Harlem Hate Pastor: Christians Must Be Willing To Kill To Stop Sodomites

“If we’re going to win this battle for the lord God almighty, two things are going to have to happen in terms of our battle strategies. We’ve got to be willing to die for what we believe. If you believe the word of God, then there is no way you will not die willingly for the cause of Christ. But the other thing – if we’re gonna win this battle against Obama, the long-leggy mack daddy, the quasi-Muslim freak, the vice president of both death and hell, against the sodomites, against racism – we’re gonna have to be willing to kill as well. You can try to arrest me, saying that I’m inciting murderous behavior. Go ahead and try. See if that will stand up in court.  Let me tell you something, if you’re not willing to kill for what you believe, if you’re not will to kill those that are diametrically opposed in great evil against you believe, then you’re not worthy of his service. You gotta be willing to kill. You gotta be willing to die.” – Harlem Pastor James David Manning, in a YouTube clip published today.

  • TampaZeke

    You first! Set an example for the rest.

    • Nah, religious extremists who support terrorist action are always big on OTHERS taking action. You see
      they are already doing their job by inspiring action in others and so they couldn’t possibly put their own life and welfare at risk.

  • clay

    and you got to be willing to wear a cravat, and in a color lighter than your shirt?

    • Chuck in NYC

      What is that shirt’s god-awful color? Red violet? Cerise? Hot dog (i.e., puke) pink?

      • clay

        “new whine”

      • Palmer

        We need to pull your gay card if you can’t tell fuchsia from cerise!

        • Friday

          *laugh* Or maybe just his video card. 🙂

        • Chuck in NYC

          Eff fuchsia. I’m more blue/green oriented! 🙂

  • bkmn

    While Manning is a steaming pile of shit who will not do something like this there should be implications if one of his followers go through with it.

  • Ian

    Legal eagles? What’s your take on this? I wouldn’t think it would fly in court either. Homeboy can thank Brandenburg v. Ohio for that.

  • 2patricius2

    He’d better be careful. If he goes to prison he might turn gay…

    But on a more serious note, I hope someone is keeping tabs on this guy. He says lots of wacky stuff and I just wonder if he could snap and actually start killing people.

    • Justin

      More likely, one of his loser followers could snap and do that.

      • ClevelandJim

        Which is probably what he’s counting on.

    • canoebum

      I’m waiting to see what happens in his May hearing before the New York City Landmarks Commission. He’s been cited for numerous violations with regard to his Harlem building (as posted here by Joe). The sign will be coming down, and we can all hope he’ll be too busy fixing his violations for a few months to post any more of this incitement to violence.

      • CanuckDon

        This is likely why his ramblings are increasingly cuckoo-ish. The paranoia is settling in…”they’re coming to take me away ha ha…”

    • Marides48

      I’m sure he wants to persuade someone else to do his dirty work. He doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. That method worked for Hitler.

  • I dare you to put your words in action, Manning.

    • Paula

      Yeah, I’m sure somebody will make certain he is the first one to go.

  • Sam_Handwich

    LOL. omg, i just spit up my Jizzuccino

    • RNegron

      How DARE you waste a Jizzuccino!

    • Rambie

      I hear those are a bit salty… 😉

  • MAP

    So then we should smite our enemies first and use the ” it’s my deeply held religious belief that he should die”?

  • You must be willing to die for your belief and you must be willing to kill for your belief. Funny thing, I have this felling that I have seen others declare the same thing. Now who could it
    be….couldn’t be ISIS and al Qaeda could it??? Oh wait, yes that’s exactly who also says that kind of thing. It’s the same ideology, the only difference is the religious faith being affiliated with it.

    So what exactly is his plan? Or does he just want to jump right into the strategy of inspiring lone-wolf attacks?

    • TerryInIowa


      • Steven B

        For starters I can think of Jim Jones or David Koresh.

    • Frostbite

      I’d like to see him put his money where his mouth is. I have a feeling he’s not too willing to die for his cause.

      • Billanddogs

        Precisely. He wants other people to die (on both sides) for his cause.

        • glebealyth

          wants other people to die (on both sides) for his cause.

          But only after they have sent him their money.

      • Orly

        Nah, people like him goad others into doing his dirty work.

      • john Johnson

        He knows he’s one is likely to take him up on his dying for the cause. Unfortunately some may well take him up on the killing!

    • LarryChemEngr

      exactly what I was thinking. How is this turd any different?

