US Denounces Gambian President Over Vow To “Slit The Throats” Of Gay Men

Several days ago Gambian President Yahya Jammeh vowed to “slit the throats” of gay men, adding, “If you are a man and want to marry another man in this country and we catch you, no one will ever set eyes on you again, and no white person can do anything about it.” Yesterday US National Security Adviser Susan Rice denounced Jammeh.

“We condemn his comments, and note these threats come amid an alarming deterioration of the broader human rights situation in The Gambia,” Rice said in a statement. “We are deeply concerned about credible reports of torture, suspicious disappearances – including of two American citizens – and arbitrary detention at the government’s hands.” Rice made the remarks in a statement one day before the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia, saying the remarks from Gambia President Yahya Jammeh underscore the need for continued efforts “to seek a world in which no one lives in fear of violence or persecution because of who they are or whom they love.” Jemmeh, who’s been in power since 1994 and survived a coup attempt on December 30, issued a warning to gay men in the Wolof language during a recent rally in which he also threatened the political opposition, according to a translation of his remarks obtained by the international news agency Vice News.

In October 2014 Jammeh signed a bill which makes homosexual acts punishable by life in prison.

  • DaddyRay

    Thank you Ms Rice

    • Queequeg

      I am forever grateful for the Obama Administration and the people in it. Susan Rice, Eric Holder Joe Biden and Loretta Lynch being perfect examples.

      • Paladin SF

        I don’t want to sound crass but what has the State Department done for the LGBT persons of Gambia?

        Will we open the embassy doors to allow LGBT persons to seek shelter?

        Actions are more powerful than mere words.

        Of course, we can always huff and puff more at the UN. You know between the ambassador talking to lobbyists and having the $150 lunch on the taxpayer.

        • Jake Stevens

          Perhaps you would like to donate to great organizations that work on this issue, such as or to work with refugees in your city? Recently African refugees have been able to gain status in the US.

        • Queequeg

          I’m not sure how much they can really do to influence internal politics, other than public condemnation and withholding of aid.

  • bkmn

    The world will be a better place when Mr. Jammeh is no longer consuming oxygen.

  • TexasBoy

    Sharia laws, like Christian laws, seem to only be enforced as long as they don’t inconvenience the enforcers. And I thought true Muslims weren’t racists (like supposedly true Christians). Religion, breeding hypocrites for over 2000 years.

    • Ireyon

      The only part where someone uses “true xtian” unsarcastically is when they want to employ the No True Scotsman fallacy.

    • Steve

      It hit me recently what these people who call themselves Christians really are. They are actually levicusans. They do not follow jesus’s teachings, they follow the teachings of the slaver levicus.

  • Gerry Fisher

    I’m glad they are shedding light on this. Too many people don’t understand the level of oppression we face, and too many of our opponents want to minimize it.


    The Office of Tourism for Gambia must be an awfully lonely place to work.

  • BudClark

    He’s Best-Butt-Friends-Forever with Snot Deadly.

    • TommyTune

      Did you happen to watch the most recent episode of “Vice” on HBO about Lively’s influence in Uganda? It shed much light on that particular cockroach.

      • gaymex

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll try to locate it.

      • Queequeg

        I haven’t seen that. I’ll look for it on HBO GO (after I watch Game of Thrones).

  • joe ho

    Faux News and Kirsten Powers will complain that the fascist left-wing Obama administration is trying to “silence” the Gambian President.

  • bambinoitaliano

    In the meantime somewhere in America…

    • Queequeg

      Very funny. Thanks for providing a little Sunday morning humor while I drink my coffee and try to wake up.

  • justmeeeee

    Looks like Yahya Jahya Jammeh Yammeh forgot about those US folks of the darker persuasion trying to stop his bullshit.

  • Queequeg

    Now, cut off any aid we are providing to Gambia and see how tough he is.

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      Russia will step up to the plate and double it, no doubt.

      • bsinps

        Let them spend the money. There already in a resesion.

