HomoQuotable – Dan Savage

“Rand Paul is a different kind of Republican! Rand Paul has all sorts of new ideas! New ideas like, um, opposing same-sex marriage, backing the ‘Life Begins at Conception Act’ (which would make abortion illegal), and keeping marijuana illegal. Rand Paul also has a big new idea about climate change: it’s not happening and Paul opposes efforts to regulate carbon emissions! Rand Paul wants to increase defense spending by $190 billion! He opposes Obama’s nukes deal with Iran, and he fully backs the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that allows unregulated and unlimited contributions to flow into campaigns! Rand Paul also supports the Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act! Paul opposes all gun control measures, has pledged to repeal Obamacare, and wants to use drones to police our border with Mexico and increase the number of deportations. Rand Paul isn’t like all of those other Republicans who want to do all of the exact same things Rand Paul wants to do.” – Dan Savage, writing for the Stranger.

  • Goodboy

    He’s not a republican. He’s a Libertarian. Just wanted to make that distinction known. Whatever that is..

    • Sam_Handwich

      what kind of “libertarian” wants to outlaw abortions even in cases of incestuous child rape?

      • BobSF_94117

        Most charitable possibility: a dim one.

      • JJS_prime

        A catholic priest?

    • Randy Ellicott

      Not really, he just says he is to try and look different.

      • Goodboy

        So it’s the old.. if it walks like a Pig, talks like a Pig. it’s still a Republican.. saying. No offence to real Pigs btw..

    • BobSF_94117

      Other way ’round. He says he’s a libertarian, but he’s just a Republican.

      • Chuck in NYC

        I’ll go as far as to say that, in the end, he’s going to be a loser.

    • Bill_Perdue

      Make no mistake about it, the libertarian view of a perfect society is best encapsulate in the film “Triumph of the Will.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl2iIHRE1ng

      Theirs is a dog eat dog nightmare without law and regulation, where life for anyone but the rich and powerful would be complete victimization, where nations would prey on each other and genocide would be common. There is little political distance between the Libertarianism of Anus Rand and the fascism of Mussolini and Hitler.

      Libertarianism used to the be the third leg of US politics, dredging up rightwingers dissatisfied with the Democrats and Republicans but they’ve been eclipsed by the Tea Party.

      Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans are all linked by their united and unflinching support, in the real world, and nothing else counts, for massive long term unemployment and underemployment, low wages, unions busting and wars of aggression.

      • Veylon

        Hitler wanted an ordered society. Libertarianism cares nothing for order. There are no nations in a Libertarian world.

        Ayn Rand herself condemned the Vietnam War in the draft.

        There’s plenty of things to bash Libertarians and their founder for; do we really need to make things up?

        • Bill_Perdue

          For many, Libertarianism is an attempt to offer a radical alternative. Carlin was of that school, but for most it’s just an excuse to be reactionary, racist and anti- worker.

          The central tenet of fascism, the destruction of unions, socialist groups and other organizations representing workers is shared by Libertarians.

    • TheManicMechanic

      He might say that for shits and giggles and to potentially widen his support, but he knows where to go for useful idiots and lots and lots of PAC money.

  • HadIt

    A total nut job just like his old man. My cat has more of a chance of becoming President then he.

    • Octavio

      Your cat is more intelligent, as well.

  • BobSF_94117

    Rand Paul wants to increase defense spending by $190 billion!

    That’s all?

  • JJS_prime

    To call Paul an idiot is to insult all other idiots.

  • Keiffer

    Scratch the surface of anyone elected with an R after their name regardless of their veneer and marketing and you’ll find a full-bodied Republican many, many layers deep.

  • Ninja0980

    Rand Paul is a right wing Republican posing as a Libertarian and nothing more.

    • bkmn

      and taking those Libertarian dollars from his father’s buds.

    • GayOldLady

      And WTF is up with Rand’s hair? Every time I see him this is who flashes into my brain.


      • GayOldLady


        That’s Harpo Marx for those who can’t see the image. Does that look like Rand Paul, or what?

        • Gustav2

          I do hear Harpo’s horn when Rand speaks

        • Rambie

          Saying that Rand looks like Harpo is an insult to poor Harpo. 😉

          • GayOldLady

            It is, but damn he does look like him.

          • Rambie

            Until Rand takes off the toupee.

        • IamM

          It might be the same hair. Rand was as lucky with the face.

      • Menergy

        I knew I knew that “do” from somewhere…!

      • Joe in PA

        And every time I see him, that song ‘Muskrat Love” starts playing in my head. 🙂

    • Gustav2

      He also is too pro-religion to be a Libertarian… a true Teavangelical.

      • GayOldLady

        Many of the people who support Rand are young tagalongs left over from the Ron Paul fan club. Ron was closer to a libertarian, but Rand is indeed a Teavangelical.

        • TommyTune

          I saw a young guy driving around the other day with a Rand Paul bumper sticker. I thought to myself: really?

          • another_steve

            I’ve been seeing those bumper stickers too. Lots of young people who aren’t really paying attention are attracted by the “less government interference” rhetoric of classic Libertarianism — which, as others have pointed out, is not what Rand Paul is about.

            Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        • GreatLakeSailor

          Not sure whether there’s a substantive difference between Tea & Neo-Confed.

  • Gustav2

    Tell it to Chris Matthews, he has a tingle.

  • Sometimes these articles just seem to write themselves.

  • DCJoe

    But Rand will let you ride your motorcycle without a helmet because personal freedom!

    • Gustav2

      Then defund Medicaid so your long term care for the TBI is shitty.

  • I’ve always heard that Libertarians were embarrassed Republicans. He’s not nearly embarrassed enough.

    • stevenj

      I thought Independents were the embarrassed Republicans??

  • John P.


  • Drake

    Best analysis I’ve seen yet. Why is he so popular among younger voters?

    • JJS_prime

      They like the word “Libertarian” and stop there. Never notice what a total ass he is.

      • jimbo65

        And don’t forget that his dad supposedly supported cannabis legalization. Ergo Rand being a “libertarian” must too

    • teddy21

      Is he popular among younger voters?

      • MickinDetroit

        as popular as republicans get… which isn’t much, but it’s more than usual so it’s NEWS! and will be a source of much concern trolling and navel gazing by the “pragmatic”, triangulating folks that run the DNC.

    • TommyTune

      They’re just his daddy’s leftover groupies, and like Forrest Gump’s, dutifully follow behind the heir apparent.


  • disqus_oCvsL5SBJH


  • motordog

    Yup…you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

    • sherman

      You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin, but it’s still a Sarah Palin.

  • Tony Adams

    I don’t understand why even the New York Times calls Rand Paul a Libertarian. He really isn’t a Libertarian.

    • TommyTune

      Because, as Joan Walsh said in Salon yesterday, the media is lazy, and that includes the Gray Lady. After all, this is the same paper that gave Judith Miller free rein to shill for Bush and Co. and never bothered to vet her.

    • another_steve

      What Tommy said: sloppy, lazy journalism. The “Rolling Stone rape story fiasco,” for example, is perhaps an ominous predictor of where journalism is headed today.

      It could be that the Internet has resulted in such a felt-need to get “stuff” out to the public and in a hurry that journalistic standards are suffering.

      • TommyTune

        I just heard Jake Tapper on CNN pronounce that Rand Paul IS a different kind of Republican, by golly, shamelessly shilling for Paul. If you ask me, Jake Tapper and most of the rest of the lackeys at CNN should be nominated for Alex Pareene’s “Hack Awards.” These days they pretty much all deserve to win.

        • another_steve

          There’s something uncomfortably sleazy about CNN. I think they’re trying to employ the Fox News success formula — which is to appeal to the low-information, lowest common denominator.

          I even see girlfriend Anderson Cooper at times stooping to it.


          I’d rather play with myself.

          • TommyTune

            I agree. Even the female news anchors have adopted the Fox Babes look complete with bleach blond hair and heavily botoxed glossy lips

  • geoffalnutt

    Republicans ALWAYS want to have the things the way they were in 1953, but more restrictive. War is a constant…and the American Dream doesn’t involve woman or racial minorities…ever. Forget the word “gay” completely.
    Secret: He’s a Republican, too.

    • Tor

      In the ’50’s the top income tax bracket was something like 90%.

      • JW Swift

        Selective memory.

  • Porkie

    Rand Paul is a total fountain head!

  • Ninja0980

    Ron Paul is totally wacko but he is more authentic then his son will ever be.

  • Octavio

    Dan Savage for president, (or something)!

    • 2amor

      Octavio, o/t..But I wanted to thank you for sharing your Chilaquiles recipe last year. It is all my 5 year old son will eat for breakfast. My 18 month old daughter, not so much…. Thanks…

      • Octavio

        Thanks. Good to know. Even El Squeeze likes them — and he HATES Mexican food. But I now only make them once a week here in BA, because I have to make my own tortillas and tortilla chips; a skill I should have mastered many years ago, but getting the masa the right consistency and pressing them is trickier than it appears (even with a tortilla press). 🙂

        • 2amor

          Yes, something I have wanted to learn as well. However, we have 3 really good tortillerias in the village where we live. Maybe I will master it when the kids are older and I have more free time. Thanks again!

          • Octavio

            No hay de que. 🙂

          • Tor

            The door has been opened….
            Octavio, you must re-share the recipe!

          • Octavio

            1. Mexican-style chorizo melted and cooked down a bit in a skillet, (you can add any left over meat, no meat — it’s a very free-style dish).
            2, Add some chicken broth (or water, but I prefer the broth) in a pan, (just enough to steam the tortilla chips. If you prefer, this is where you break one or two eggs into the mix).
            3. Turn up the heat. Add several fists full of tortilla chips and stir (I use homemade chips from left over tortillas, but unsalted commercial chips work fine).
            Cover and cook until the tortilla chips are soft and hot.
            4. Top with a few fresh (or partially cooked) rings of screaming white onions or a radish or two on the side. Radishes are big in most parts of mexico. Onions are a staple.)