    • SoCalVet

      it’s sounding very suicide-cultish to me. Jim Jones? I hope someone is looking into Mr. Manning’s mental health in terms of being dangerous to himself or others.

      • Nic Peterson

        Sounds like the Baker Act would apply here. 72 hours with a thorazine drip will mellow his shit right away.

      • Friday

        I think he’s wanting to be ‘martyred’ in prison. Probably in some way that involves lattes.

        • …and getting fucked in the ass hard. Very hard.

          • prjoe

            Not even with some other guy’s dick.

          • kathimc63

            Not with a rented vagina.

    • Richard Rush

      I suspect that many of the truest TrueChristians™ have been looking enviously at the glorious achievements of ISIS and al Qaeda, and, like Manning, are eager to incite Christians to use similar tactics.

      • popebuck1

        “It’s NOT FAIR! Everybody else gets to go out and just kill the infidels! You NEVER let us do anything fun! Stupid America.”

    • Todd20036

      It was also Hitler who said that.
      And you know what, threatening to kill the President? Yeah, that charge will stand up in court.
      Hope our ineffectual Secret Service can put down the prostitutes long enough to check this guy out

      • Strepsi
        • Gerry Fisher


          • Octavio

            I second your mmm-hmmm and raise you a Yup. 🙂

      • David Walker

        If he ever were charged with anything he should be charged, he’ll just delete his provocative statements from YouTube and nobody will ever see it again. Right?

        • Bryan

          Oh but see corporations are people and Youtube is a corporation therefore he told people about his plan. “Remembering” would just amount to hearsay.

          ….Typing all that made me die a little inside u.u

          • David Walker


    • JesterRedPanda

      I just filed a report on him with the FBI under terrorism.

      What? He said for us to try! lol

      • chris from Sydney Australia.

        Good on you sir . Much respect from Australia.

    • Marides48

      He sounds like a terrorist to me! Where’s Home Land Security when we need them?

    • Rambie

      It’s similar to the BS spread around before the “right to life”-ers started to kill abortion doctors and attack clinics.

    • Regan DuCasse

      Considering that every victory won by gay folks has been through non violent, due process of law, all his talk about willing to die, makes me laugh.
      Anyone that says they are willing to die, while no one is threatening them with violence, or even harsh language…he looks like the delusional blathering idiot he actually is.

  • MikeBx2

    Well there you have it, the bible says kill them before they kill you. End of story.

  • DaddyRay

    Why doesn’t this video have more down votes?

  • John (not McCain)

    And THAT’S why I own a gun. If I’m going down, I’m gonna send a few Jesus Nazis to “heaven” first.

  • DirtyPierre

    This man is Adolph Hitler all over again. Its not enough that his followers must obey every rule HE sets, we all have to? Screw you Hate Pastor James David Manning, you need to loosen that tie of yours, its cutting off the oxygen to your fevered little brain.

    • Christopher

      “The good of the many outweigh the good of the one.”

      Edited: I don’t think we should be giving this man styling tips.

      • grada3784

        Better that one man die than the nation perish.


        • Christopher

          Hence why we should let his tie remain tight.

  • disqus_oCvsL5SBJH

    Literally this is ISIS.

  • Patrick

    Throw away God’s law and listen to him.. Right

  • Christopher

    “You can try to arrest me, saying that I’m inciting murderous behavior. Go ahead and try. See if that will stand up in court.”

    I’d be very careful if I were you Manning, this is exactly the kind of statement that could implicate you in a court of law if someone actually acts upon your words.

    • Friday

      Maybe that’s setting up an insanity defense: “Obviously I completely didn’t know this would stand up in court.”

      “That doesn’t make you insane, it just means you’re that stupid. Everything *else* you say makes you insane.” 🙂


    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Christopher

      And waste is a terrible thing to mind. (Manning = waste)

    • RFW

      What mind?

  • JW Swift

    Good fucking Gawd. Substitute the word “caliphate”, or “Allah” or whatever’s appropriate for “Christianity” or “God”, and you won’t be able to tell the difference between his rant and the propaganda coming from ISIS.

    • Terry

      There is no difference between teavangelicals and ISIS

      • Chuck Bryant

        ISIS is more “successful” at accomplishing it’s mission .

        • Terry

          There is no difference in ideology

        • Orly

          Well, they don’t have to worry about constitutions, or laws.

          I’ll bet people like manning dream of having that kind of “freedom”.

