut words off at whim to fit their comment into 144 characters.

      • Octavio

        ‘Tis confusing as hell.

        • RoFaWh

          Anybody who can consistently squeeze their thoughts into a 140-chraracter straitjacket isn’t having thoughts worth paying attention to.

          • Octavio

            BRAVO! and ☝☝Points☝☝

  • tcinsf

    And Americans have hard time getting their shit together to vote by mail.

  • Bj Lincoln

    The second picture and caption made me misty. What a good mom and lucky kid. I do hope they win.

  • KaBoomBOX

    I think I can detect a subtle motif to Mom’s redecoration. Early Rainbow Brite?

    • Could be, sure, sure. But I’m thinking its much more of an iconic Mum’s Unbridled Love.

  • RoFaWh

    In recent years, I’ve become much more emotionally sensitive and now choke up at things that formerly wouldn’t have gotten that reaction at all. This is a Very Good Development. The photo of the lineup at the Dublin airport has caused the same reaction: choking up, nearly crying (even a few tears in this case). There is hope for mankind.

    [The Duggars, ma and pa, are not part of that hope, btw.]

    PS: Sudden insight: American politicians are a bunch of narcissistic children, not adults. I want to scream at the Fischers and Gallaghers and Perkinses “stop acting like bullies on an elementary school playground at recess.”

  • TheManicMechanic

    Okay, seeing that bedroom pic made the onion ninjas dash through the room.

  • Canadian Observer

    The photo from the airport reminds me of the images of the kilometre long lines seen in South Africa when it had its first ever free election without racial exclusion… give people meaningful choices and they will respond. Wish I could be in Dublin for the celebrations tomorrow night.

  • JR

    There’s a Big Gay (double) Rainbow over Dublin: