• LonelyLiberal

    WTF? In this case, this means Whiskey Tango Fuck-me.

  • NeverEclipsed81

    Interesting ill be watching.

  • Disqusdmnj

    Just imagine all the other people’s headaches, nausea, dumb thoughts about shopping lists, and unfortunately-located itches you’d have to deal with throughout the day…

    • BobSF_94117

      Exactly! What the heck am I supposed to do with a vaginal itch!!?!?!?

      • Disqusdmnj

        Right! And I’d feel bad for my “others” after I ate my favorite spicy Indian dish… ; )

      • lymis

        Or PMS?

      • delk

        Scratch? 🙂

        • BobSF_94117

          Oh, duh. I guess one of my “others” is blond…

          • delk


      • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

        Summers Eve

    • e jerry powell

      Sounds a lot like a Sookie Stackhouse problem.

  • Brian Walsh

    If J. Michael Straczynski is writing it, I’m watching it. (I’d still prefer more Babylon 5 though)

    • AW

      Totally agree. He did a great job with Babylon 5, given that he probably had almost no money to make it so given a budget I expect this to me amazing.

    • barracks9

      Mmm…Bruce Boxleitner…mmmm….

      • Rambie

        My mother loved that I’d watch “Scarecrow & Mrs King” with her… she never knew why (at the time).

    • Rambie

      I too loved B5 and would love to see more. I’m still *slightly* upset with TNT for canceling the Crusade spin-off.

  • SockMikey

    I really dislike Netflix’s menu’s and how it displays choices.

    Even when you logon the internet and answer lots of preferences it still shows me lots of the same old stuff over & over.

    I wish it was more like Hulu.

    And the search engine on Netflix seems to just search on title and actors or is rather limited.

    Sense8 shows on my Netflix now.

    Also, don’t forget the new Netflix show Grace & Frankie (Jane Fonda/Lily Tomlin) is out today too!

    Where their husbands leave the wives to marry each other!

    Watched the first one, was pretty good.

    • tcinsf

      Hmm, I think Netflix’s search engine is easier, but Hulu in general is superior (it keeps track of what you last watched, and sets you up for the next episode – at least it does on my system that goes through the PS3 to the TV.)

      • BobSF_94117

        I think Netflix’s interface is meant to discourage the watching of content…

        • carrot festival

          Agreed. I use to see what’s up.

          • SockMikey

            I wonder if it’d be worth trying the browser instead of using the app on my big Smart TV?

            These interfaces you guys reference are a lot better in finding content on the Internet.

            They really need to update the Apps.

      • SockMikey


        With Hulu you can just choose a Genre category and there’s an easy button for new content which actually displays newest stuff.

        In Netflix I see new stuff that’s month’s old and get frustrated looking for content.

        I *love* Hulu for it’s TV content and flagging new episodes of shows I watch.

    • The Larry Mac

      It won’t resolve all your complaints, but “Netflix God Mode” makes the interface somewhat less abominable. —

      • bcarter3

        Thanks for that!

        In return, have you tried Deslider? It parses slideshows so that all the slides and notes show up on one screen.

      • bJason

        Very nice, thanks!

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    Top photo looks like man pho.

    • TheManicMechanic

      I’ve had bear soup many a time, this sounds like something else I should try.

      • Octavio

        Caldo de Osos . . . ¡Qué rico! 😛

    • VodkaAndPolitics

      Mmmm with Raw Beef, baby.

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      My immediate thought was “Joe is putting ads for the Palm Springs resorts in the middle of the posts now?” LOL.

      (Because those are usually on the sides when I open JMG, not in the middle)

  • Tor

    I call foul. Not nearly as much man-flesh in the trailer as I was led to expect!

  • Octavio

    Hmmm . . . haven’t been able to do that since the spring I took too much orange barrel sunshine in 1970. We’re much better now. 🙂

  • SunsetGay

    Got room for one more in that hot-tub?

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Those muscled backs are beautiful, especially the very pale one.

    Off topic: Anybody know why joemygod keeps disappearing on me? I get a blogspot “404 does not exist” statement. I have to search for various links until I find one that opens the page again. It only happens with this one site.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      What browser and Internet service are you using and has the 404 message just been today?

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        I get the same thing on Chrome and Firefox. I live in Mexico and use a cable company named Cablemas.

        • BlueberriesForMe

          I had this happen briefly about a month ago – I think it was only for about an hour. I thought it was my internet connection and/or some issue with Blogger (ie. Then it went away.
          (I am in the US and use Verizon DSL and Firefox).

    • Sam_Handwich
      • JCF

        Error alright! A cow has found its way…

    • I haven’t seen that, but when I access JMG on my iPad Mini using Safari, I get the “A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded” nearly every time I launch this site. With each new tab, etc. Highly annoying and I can’t find anything on-line that will fix it. I see it rarely on other sites so I assume it’s related to all of the ads. Anyone else see this? Do you know if there is a solution?

      (And back to the topic…this show looks really cool!)

      • I stopped using Safari on my iPad for the exact same reason. Personally, I think it is more related to Disqus than ads. I use the Dolphin browser now and no longer have that crashing.

        • Thanks, I’ll look into downloading the Dolphin browser.

        • delk

          I can’t sign into Disqus on my iPad on JMG. I can on other sites.

          • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

            I was having problems with Disqus earlier today also.