  • delk

    Long-leggy mack daddy? Somebody busting out the Kris Kross?

    wiggida wiggida wiggida wack

  • Terry

    I guess he couldn’t make it through seminary so he got his degree from an institution he himself founded…

    Not only that but I’m still waiting for my white homo that ATLAH promised me…where he at? Lol

    • Pohaku

      This church gets tax exemptions for this garbage? A tax the church movement needs to start for places like this. Watch how fast they will find religion when the taxman knocks on their door.

    • grada3784

      I just hope you’re not waiting for me. Much as I’d love to, I don’t get around too quickly any more.

      • Terry

        Lol hahah

  • TreGibbs

    Well, thanks for making your position so crystal clear. Jesus would be so proud..,

  • Helen

    Please report him on Youtube. It’s not even funny. His video is dangerous and threatening.

    • bitwise

      Damn it, don’t get it taken down yet, I need to show it to a few thousand people first. This is a perfect example of what plenty of far-right Christians think but are too afraid to say on camera.

    • Bad Tom

      His video clearly violates Youtube posting standards.

  • Toasterlad

    Come at me, bro.

  • What part of “Thou shall not kill” does this idiot not understand?

    • Treg Brown

      All of it.

  • Cousin Bleh

    Thou shalt not kill.

    • ColdCountry

      In a new version of the bible that someone showed me, it says, “You shall not murder.”

      HUGE difference.

      • clay

        It’s the difference between Exodus and Deuteronomy.

  • Secure

    What say you Tony Perkins & Brian Brown?

  • AJD

    They’re officially an SPLC-listed hate group now, so might as well add that tag too.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Bring it bible boy.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Whoa. Is it just me, or did this nut job cross an important line, here?

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Ah religion. The greatest source of murder, hate, discrimination, and control of lives throughout all of human history.

  • Jeff D

    Who is in this guys congregation? Where is he getting his money? I can’t imagine any sane black person willing to listen to Obama be talked about in this way.
    I just don’t understand how he can afford a building with a sign in Harlem. At the very least someone has to pay for his pimped-out costumes.

    • Octavio

      “Cherchez l’argent. Suivez l’argent. Vous y trouverez l’ennemi de tout ce qui est raisonnable.”

      I think it was Baudelaire who said that — or maybe it was Edith Piaf.

      • BearEyes

        And true words as well.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        “Suivez l’argent.” Wasn’t that Deep Throat in the dubbed version of All the President’s Men? 😬

        • Octavio

          You are correct, sir! I knew some one said it!!!!

  • kiltedyak

    I would say, go ahead and bring it, hairball. I will show you what a faggot combat vet can do to assholes that try that shit.

    • kiltedyak

      Also how is this shit not communicating a threat?

      • Gene Perry

        if you say “kill the homos” it’s not a threat. It’s not specific. However, if he says “kill john Doe, the homo” then it’s a threat & he would get arrested. Haters are quite good at using the legal loopholes .

        • kiltedyak

          I know non-specific…

    • RFW

      Tertiary syphilis, perhaps?

      • kiltedyak

        not from me

      • Cattleya1

        It would really explain a lot.

  • Tom Cotner

    What sort of cult does this bozo run, anyhow?
    I fully believe he is addled completely.

  • William

    Isn’t it time for the good Pastor and his followers to relocate to the South American jungle? They can build a compound, grow their own food and serve Kool-Aid at one of their big functions.

    • Octavio

      Please leave the jungles alone. They are the lungs of the planet Earth. We don’t need no stinkin’ christofascists moving in and destroying the ecosystems.

      • William

        But Jonestown is a real fixer-upper!

        • Octavio

          Well, if you’re gonna find a friendly place for christofascists, Guyana is the place to set up shop.

    • bitwise

      I had a joke for this, but it had a terrible punchline.

    • gaymex

      Please don’t send him in my direction.

  • Mike C

    This crosses a line, and he should be reported to the NYPD, FBI and DHS.

    • JesterRedPanda

      Then do it. I just did. its actually rather easy. Just tell them the facts.

    • Jake


      • chris from Sydney Australia.

        thank you sir .

    • chris from Sydney Australia.

      Please do it . I would but im in Australia.

  • RustynAtlanta

    “If you’re going to kill for your religion, please start with yourself.”

    • David L. Caster


      If their plan is to kill several or many others then kill themselves, they should instead start with themselves.

  • DaddyRay

    It is far past the time to start shining the light on the members of his church. How could they still attend after everything he has said. The only way to shut these assholes up is to hit them in the pocket book.

