VIDEO: At The Gay/Str8 Prom Date

Those gay/straight high school boys had their prom this weekend and Teen Vogue went along to document the evening.

(Tipped by JMG reader Mike)

  • HoneyBoySmith

    Really cute.

    But, I have to wonder: was I ever that young?

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Over three decades since my prom in my horrid green, crushed velvet tux with the worst prom date ever, this is so magical and unexpected. Who’d have thought?

    • SockMikey

      My tux was red-ish crushed velvet… 🙂

      • Mark

        Mine was powder blue – –

        • Cuberly

          Ditto here. Oh and long permed blonde hair. Yep, early 80s.

          Those pics will never see the light of day, EVER!

          • Todd Allis

            Good thing for you those were pre-Internets. Sad for the rest of us.

          • Cuberly

            Oh, you’d laugh your ass off.

            In the formal pics for the prom they had this really fakey arbor arrangement setup. The expression on my date’s and my face, lets just say my date is scowling, she looks sorta depressed, and I look like I’m bored waiting for a bus or something. We are NOT smiling at all.

            It’s awful.

          • Homo Erectus

            I thought the Polaroids would have faded by now………..

          • Cuberly


            Have to have that faint greenish tinge to really bring out the bleh.

          • Mark

            Mine was over a decade earlier – funny how the colours didn’t change during that time….

    • Reality.Bites

      Rosario still speaks of it fondly.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen

        Oh, honey, she drove our limo, but smelled of burritos and tequila.

        • Reality.Bites

          Odd, that, for a Salvadoran.

          • Anastasia Beaverhousen

            hey, those burritos are 5 for a dollar at Dollar General.

          • Reality.Bites

            Oh please don’t tell me they have Dollar Generals in Manhattan now!

          • HanyBaal

            Mail order

    • james_from_cambridge

      “…my prom in my horrid green, crushed velvet tux…”

      Before you turned into Anastasia were you Austin Powers?

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen

        Yeah, baby, yeah. Do I make you horny?

        • Ed Burrow

          randy. not horny. 🙂

  • Mark

    Aw dangit, who peeled the onions??

    • DonnaLee

      I was good until the very end when they were dancing, and you can tell neither of them knows how, but that’s ok too!

  • dcurlee

    Ok tears are flowing

  • mike

    Big deal!!! What’s all the fuss about?!? I went to the prom with a straight person over thirty years ago….. the only difference was she didn’t know!

    • David Walker

      She didn’t know she was straight?

    • Tallulah

      Me too. Poor thing probably wondered why I didn’t kiss her goodnight. I was terrified and in the wrong place!

      • Randy Left Brooklyn

        Welcome back Tallulah. We’ve missed you.

        • Tallulah

          Oh, I sneak back once in awhile. Thanks Randy!

          • james_from_cambridge

            Are you “Tallulah Bankrupt” on Gawker by any chance?

          • Tallulah


  • gaymex

    With all the hate being thrown about, it was really uplifting to see this.

  • JJS_prime

    Too bad the bigot bakers wouldn’t put ‘gay’ on the cake.

    • BobSF_94117

      In this case, it was probably for the best. Too wordy for a cake.

      • tcinsf

        Well, yeah, I did think that maybe they could have tightened that up a bit … but if they’re willing to pay, then the baker should write whatever the hell the customer wants.

    • David Walker

      Yeah. Still, so much joy and love was shown that the stupid bakers bigotry was driven home in spades.

      • gaymex

        This one act undoes a lot of bigotry.

        • Homo Erectus

          Suck it, Miss Tonette.

      • tcinsf

        I’m thinking that story isn’t over. I’m thinking those women aren’t through with that baker…. Mexican/Mexican-American women do NOT take kindly to having their familias fucked with.

      • SockMikey


        It appears that the cake was being decorated at a Walmart and they’ve backtracked on the original decision to exclude “Gay”.

        FOX5 reached out to Walmart, and a spokesperson said that after investigating the incident, it was discovered that proper management wasn’t contacted. They said nowhere in their store’s policy does it say the word “gay” can’t be written on a cake.

        A store manager is set to contact Sandoval to make this wrong right. Sandoval said although she appreciates the gesture, it’s a little too late.

        • David Walker

          All right! Thank you for starting my day with a smile. It feels good.

    • gaymex

      They’re probably drooling in hateful anticipation for
      all the antigay money they’re gonna rake in.

    • Jim Maloney

      Actually Nevada has a tough non-discrimination clause in public accommodations for LGBTs. I’m wondering if their refusal squares with that law.

      I haven’t thought that through.

    • bambinoitaliano

      It’s okay, we will let this minor hiccup go and enjoy these two amazing kids. What they represents are way more than the missing icing letters.

    • SockMikey

      See: Walmart backtracking on it’s employee’s decision to exclude “Gay” on that cake.

  • Jim

    So sweet!

  • Gigi

    I’m NOT crying.

    • Mark

      Me either…. (sniffle sniffle)

  • ErikDC

    This was the biggest mack move of all time. That guy is going to have girls throwing themselves at him. LOL

    • Ginger Snap

      Yes, yes he is. He looked like a dream in the powder blue tux also.

