Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal: I’ll Accept Any Same-Sex Marriage Ruling By SCOTUS

Shocker. Very anti-gay GOP Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says that however SCOTUS rules on same-sex marriage, he will accept the result.

“Federal constitutional issues trump state constitutional issues, ” Deal told “A Closer Look” host Denis O’Hayer. “So we will abide by whatever the Supreme Court rules as an interpretation of the United States Constitution.” On Wednesday, State Attorney General Sam Olens said he’ll follow the U.S. Supreme Court’s order. Deal also spoke about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB 129, which was stalled in the House Judiciary Committee in the final days of the state Legislature this year. “What I want is to protect individuals’ right of religious freedom without causing the kind of uproar that we saw occur in Indiana and in Arkansas,” Deal said.

Deal added that he doesn’t believe same-sex marriage “rises to the level of attracting a national, constitutional amendment to overrule the Supreme Court or the federal courts.”  One less pitchfork for Scott Lively to buy, huh? (Tipped by JMG reader TJ)

RELATED: In a 2010 campaign ad, Deal attacked his GOP primary opponent with a radio ad that said this: “The last straw. For some, it’s Karen Handel’s support for taxpayer-funded gay partner benefits. For others, the last straw is Karen Handel’s vote to give our tax dollars to Youth Pride, a group that promotes homosexuality among teenagers as young as 13. But for all, the lies Karen Handel tells about Nathan Deal — a veteran, former prosecutor and judge, to hide what she’s done — are the last straw.” In the early 90s Deal served two terms in the US House as a Democrat, but he switched parties in 1995 when Republicans took control, saying that he was a huge fan of newly-elected Speaker Newt Gingrich’s infamous Contract With America.