AUSTRALIA: Lawmaker Threatens Mankini March If Gay Marriage Isn’t Legalized

Australian Sen. Glenn Lazarus, a former pro rugby player, has threatened to lead a “mankini” march on Parliament if same-sex marriage is not legalized. Via the Brisbane Times:

The Palmer United Party turned independent Senator commented on fellow Queensland Canberra colleague Wayne Swan’s recent admission he was wrong to stand against same-sex marriage and would now support making it legal. Mr Lazarus told ABC Radio 612 Brisbane he was in favour of the move. “As I said in the past I think there is way too much child abuse, too much abuse against women – I think if two people love each other, whether they’ve got penises or they’ve both got vaginas, they should be allowed to be married,” he said. But he said he didn’t believe that politicians should be in charge of the decision. “What I do agree with, and a lot of people are saying, is why are politicians the ones that have got to decide this? “I think we should take it to a referendum. Unfortunately a lot of politicians are bound by party policy: we either have a conscience vote, or we get a referendum going and I would guarantee, the majority of Australians would support gay marriage, and if they don’t I’ll turn up to Parliament House in a mankini.” Mankinis were made famous by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in his role as Borat. They have been used as a threat against humanity ever since.

During his rugby career, sportscasters called Lazarus “the brick with eyes” due to his imposing physical size. Support for same-sex marriage in Parliament is thought to be just a few votes short of passage.