Tony Perkins Raves About Bobby Jindal

“If liberals thought they could lie their way to victory in Louisiana, they’ve got another thing coming. After steamrolling leaders in Indiana, the Left has met its match in Governor Bobby Jindal (R). Frustrated by the legislators’ cowardice, Governor Jindal heeded the wishes of 67 percent of the state and issued an executive order to do what the state house would not: stop state-sponsored persecution against people of faith. Governor Jindal, who broke the news with me on yesterday’s Washington Watch, was frustrated — not only because the Marriage and Conscience Act was misrepresented, but because it never even got a vote! As Governor Jindal pointed out, ‘All Christians are asking for is the right to live in America according to their beliefs.’ And thanks to him, they’ll have it — at least in Louisiana.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.