    • Mike C

      I think I could arrange a small camera crew waiting outside, in a public place, before and after their services to see who’s attending this church.

      • anyone with a cell phone camera can do this. youtube is free.

        • Mike C

          There was that awesome woman last year who knocked on the door and requested her free stoning. She was amazing.

      • DaddyRay

        It could be a public service helping the police identify potential suspects should any of them act on the Pastors words

      • TrollopeReader

        just like the front page of the North Dakota paper last week….

    • Friday

      It’s gotta be cult tactics, really, the way he’s *that* paranoid about everyone else: if his followers believe that crap it’s to keep them too afraid of the outside world to want to *leave.* Making people feel threatened and isolated is one of those mechanisms of control… And there could be some pretty kinky stuff going on behind the scenes as well.

  • tom dumptee

    hmmm ,somebody needs to put a BIGGER LOCK on this guys cage

  • Christophe

    Oh FBI, are you getting all this? Death threats against innocent American Citizens from “Christians.” Book em, Danno!

  • TMA

    Can we arrest this fascist now?

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      At least have him committed.

    • Mawm

      He’s kind of begging for it.

  • Octavio

    It’s been a while since I read the buybull, but tell me again where Jesus instructs everyone to kill others in his name? Where, specifically is that written?

    • JalapeñoBusiness

      Luke 19:27

      Zephaniah 2:12-15

      Ezekiel 9:5-7

      Psalms 79:1

      Matthew 3:12

      In Luke, St. Luke tells a parable about Jesus, the others are attributed to God, but God/Jesus, same thing.

      “27 But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.”

      You have to read back to get the full meaning of the Luke verse, it’s not Jesus directly advocating killing those who don’t believe, but the intent is the same.

      Either way, they will twist the words to fit their meaning. Bottom line, the Bible is like a dick on Grindr, everyone tries to make it out to be more than really it is.

      • Paula

        If they come to my house, I will quote Paula 3:57.

        • JalapeñoBusiness


        • LonelyLiberal

          I heard that this passage is magnum-ificent.

        • Friday

          I can see you fending off the hordes of murderous Christians… all of them shouting, “Remember the…. Ah, Remember the… Ah… Remember that time when gay dudes went to buy a cake and this other guy totally didn’t want them to!!! Kill and die! For Jayzus! ” 🙂

          • Paula

            I would consider it an honor to allow multitudes of them to meet the jeebus.

    • Schlukitz

      And, it is folks just like him who are claiming that LGBT peopoe are terrorists???


  • TheManicMechanic

    This ass will never be putting his money where his ample mouth is. While he goads his “followers” into committing crimes, he’s too busy hiding in his church fondling the collection plate cash.

    • TrollopeReader

      ….while fondling others as well?

      • TheManicMechanic

        It would not surprise me. The louder the ‘phobe, the more he has hidden in their own closets.

  • CityWOOF

    Come at me, motherfucker.

  • It was the saintly sage Phil Robertson who recently declared that gay people have “hearts full of murder and strife”. The only folks displaying hearts full of strife and speaking their desires to murder are …fanatical christians.

    • Friday

      They got a lot of darkness to project on others in that religion, you know?

  • carswell

    On behalf of all decent-minded Canadians, I want to thank Pastor Manning for ensuring that he, as a hate-speaker who is threatening and inciting violence toward law-abiding individuals, will never be allowed into our country, which has laws against advocating such vile behaviour.

    • Nor would he be allowed into Australia.

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    You know, there are some states where it is required by law to report persons to mental health services if they make statements threatening harm to themselves or others, even if they are supposedly joking. I believe Florida is one of those states. Not sure about NY.

  • Mawm

    Koo-Koo ^

  • Taylor

    These crazy mother-fuckers never want to lead by example. They want others to go out and do the killing for them, while they sit behind their desks in their cheap-ass suits, and pontificate.

  • bkmn

    Dear IRS,
    “Pastor” James David Manning claims to be a Christian minister yet he doesn’t seem to know that one of the major tenets of Christianity is that you don’t kill. He is presently advocating killing people. This means that he is not a real Christian and therefore should not be subject to being tax-exempt.
    Thank you,

  • Suffer the hate-filled violent lunatics to come unto me…

    …for Matilda and I shall put them out of their misery.

    Gospel of Mommie Dammit
    Book of Glamazon; Ch. 5, v. 13

    • People4Humanity

      I’m always happy to stand with [behind] Mommie Dammit and Matilda!

