IRELAND: State TV Host Tells Government Official To Remove His Yes Equality Pin

Back in January 2014, the anti-gay Iona Institute claimed that it had been defamed when drag performer Rory O’Neill (Panti Bliss) called them “homophobes” during an appearance on Irish state television’s Saturday Night Show. The network then paid the Iona Institute €85,000 in an out of court settlement, spawned outrage and protests over their capitulation. Last night Irish Equality Minister Aodhan O’Riordain appeared on the same show to discuss the decriminalization of marijuana, but before the interview could begin, host Brendan O’Connor demanded that O’Riordain first remove his Yes Equality pin, presumably to stave off another complaint from the Iona Institute.

RELATED: Like NOM, the Iona Institute is Catholic-led and staffed. They are the creators of the anti-gay marriage clip posted here earlier today. Their version of Brian Brown is former Irish Catholic editor David Quinn, who is also the Dublin chapter leader of Legatus, the virulently anti-gay Catholic group that made headlines earlier this year after Pete Coors, Gary Sinese, and Bret Baier all canceled their speaking engagements at the group’s Florida convention. The trio was replaced by Mike Huckabee, C-FAM head Austin Ruse, and the former CEO of medical equipment supplier Baxter International.