      • Versailles

        I loaded Puffin Browser onto my mini ipad just to access this blog. It seems that too much info loads onto safari via jmg and crashing ensues.

      • Osowoofy

        I see it a lot! But only on the iPhone and iPad. Very annoying.

    • robirob

      This happens to me all the time (I use Firefox). I have to enter the blog through an old page / blog post of the blog which works and then click on the joe my god logo to get to the latest updates.

  • BlueberriesForMe

    Should we notify .0000048 Moms about this? People taking a bath together and all.

    • KaBoomBOX

      It’s going to be on Netflix, not not broadcast TV.

      • BlueberriesForMe

        You’re right. However, I’m surprised they haven’t expanded their very limited horizons. I guess there are enough broadcast TV ads alone to keep them busy.

    • Blake Jordan

      Of all content providers, I am sure Netflix is one of the ones that would not give a damn in slightest!

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    God, I could use 7 other selves just to help me get my work done.

  • oikos

    Max Riemelt is a hottie. Check out his Freefall movie.

    • vorpal

      Agreed wholeheartedly. It is a great movie!

    • Blake Jordan

      I thought he looked familiar… I loved that movie, mostly.

  • Sam_Handwich

    aquatic sex

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I cannot wait until this comes out because I am in one of the episodes. It was so awesome to meet and talk to Lana and Andy Wachowski during the filming.

    • Herald

      Now I am even more interested in seeing it

    • Cricket

      How awesome is that?!?!?! Can you say which one? Do you have a speaking part or as a walk on/extra?

      • Rebecca Gardner

        There is a scene in San Francisco during the Dyke March. I am on my Harley behind the character in San Francisco. She and her girlfriend are riding in the Dyke March.

        No speaking role, but they filmed us from the start at Dolores Park to the end in the Castro. It was so much fun!!!

        • Cricket

          Very cool!!! I will have to keep an eye out. 🙂

          • Rebecca Gardner

            I’m easy to spot. I’ll be wearing my skull mask…

          • Cricket

            OK – now I’ll have nightmares for the next week. No offense, but I HATE those masks!

          • Rebecca Gardner

            Do you know why I wear it? If you don’t ride a motorcycle you psychologically do not see the motorcycles on the road around you. I’ve had so many drivers almost come over into my lane, but when they see the mask they swerve back into their lane keeping me safe. I wear it to stay alive and it has worked very well.

            Sorry for the nightmares though.

          • Cricket

            I know about being seen/heard as I used to ride. I had a bright orange safety vest, loud pipes, a headlight modulator & an air horn, which I did not hesitate to use! Stay safe out there!

          • Six Pins Delores

            Because of this photo, I want to through bead necklaces at you.

          • ZhyKitty

            Hot! I love the mask!!!!
            This is VERY exciting!!!!!
            Congrats, Becca!!!!

        • MarkOH

          Now I want to see it! Good for you!

        • Lane

          Does this mean that the character is a lesbian? Because that would be awesome.

          • Rebecca Gardner

            Yes, the character is a Lesbian.

  • SOLD.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    Speaking of Netflix, tonight is the debut of the Lily Tomlin/Jane Fonda sitcom, “Grace and Frankie”!!!

    • Cricket

      As well as Martin Sheen & Sam Waterston.

    • SockMikey

      The first episode was good!

      Especially the beach scene near the end!

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        The beach scene was great. You know they loved playing that.

    • Lawerence Collins

      Can’t wait to see it. I love every person in it.

    • Ray Taylor

      I really want to sit on that chair.

  • TKW

    My luck I would get stuck with 7 other screaming white trash teabaggers.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      No worries hon– pretty much certain that they’re all hetero and would never engage in anything resembling that hot tub scene. Among other things, bathing frightens them.

    • Or this lady

      • motordog

        Ah…the dreaded “God Warrior”…

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      With my luck, I would get Ted Nugent, Michelle Malkin, Pat Sajak, Ann Coulter, Eugene Delgaudio, Kirk Cameron and the Octomom.

      In other words, no usable skills.

  • Kissmagrits

    Where’s the One Million Moms? They’re late.

    • nycmcmike

      They would have to be able to affordable Netflix first.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    The show looks awesome, but at this point also rather confusing. I know there will be an explanation in the show, but is it one person controlling bodies or 8 individuals that are now connected?

  • James

    Ohhh, it’s on Netflix. Oh well.

  • Lawerence Collins

    In a few ways this feels like my crazy life now. Ever have a dream where you were looking through someone else’s eyes. Then you wake up and watch the dream unfold before your eyes?

  • TexPlant

    does look fresh, i will have to check it out.

  • JCF

    J Michael Straczynski? The Babylon 5 geek in me from 20 years ago just came a little!

  • robirob

    Looks like a mix of Alias and The A-Team.

  • ZhyKitty

    I’m loving this concept!!
    As a twin who often “shared thoughts” with my twin when she was living, I am really into the idea of expanded consciousness of self, where self = a connection spanning more than one body. We were both huge fans of the spiritual use of hallucinogenics, and had many conversations in those heightened states where we theorized over ideas like perhaps living was akin to being a tiny vial of water floating in the ocean, and so, perhaps, death was like the breaking of that vial. The water would continue to exist, but as part of the whole ocean, while the vial itself was no longer useful, much like our bodies.

    Anyway, this is exciting! I hope they’ve done something really great with the idea, and now that we all know our very own Rebecca is in it, I REALLY can’t wait to watch!!! Yay!!!