  • Richard Rush

    Manning says he’s “against the sodomites,” and “against racism.” So, he’s saying, “Freedom from persecution for me, but not for thee.”

  • Heroic Hal

    “You gotta be willing to kill. You gotta be willing to die.” Yet he has not killed and he has not shown a willingness to die.

    • Schlukitz

      As is always the case with wingnut like this, they are always the ones advocating for others to risk their necks and or lives, but they are never willing to actually lead the charge themselves.

      • It’s called Leading from Behind.

        We don’t want to fight,
        But by jingo if we do,
        We won’t go to the front ourselves,
        We’ll send the mild Hindoo!

        • Schlukitz

          Leading from behind. I’ll go along with that.

          It appears that they do, in fact, have an unhealthy preoccupation with our behinds. ;-0

  • JJS_prime

    Yep, that’s what Jesus said. “If anyone disagrees with you, kill them.” Never.

  • carswell

    Shorter James David Manning: ATLAH World Missionary Church is a terrorist organization.

    • RFW

      I’m faintly puzzled that the DHS hasn’t started going after the more extravagant expressions of anti-gay hatred as “encouraging terrorism”.

      Seems like “terrorism” is an all-purpose crime now; why isn’t it being used to silence assholes like Rev. Atlah?

  • Mark

    I am certainly hoping SCOTUS watches youtube….

    • Queequeg

      Certainly not Scalia. Youtube came after the constitution. The founding fathers wouldn’t have approved.

  • Mawm

    He is right in one way. In order to beat us they would have to be willing to die.
    I often quote Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War” to anti-lgbt crusaders when I am telling them to give up. When you read and understand Sun Tzu, it is obvious that we will succeed and they will fail. The reason is simple. We are fighting for our lives. They are fighting for.. something else. Still not sure what it is except pure hate, but it isn’t an existential struggle.
    Sun Tzu tells a would-be general to place their armies in a position where retreat is impossible, because people who are fighting for their lives fight harder and do not give up. Unless the right can get their supporters to really feel their lives are at stake, they might as well give up now and save themselves the effort. There is no uncertainty, They will lose.

    • Octavio

      Oddly, I agree 100% regarding Sun Tzu. I remember when up-and-coming CEOs and their ilk were all reading paperback copies The Art of War in the late 70s early 80s. I thought it was terribly amusing. Then I read it. Sun Tzu was spot on. Unlike Dianetics, The Art of War actually dispenses real wisdom. 🙂

      • Boy Elvis

        I’ve never seen a cloud of dust on the horizon the same way since.

    • popebuck1

      Exactly. The intensity of their hatred is actually a sign of their desperation, because the tide of public opinion has turned and they can’t deal with it. Casual homophobia used to be the norm, and now they’re being called on it. No one is as resentful as someone who finds their privilege is no longer operative.

    • Orly

      Unless the right can get their supporters to really feel their lives are
      at stake, they might as well give up now and save themselves the

      Now, now…. Fox “News” and the right wingers are doing the best they can.

  • Queequeg

    Surely these can’t be the same loving Christians who call us “homofascists”

  • People4Humanity

    Reported to YouTube / Google as promoting violence.

    “Pastor” Manning — a convicted felon — says people should KILL GAYS and be willing to DIE for their beliefs.

    The man should be locked up in an insane asylum.

    YouTube / Google should ban him for life.

    • Mike in Texas


  • He can expect a visit from the Secret Service immediately. He may not preach violence against the President. I have been very worried about these reports of Presidential Security Breaks, and I am worried that nutjobs like this pastor, and there are many, will turn violent. The environment will turn more dangerous after SCOTUS rules on marriage equality in June.

    • Chucktech

      Sadly, I think there is this pervasive attitude that this guy is just some harmless christian running his mouth for jesus. Until something bad happens, that’s all he’s doing.

  • Six Pins Delores

    Appreciate the good old fashioned honest hate.

  • Kissmagrits

    The good reverend is perilously close to shouting fire in a crowded theater. Consider that a South Carolina cop murdered an unarmed black man yesterday and now Reverend Manning is espousing a kind of “holy and sanctified” act of murder by suggesting Christianist true believers shoot LGBTs and anyone else he deems “ungodly”.

    Maybe a commitment hearing should be held for this guy before his evil campaign spins out of control.

  • Tor

    So Mr. Manning is now judge, jury AND god?

    • Todd E.

      He’s taken his delusions of grandeur to new heights!