      • he looked good in each one he tried on. damn him!

        • Ginger Snap

          The beauty of youth.

      • GayEGO

        I think lavender chiffon would look great on him as well. :>)

    • james_from_cambridge

      Imagine having that kind of confidence in himself at that age, not to mention the incredible heart he has.

  • Ginger Snap

    To think this happened and its on the internet for the whole world to see forever. For those who think the next generation is lost you are so wrong. They have discovered that we are truly all the same.

    • TommyTune

      They have discovered that we are truly all the same

      And what a beautifully simple concept that is.

    • Homo Erectus

      Further proof that kids need a mother and father (or just loving parents) that support them without reservation.

    • james_from_cambridge

      Growing up in the 90’s, I just never imagined any of this. The 90’s wasn’t exactly the dark ages but still, something like this happening in my school would have probably gotten the school shut down, LOL. And It’s everything that’s happening really; that other story about the gay couple kissing in a stadium and getting applause wouldn’t have happened even five years ago. And the gay marriage movement and it’s success and acceptance by the American public, a Black President, (a President that is an advocate for us) – what’s happening all around us is just unbelievable!

      • Ginger Snap

        There may still be hope for humanity.

    • Blake Jordan

      In what sense did people think the next generation was lost?

      Certainly not to LGBT equality…

      • Ginger Snap

        I hear so many say the younger generations are selfish and have no direction and wont amount to anything. Just the usual crap people like to bitch about the youth of our country.

    • HadenoughBS

      In the clip where the couple’s pre-prom photos are being taken by multiple folks, I noted prolific gay vlogger Davey Wavey was one of the photogs.

      • Ginger Snap

        I did too and blurted it out loud to my empty house.

      • RemusL

        Davey Wavey interviewed the guys:

      • james_from_cambridge

        Oh God! I hope he doesn’t get his creepy hands on the poor kid with one of those “straight boy” videos he does, usually with boys that are obviously not straight.

  • TommyTune

    The kids are definitely all right. And thank God (or whomever else you prefer) for that!

  • Such great guys, I wish them both the best and I am glad
    this story ended up getting such great visibility!!!!

  • delk

    I am so happy for them.

    It’s so relaxed and nonchalant, like this is just a typical thing to do that it must drive the haters over the deep end. If they needed any additional proof that they have lost, this is it.

  • Tom G

    Is saw Davey Wavey taking photos.

    • lattebud

      You must be mistaken. He’d be blowing the photographer in the bathroom

  • Paul Forsyth

    Very sweet!

  • Jude Newton

    This is called Success.
    Can you imagine how our lives would be today if we had this?
    We’ve come so far.

    • teddy21

      I’ve thought a lot about that recently. How the world I grew up in affected my personality, ambition, self confidence, and happiness. It’s too late for me but damn I hope future generations of gay kids get to grow up in a world that totally accepts them and loves them and encourages them to be themselves and productive members of a caring society.

      • Homo Erectus

        We’re getting there,Teddy. Ours was the first generation that didn’t see skin pigmentation like our parents did. I think that allowing black and white young men to serve together in the military and become trusting of and dependent on each other during Vietnam made a big difference. Allowing gays to serve openly in the military today has changed hearts and minds once again. Getting to know real transgendered people instead of the stereotypes will remove the fear of the unknown. Thank zeus for the internets!

        • james_from_cambridge

          I just saw a PBS program about the Vietnam draft and the student movement it created and another one on Kent State and both programs ended with the students who were the heart of the anti-war movement feeling defeated by the negative reaction of the American public to what they were trying to accomplish. For instance, the vast majority of the American public blamed the dead students at Kent State for what happened to them instead of the troops who killed them. And then, to make things even worse, the anti-war movement culminates not in Richard Nixon’s defeat but his reelection in one of the biggest landslides in history. But, as Pat Buchanan himself said during the program, while the student movement felt like it had failed, it had nevertheless managed to grab the culture and they ended up winning in the long run as a result. The student movement fragmented into the gay rights movement, the women’s movement, civil rights for blacks etc. and they went to work on the culture at large. The voters themselves changed, with the number of racial minorities and young white liberals exploding over time. And as a result, in 2008, Obama won by getting exactly the same voters that McGovern lost with in 1972.

          • Homo Erectus

            Nixon was re-elected because he listened to the anti-war movement protests. In his 1st term he began to get us out of Vietnam, and shortly after he was elected the troop numbers started dropping. By March of ’73 all US troops had returned home. The students won. Unfortunately, we still have Pat Buchanan hanging around.

  • JP

    This is a darling story, and I’m looking forward to a time when this sort of thing isn’t considered newsworthy,, but rather just an ordinary occurrence. That’ll be nice.

    • teddy21

      I so long for the day when everyone can just be kind and respectful to one another without judging. Seems so simple but feels almost impossible. I hope this world gets there one of these centuries.

  • yetanotherLaura

    With so many kids having to deal with so much rejection, it’s just wonderful to see these guys, and their whole community, being what we all hope the world can be! Damned onion ninjas…..

