Todd Starnes: Obama Needs To Keep His “Saul Alinsky Paws” Out Of Newsrooms

  • Gustav2

    President Obama is the first president EVER to call out certain members of the press. Not really.

    Oh wait, he’s the first Black president to do so…

  • Craig S

    And don’t forget to buy my book “I Hate Black People, But I Really Hate Poor Black People More”. It’s a great gift for father’s day

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Joe in PA

      I love that line. 🙂

    • Mawm

      I would add, “your filthy, bloated, sweaty paws…”

  • Gigi

    Who outside of the GOP inner circle even knows the name Saul Alinsky? The only reason they mention him so much is because his name sounds “scary” to their base. If his name was John Smith they wouldn’t bother.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Never heard of him. Guess I better start googling.

      • Joe in PA

        (I had to google him too) 😉

        • Dreaming Vertebrate

          The wikipedia article seems quite positive. Is there anything in particular (other than him being a founder of modern community organizing) that has Todd and the right wingers worked up?

          • Joe in PA

            I know, that’s what I was thinking…’what’s not to like’? 🙂 But then again, we ARE talking about Fox News. Those panties get bunched pretty easily.

      • Ian

        “Rules for Radicals” is actually a pretty neat read.

      • Prixator

        I’ve seen the name mentioned many times (usually associated with what some right-winger has said) and a few times the mention has been accompanied by a brief explanation of who Alinsky is.

        But, then I promptly forget who he is. Because, the mention of his name never seems to have any relevance to the issue at hand. A lesser version of “BENGHAZI!!1!!!1!”, I think.

    • Elaygee

      It’s as Jewish a sounding name as they could use without just saying “Jew paws”

    • Gustav2

      Outside of the inner circle of older Midwestern Republicans, who even knows Mitt Romney’s dad worked with Alinsky when George was governor of Michigan?

    • I always think that when they go on about alinsky. i guess it works well for them – if they would reference a bogey man that anyone was familiar with, they would realize that hey, that guy has some good ideas, why are theses morons against them? I read a couple of his books during my undergrad work 30 years ago in the center for peaceful change. perhaps back when written his work was shocking to someone, but what i remember as an almost 20 year old anarchist was the humor in the name of the book “rules for radicals” and the practical nature of the advice inside. just like the folks obsessed with ‘after the ball’ – the only reason i even knew that book existed was the people obsessed with the notion that i was part of the conspiracy and that was the playbook.

  • Joe in PA

    A line from his piece at Townhall: Stand down on your threats, Mr. President. It really is beneath the dignity of the office.

    Oh, the irony.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Video titled: “Starnes: President Obama needs to keep out of our newsrooms.
    Hahaha. Todd of Faux News thinks he works in a real “news” room. LOL !

    • popebuck1

      Also on their banned list: actual journalists.

  • Stubenville

    You fat putz; how dare you criticize the President.

  • canoebum

    Yeah, as if what Todd Starnes and his co-conspirators at Fox do is “news”. The FCC should make the GOP propaganda machine at Fox remove the word “News” from their name. It’s blatant false advertising.

  • chris james

    Yes, the news media should ignore the President of the United States and pay more attention to me, Todd Starnes…that’s S-t-a-r-n-e-s, be sure to spell it properly. What a moronic excuse for a human being…oh wait…Faux News, that explains it all.

  • delk

    I watched it twice. Somehow I managed to miss Obama saying ‘Todd Starnes’.

    As far as Alinsky goes, you know who uses his book “Rules for Radicals”? The Tea Party.

    Dick Armey, while he was still in charge of Freedom Works, probably bought more copies than anyone else in recent history.

    Alinsky died when Obama was 11 and I was 10. Considering he did his groundbreaking work in the neighborhood I grew up in, I probably have more direct ties to the guy than Obama does.

  • neonzx

    So this clip was really just an infomercial for selling a signed copy of his book. Thot.

  • Billanddogs

    I just watched one minute and fifty one seconds of Mr. Canned Ham Head having an orgasm. He’s so excited that the President noticed him that his half inch wiener has squirted in his shorts. He’s so very happy!

    • RoFaWh

      Did you note the volume of the squirt? One drop? Or two?

  • olandp

    That’s rich, Todd Starnes lecturing someone else on dignity. Almost as absurd as David Brooks teaching a class on humility.

    Oh wait…


    Memo to Starnes: You are not a real reporter, you just play one on a low information viewer tv show.

  • Frederick


    You’ll welcome that racist piece of shit Charles Murray with open arms.

  • cleos_mom

    Yeah, it’s like that uppity niCLANG thinks he’s President of the United States or something.

    • jmax

      Did you say the president was near?

  • Octavio

    Starnes really wanted to say “restrooms” but even he knows he couldn’t have gotten away with it.

  • Mawm

    “Newsrooms?” Is that what they are calling the freak show at Fox now?

  • Bear OmNomNom

    Dammit… Is it too late to change my Disqus name? 😀

  • JCF

    Whereas Todd Starnes needs to keep his cloven hooves out…well, out of this planet, mainly. *

    * Whether he has cloven hooves as pig or Satan, either way…

  • Mary Ann

    Whenever I go into a book or grocery store and see one of these assholes’ books I always turn them around so I don’t have to look at the titles (or worse a photo of the author).