  • Rod Steely

    Dear Pastor James David Manning. GO TO HEAVEN! Right now. PLEASE! Leave those of us on earth alone.

    • DaddyRay

      I think we both know that is not the direction he will be going

      • Rod Steely

        That’s my new epithet. It’s my NYC equivalent of “bless their heart”. It sounds so much nicer than “drop dead” which is actually a prerequisite to “going to heaven” and is implied in my new phrase.

  • DaveMiller135

    Well, Preacher, if that is indeed your real name, I’m willing to meet you halfway. I am perfectly willing for you to die, though unwilling to do anything to bring it about. It’s as if we had agreed to disagree! Next stop, the Middle East!

  • BearEyes

    So, I’m guessing you’d be ok with the sodomite suppression act.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Calling all the gays, we must kill those who declare fatwah on us. Let’s start with this one.
    (Dear US authorities of such thing, I was told I should clarify my response and not to be taken literally when calling the death of anyone. I am sure down the road I might be tempted to repeat such response when dealing with dirtbags who do not want to coexist with me. I am just a harmless gay man who hope one day to meet his prince charming. Someone who is a buff uniform wearing authority that allow me to handcuffed and…..ahem…what I’m trying to say is …..hoping one day I can have my wedding surrounded with love ones and beautiful flowers arrangement serving up pizza and cake sharing the good memories with my husband till old granny age and not have to turn bitter and rely on gofundme paying for my retirement is all)

    • gaymex

      I hate him too, but your remark is not cool.

      • bambinoitaliano

        I never take this guy seriously. I am responding to his threat. You wouldn’t think i got the power over some gay minions that would do what I ask do you?

        • gaymex

          Of couse not. I was actually concerned with any legal issues that could arise for you because of your remark. I’m on your side, but be careful what you say.

          • bambinoitaliano

            Thank you for your concern. I’m not sure gays on the internet on a single site qualify as a group of followers versus this pastor who command a flock that actually gather in a place where he preach his threat against the gay community.

          • JesterRedPanda

            Its just that, considering that I and I could only imagine many other people have contacted the FBI on this nut, I wouldnt be leaving any sort of thing like that out in the open.

          • bambinoitaliano

            I hear ya. The FBI is fine but I can’t speak for NSA and Homeland Security people they do operate at higher level of paranoia. Oh no! my porn hub and xtube history!!!

          • gaymex

            Truly, my concern is for you.

          • bambinoitaliano

            Now you are scaring me! Come here and give me a hug! To ease your anxiety, I have added a disclaimer 😛

          • gaymex

            lol. Thank you. Now I am at peace.

          • gaymex

            …and your remarks were hilarious.

  • The Milkman

    Ugh. Religious people, always with the killing.

  • MBear

    America is such a violent, lawless cuntry with all those perverted, violent, murderous heterosexuals and christians running rampant.

  • MexicoTom

    My but that’s an awfully big phallus symbol he’s talking into. He must like ’em big.

  • Megrim Twist

    The Grift is strong with this one.

  • ArchiLaw


  • Bj Lincoln

    Does he know that Starbucks is the #1 place for a first date?!
    Can’t he get into trouble for telling people to kill us and the President?!

  • ColdCountry

    “Knock, knock!”
    “Who’s there?”
    “This isn’t a joke, is it?”

  • Jonathan

    By their love you shall know them. We know them alright.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    If memory serves, when a lesbian knocked on his door, handed him a rock, saying “I’m here for my stoning”… he declined to do it. He answered with some platitude. He’s inciting, but wouldn’t do it himself.

  • Bill T.

    If all Manning has to offer is murder and death, then he’s no better than ISIS.

  • e jerry powell

    Hmm. So when these Christians end up arrested for murder, Manning will be there to post bail? I doubt it. He’ll distance himself as much as possible from actual consequences of inflammatory speech.

  • dan

    Gee….can you really imaging Jesus saying this? I think not…….so your whole delusion of being Christ like is a lie…….

  • Cyril

    here is where free speech and inciting violence get all blurry to me. if his hate speech causes some nut to kill LGBT should this man be held culpable of his hate speech?

    • Mike Rasor

      He likely stayed on the legal side of the line (but just barely). In order for him to have inchoate culpability, he would have had to make a more specified call to violence (such as naming individuals, giving locations or providing a modus operandi). The First Amendment is going to protect a generalized call for violent response because it can be argued he was making a rhetorical point rather than actually inciting violence.

      • JesterRedPanda

        problem here is he specifically word for word states he is not making a point and that he practically expects to be arrested for it.