  • Ginger Snap

    And the haters in this country wish they could do this to all the undesirables here. Not only the GLBT community but anyone they dislike. Sometimes its good to remember how good we have it in the US even though it sometimes sucks living here. I hope all our brothers and sisters in Gambia stay safe in their closets until they can have their own uprising.

    • RoFaWh

      …anyone they dislike.

      Gays. Lesbians. Quakers. The people who go to church at another storefront. Blacks. Women. Democrats. People whose last name is “Clinton”. Jews. Muslims. People who go to the same church, but in private admit they don’t believe all the b.s. Transexuals. Transgendered. The poor. Hispanics. Asians.

      The list is endless.

  • Kissmagrits

    In the brief history of post-colonial Africa, there’s been an unbelievable assortment of thugs seizing power – always with the aid of American and European business interests. Now Jammeh is following in the footsteps of the murderous Ugandan despot, Idi Amin, who is claimed to have served several of his enemies for dinner.

    Africa is far too beautiful a place to have such sorrow – or to become the target of hate-instilling American evangelism. I grieve for Africa.

    • catherinecc

      Just wait until climate change really starts to hit Africa.

  • chris james

    Another Islamic leader who gives the lie to the “Religion of Peace” moniker. Too many African nations buy into this racist nonsense and so white people are all to blame for their inadequacies. Too bad the coup attempt failed…don’t imagine he’ll be leaving home anytime soon.

    • Gregory In Seattle

      How many Christian leaders, just here in the United States, have said the exact same thing? This is all religions, not just Islam.

      • Paladin SF

        “How many Christian leaders, just here in the United States, have said the exact same thing?”

        True, but not at the same frequency as Islamic religious leaders.

        “This is all religions, not just Islam.”

        Not true. As Sam Harris stated, the problem with Islamic Fundamentalists is the fundamentals of Islam. I propose both the Quakers and Jain’s as groups that have not advocated death for gays.

        P.S. Check your western privilege. You would have pointed out Islam if a Christian pastor posted a hateful death threat and it was called out.

  • A Big Sarcastic Fairy!

    Cut off all aid to those countries. The rulers are rich let them subsidize their countries.

    • Queequeg

      Or let them go without aid and hope the next coup attempt is successful.

    • Jake Stevens

      Gambia has been excluded from recent trade efforts by the US in West Africa, in part for this reason.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Fire up the drones!

  • Macbill

    Does he base his disgust from the Christian Bible? Another fine example of Christ’s teachings.

    • Paladin SF

      Nope. Islamic asshole.

      • Macbill


      • RoFaWh

        And he’s from west Africa, where there are strong and long-standing prejudices against buttsecks.

        • lenvus

          I don’t know. It seems like — with exception of the South Africa playing political nice-face — there are strong and long-standing prejudices against LGBT people across the entire African continent.

          • William

            The British colonizers did their best to impose their laws on much of Africa.

  • Todd20036


  • ultragreen

    This is a small sample of what happens when an ignorant gangster is allowed to gain control over a country.

  • Suzan Cooke

    Jeez why can’t we just send this a-hole a drone carrying a hellfire missile and take the would be Hitler out?

    Also drop Pink Swastika boy Scott Lively in one of those black prisons where they go in and disappear never to be heard from again.

  • goofy_joe

    Can anyone explain to me why it seems the leaders in Africa are so backwards and corrupt? I know there is hatred all over the world, but this kind of blatant hatred, going unopposed in many cases, is scary.

    I’m genuinely asking for clarification from anyone on here.

  • And all this time I thought Game Of Thrones was a fictional story! Who’d wanna slit the throat on a cutie like this? ;*)

  • His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh of The Gambia, is a tinpot tyrant who is a danger to civilized society. With the exception of accepting refugees who manage to escape the tyranny, there should be no trade, commerce or aid to The Gambia, which should be cut off from any civilized nation until such time as its laws are changed and this tyrant has been replaced.