One Million Moms Vs A&E

Just in via email:

Will audiences want to watch adultery? FYI (owned by A&E) has greenlighted the “Seven Year Switch,” an eight-episode series in which married couples put their marriage on the line by shacking up with a “new partner” for a couple weeks. Production is underway for the series to premiere this summer. FYI assumes that seven years of marriage marks the point at which couples become “restless and dissatisfied.” In the series, four couples “at a crossroads in their relationship” — FYI did not say if they’ve all been married seven years — get the chance to shack up with a stranger for two weeks in an “experimental marriage.” They will eat, live and, yes, “sleep” with these total strangers, the network said.

This immoral show belittles and makes a mockery of marriage. Take Action: Please contact FYI (owned by A&E) to oppose the new show “Seven Year Switch” and strongly encourage the network to drop all plans to air the program. Let A&E know you and your family will not be watching their network unless this new show is cancelled. The only way to avoid seeing the graphic previews for this immoral program is to no longer watch the network at all. Let them also know you are prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their “do not advertise” list.

Over on Breitbart commenters are loudly calling for a boycott of “those perverts” at A&E, which is, of course, the home to Duck Dynasty.