        • Xuuths

          It would be an interesting case, because he’d have to admit — under oath — that he was just kidding, that his so-called stances are just rhetoric, and he didn’t actually mean for anyone to listen to him.

          • JesterRedPanda

            I dont think you can commit terrorism, then just say ‘Kidding!’ to get off scott free

        • Mike Rasor

          He’s still probably in the clear. In first amendment cases, the person asserting the right has the ability to argue that an application of law would be unconstitutional in cases other than their own as a means to prevail.

  • anne marie in philly

    “thou shalt not kill” – did you forget this commandment from your sky overseer, you asswipe?

  • teddy21


    Humans of New York

    “My wife and I are divided about whether it was inevitable, or if something caused it, but we do have video of Jackson at 18 months, coming up to the camera and talking. But soon afterward his language stopped developing, and eventually he lost the language skills he already had. He stopped responding to his name. You could even bang pots and pans behind him, and he wouldn’t respond. But when we tested his hearing, it was fine. People would say: ‘Boys develop later.’ Or ‘Don’t worry, my daughter didn’t begin talking until she was three.” But we knew it was something more. This was twenty years ago, so the doctors didn’t even know what to tell us. The head of pediatrics at Columbia met with us, and said: ‘Let me do some research on autism and I’ll get back to you.’ We started to worry that Jackson might never progress. Around this time, I overheard some acquaintances worrying that their four-year-old son might be gay. It made me so mad. I thought: ‘Give me a fucking break. You know that your child can grow to be happy, independent, and fall in love. I’d trade anything for that knowledge, and you’re freaking out that your son might be gay.’”

  • lattebud

    “Dear Joe – This is the most difficult letter I have ever had to write. The sodomites have had me arrested and are intent on putting me in prison. You know it is conspiracy by Obama, the homo-loving FBI, Bravo, and Starbucks. Your donation of $50, $25, or even $10……”

  • 2amor

    Normally I would just blow this off as some drama queen who has has not been laid in a long time…. However, I have a 5 year old in school. Albeit, in Mexico right now. It scares the shit out of me that my kids are going to start hearing stuff like this. Robert Oscar Lopez, Tony Perkins, Brian Fisher, Ryan T Anderson the list is endless. They always proclaim “what about the children?” Well what about MY fucking children?!?!?! Assholes, the lot of them!

  • Paula

    Sorry, I am holding out for a Homomomjob.

  • mikeinrkfd

    Vice president of death and hell…ha ha

  • David Lightman

    How come people willing to incite violence never have the balls to do it themselves? Hey christian Taliban, I am a gun owner too, don’t be surprised if we shoot back.

    • Joseph Miceli

      The second Amendment applies to everyone …even the gays.

  • Jeremy Thomas Porta

    Isn’t it illegal to incite people to kill someone?

    • noni

      “Religious Freedom”

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Your cute.

      • Jeremy Thomas Porta

        I thought it was…

  • Galvestonian

    O.K then big mouth, you can be first.

  • Ninja0980

    Bring it on you SOB.

  • rextrek1

    this man is a complete mental patient….a pathetic sad man……

  • ClevelandJim

    Oh, so THAT’s what jeezus meant with all those parable-stories!

  • rextrek1

    What’s the difference between a FOX ZOMBIE and a ZOMBIE from “The WALKING DEAD”………..??? (ANSWER: FOX ZOMBIES don’t need Brains)

  • StSean

    SCARY CHURCH GUY: You can try to arrest me, saying that I’m inciting murderous behavior. Go ahead and try. See if that will stand up in court.

    FBI: Challenge accepted!!

    • Halou

      Don’t test him, he could have a suicide vest under that suit rigged to explode. How many innocent people can this miserable sack take out with him?

      • Paul Julian Gould

        Odds are those that really dig this guy’s message are in the first few rows, and thereby forfeit any claim to “innocence,” IMHBCO

  • More power to him. We need more of these bare-faced psychos out there, fulminating venom, and fewer of these posturing underdogs in their victim costumes pretending that they are the oppressed ones.

  • Xuuths

    Dear SCOTUS,

    Please watch his video before deciding whether or not opponents of marriage equality are showing animus.



  • Karyn Hughes

    This person paints an ugly picture of God, I pray everyone understands nobody speaks FOR God, humans are skewed by their own predjudices.

    • WNY


  • GreatLakeSailor

    Yep, that’s terrorism.
    Stochastic Terrorism: http://stochasticterrorism.blogspot.com/

    Time for him to go to jail.