  • KCMC

    “This feels like home,” (music) as those few treasured friendships are.
    Yes, and pass the damn tissues please.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Just so you know it’s spring time, bloody pollens are invading my eyes.

  • Jeffrey

    Sponsored by TOPMAN. I can’t.

    • Octavio

      You noticed that, too? Yup.

      • whats wrong with topman?

    • AJ

      Yeah, folks at Topshop certainly had a sense of humor when they came up with their men’s line.

  • Jamie_Johnson

    Wow… what great young men, great parents and great school! Please pass the kleenex…

  • teddy21

    The straight dude should have chosen the light blue tux. He looked so much better in it. Light blue is his color. But, great thing he did, great story, great vid.

  • HomerTh

    I went to my junior prom in 1981. I could never, ever, in my wildest dreams expected something like this happening. So pleased that the youths of today have role models like these two young men.

    • lattebud

      And what awesome parents and adults around them. They didn’t roll their eyes or throw a fit. They made it a special evening for the guys. Kudos to awesome parenting!!

  • Bluto

    every child needs a mother & father – no, every child deserves a family full of love & support. I’m happy this wee gayling has that & more.

  • TexPlant

    sweet story

  • MikeBx2

    I’m predicting a very bright future for those two youngsters! Call me clairvoyant. 😉

  • noni

    Gay guys have been going to the prom with straight girls and Lesbians have been going to proms with straight guys forever.

    And that was just fine for everyone except the gay or lesbian.

    They had to settle for that just to be part of their prom.

    Many simply didn’t go.

    • Homo Erectus

      My life changed forever when I got “caught” with a boy in the 9th grade. I could never have imagined that parents, teachers and students would one day support a gay kid.

    • /raises hand

      we all went “together.” my date was so gay guy it wasn’t even funny. everybody knew.

      back then, we were outcasts and the socially popular set wanted nothing to do with us. but we knew we “had” to show up.

      finishing the night out in the limo at Detroit’s oldest gay bar, dancing with our real partners, was very nice. we spent, meh… 25min at the actual prom.

      just to show off our superior taste in clothes. ‘-)

    • evening in paris

      (A la Sofia Petrillo) *Picture it: Long Island fifty years ago.Three of my best high school friends were seniors when I was a junior. I went to their prom as part of the double date quartet. After high school, the other guy turned out to be delightfully gay, as did I. My date and oldest friend found that she was quite the lesbian. The other girl, the only straight one of us, remained always a totally open and accepting person. *Apparel: My friend wore quite the French knot “do,” and I suppose, thanks to the ’60s, my tux was the standard white dinner jacket with black pants. Very Mad Men. We were all quite funny, and pretty much never stopped laughing, making a tremendous memory of one of our very best times. The night morphed into the next morning, so we wound up at another friend’s house, and swam in her family’s pool. We went on from there to spend the entire day at the beach, with no sleep at all. That’s where our joy came from, and I am thrilled that this current generation is finding their own so naturally.

  • noni

    The cake couldn’t have the word gay put on it.

    • SockMikey


      It appears that the cake was being decorated at a Walmart and they’ve backtracked on the original decision to exclude “Gay”.

      FOX5 reached out to Walmart, and a spokesperson said that after investigating the incident, it was discovered that proper management wasn’t contacted. They said nowhere in their store’s policy does it say the word “gay” can’t be written on a cake.

      A store manager is set to contact Sandoval to make this wrong right. Sandoval said although she appreciates the gesture, it’s a little too late.

      • Homo Erectus

        Thanks for the update.

  • cando64

    Incredible young men – incredible school district too!

  • MDB


  • Harley

    I love your blog Joe but I can’t watch your videos because safari keeps collapsing on me. Luckily I was able to go over to YouTube and watch it. I’m not sure what it is about your site that keeps collapsing safari. It’s very frustrating having to relaunch 3 or 4 times while reading one article. What’s up with that, Joe.

    • Reality.Bites

      Are you using Safari on a Mac or on an iOS device?

      Blogger often craps out on iOS devices, but is usually OK on a Mac. However the sheer number of posts on the main page, or replies in a post, can lead to poor performance on a Mac.

  • AJ

    I really love stuff like this, because I feel like you rarely even saw anything like it when I was in high school, and instead I had to read about the one out student not being allowed to bring his boyfriend to prom in the student newspaper. I graduated in 2009 btw, so this was hardly a long time ago, but I feel like a lot has changed, even since then.

  • bsinps

    We have made changes to our society. The next generation will be the change we have fought long and hard for, and no one can stop it now.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I never went to my prom. I wasn’t asked and I could not have afforded or worn a dress.
    I did chaperon a gay prom at our UU church, many moons later, with the woman I was with at the time. The people in charge knew so many of the chaperons had not attended a prom so they had contests for us too. We won best dressed and dance! I was named Prom King!
    These young men are proof all is not lost.

    • Schlukitz

      I never went to my prom either. I could’t earn enough money with my part-time job to support myself and also attend my last year of high school as well.

  • GayEGO

    Well I never thought I would see the day, but equality is on the way for all of us.

  • Gery Weißschädel

    Ninja onions lurk EVERYwhere here on JMG.