  • DanimalChgo

    “we’re gonna have to be willing to kill as well.” Ummmm… the Ten Commandments says otherwise. Or is he admitting he’s not really a Christian anymore?

    • Mihangel apYrs

      as did Christ (according to their book)

  • Freeman

    Doesn’t YouTube have any standards at all? It seems that Xtians have another exemption to spout hate speech and death threats wherever they like.

    • gaymex

      Watch the video–if you can stand it–then flag and give your reason for flagging.

      • Freeman

        I’d rather not, thnx

        • gaymex

          Well, then you answered your own question. Trying to stop this sort of behavior is our responsibility to each other.

  • PeterC

    Manning is no different than a leader of an ISIS group.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Here is the FBI site. I just dropped them a line about this nutjob.


  • Orly

    And that’s how extremists work.

    So, preacher boy, put up or shut up.

  • Hello, ISIS 2.0. Now GTFO.

  • kaydenpat

    Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I don’t see how he can get away with advocating murder even with the First Amendment. But he’s always saying crazy things so not sure if he’s just being rhetorical.

  • gaymex

    Watch the entire clip…joe was too kind by only including part of the transcript.

  • Halou

    James David Manning. A shameless attention seeker who is desperate to feed his enormous inferiority complex, he has decided that since he doesn’t think he is worth anything it must be the case that all of Christianity is on the same level too and must be made to realize that. He is 110% wrong of course.

  • Regan DuCasse

    I’m so over the big talk, and pick up stix rattling, and carrying on as if there IS a war, and they haven’t been trying to start some shit.
    There is always a cowardly or a-hole move from behind a tree (or glass house), with these people.

  • Alencon

    How much is too much? Isn’t this pretty close to inciting violence? I mean seriously, there are a lot of unbalanced people out there and a steady diet of stuff like this could very well set them off.

    • WNY

      I am thinking that that is what he is hoping for.

  • Silver Badger

    He is giving the name Manning a bad reputation and that is just not right. Not all Manning’s are bigots. Some play football!

  • Sage

    Trained, armed, and ready to defend my family my friends and my self, only death will I allow past me. You have been warned preacher.

  • Kuni Leml

    Funny thing there, these self-proclaimed, but fake, Christians seems to be the ones who support and engage in the sin of Sodom.

    Sodom’s sin is only documented in once place in the Bible. Ezekiel 16:49 – “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”

    And surprise, surprise, surprise; it is the same good old fashioned Ayn Rand/Regan trickle-down/supply-side Satanomics that these self-proclaimed, but fake, Christians support.

    Just because some Dark/Middle Ages papist cleric redefined “Sodomy” does not change the fact that, according to God’s word, the Sodomites are the “greed is good” crowd.

  • Kuni Leml

    But, but, but, I thought that Bobby Jindal claimed that we had the Medieval Christian threat under control???

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Bring it on brother, I’m sitting here with my AK just waiting for you to stick your head through the door. Hopefully you’ll be the first one through then the rest of us and go about our own business.

  • DutchBoy74

    How long before this guy acts out? He’s getting worse.
    I know he’s trying to incite others to act out on his behalf under the cloak of religion, but this is a seriously mentally deranged violent person.

  • Spray on abs

    What about THOU SHALL NOT KILL?

  • Michael Varian Daly


  • Enrico Webers

    Because “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is such an ambiguous commandment. I mean, that’s open to all kinds of interpretation, right?

  • GayEGO

    It is amazing how someone who has access to all of the information provided to the American public can be so backward and hateful. He sounds like he wants to join ISIS.

  • cicada69

    I’m officially revoking his ‘christian’ card.
    >actually: can anyone revoke his ministerial affiliation, and therefore, his tax-status, in New York State?

  • Morgan

    It seems like the wacko Christians aren’t happy unless they’re killing SOMETHING.

  • Gary

    Lead the way Pastor. Lock and load and get to work. Surely you are not suggesting that others do the killing and not you?

  • Aliceliddel

    incitement much?

  • Scott Schafer

    Funny how he just wants to incite murderous behavior. Doesn’t he have the courage of his convictions? Nope, he’d apparently realizes it’s safer to blow hot air and let some other poor dupe take the bait. Ass.

    Interestingly, Islam regards the Torah (Old Testament, etc) as divinely inspired. So actually, for all his anti-Muslim rhetoric, he is drawing on EXACTLY the same source as ISIS.