            Serve with Mexican-style Cotilla cheese crumbled over the top and tomatillo salsa (the green stuff) or your favorite salsa, or pico de gallo (I prefer pico de gallo). If you can’t find Mexican-style cheese use string cheese. String cheese is about all they use for chilaquiles in Oaxaca where Meso-American dishes have been elevated to haute cuisine.

            6. Don’t forget a side of black bean refritos (refried black beans).

            If you don’t like the look of a scrambled mess, it’s also OK to layer the tortilla chips, meat, cheese, salsa, more chips and steam heat in the covered skillet with onion slices on the top. Add salsa last or on the side. If you have left over guacamole, use it up, too.

            If you have a bunch of Mexican restaurants in your area it’s always a good idea to order chilaquiles (for breakfast or lunch) and see what they end up serving you. One of the best versions I’ve eaten was at The Red Iguana in SLC. They served up a giant mess of everything mixed up with seriously picante chorizo (the type made from ground up lymph nodes and road kill). The dish looked horrible, but tasted incredible. The presentation of chilaquiles varies from region to region throughout Mexico and parts of Central America. As a specific dish it’s one step up from migas (Spanish for crumbs). Traditionally, the dish “migas” is made from what ever food is left over in the kitchen from the previous day — with refritos, of course.

          • Tor

            Wonderful! Thank you, sir.

    • Joseph Miceli

      Terry for first Dude? I’m all for it. He looks great in formal wear.

      • Octavio


    • Vista-Cruiser

      I’m not always a fan of Dan Savage, but he hit the nail on the head with this one. I am so very tired of the Ron Paul / Rand Paul cult.

  • chrisjames147

    Rand Paul and Ted Cruz only prove that the GOP is becoming God’s Own Party and will rename itself the Christian Party. It will be very funny when Jeb Bush gets the Republican nomination from the old guard GOP and the Christianists get so angry that only 15 percent turn out to vote in 2016.

  • Like I needed Daniel to tell me this. Though there is one advantage, we’ll have two years of easy targets for ridicule, and this just might – MIGHT, I SAID – finally, once and for all, kill off the Chia Pet!

    • Joseph Miceli

      There is still that thing on “the Donald’s” head. Too bad DDT isn’t legal anymore.

      • That’s what happens when you toss a spaghetti squash in a blender and hit puree. Add a little Aqua-Rock and you’ve got The Donald…

        …I think I owe Spaghetti Squash an apology after that.

        • Joseph Miceli

          I’ve always said it was an alien parasite. That would explain the Donald’s lack of ability to form an intelligent statement. It has been feeding on his brain for years.

  • delk

    Somebody that believes in himself wouldn’t be trying to game the system to keep his senate seat.

  • jimbo65

    Rand wants to keep cannabis illegal. Unless of course you use it’s effects to terrorize young college women and make them swear allegiance to Aqua Buddha.

    • gewaite

      Why would anyone name his son after South Africa’s currency? Or any other currency, for that matter?

  • SFBruce

    And for good measure, he’s also said the 1964 Civil Rights Act was unnecessary, and it would’ve been better if we’d let the free market work it out. He’s sort of, kind of backed away from it, but that was his position at one time.

  • JCF
  • Cuberly

    The flippin irony. Both Rand and his Dad have signed on to the “Libertarian” internet freedom manifesto. Which is adamantly anti-net neutrality. And here I see techie pot smokers all gung-ho over Rand as a candidate. These same techies that rallied behind net-neutrality. The same techies concerned about monopolies stifling their own potential access to create and innovate.


    But apparently the fact that Rand is anti-legalization and anti-net neutrality doesn’t seem to phase them.


    • JW Swift

      Not a political junkie or anything, but from what I’ve seen out of the Libertarians, they’re mostly pro-business, consolidate power and wealth at all costs (including screw-over the little people, the environment, or whatever else) and try to spin EVERYTHING they do as taking a stand for freedom.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Exactly right. When absolutely every candidate running as a republican puts forth essentially the same platform built upon the same bigotry and backwards notions about society and citizenship, then how does one choose exactly?

    Well, one could always look across the aisle at a different party.

  • Octoberfurst

    I was watching Rand Paul talk to his supporters today about why he is running for President. He kept talking about how he is going to bring “prosperity” back to America and how he will “restore our freedoms”,etc.
    The crowd of course went nuts every time he said those words–wildly cheering and applauding. But Rand was really short on specifics. HOW he was gonna do this was never really mentioned. He babbled on about how big government is ruining our lives and he was gonna change all that by golly! (How Rand? How? Some specifics please!) Rand said he would get us back to being a country run by the Constitution. (What does that even mean?) He basically talked a lot but said nothing. But yet the crowd loved it with their constant whooping & cheering. Idiots.
    As others have said Rand Paul is not really a libertarian. He’s anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, against the legalization of marijuana and very pro-war. NONE of these are libertarian positions. He’s simply another right-wing religious nut posing as something he is not. There is very little difference between him and Ted Cruz.

    • Joseph Miceli

      Ted has a better hair piece.

      • JW Swift

        Not by much! (If any!)

  • sfbob

    And this is why we love Dan Savage. He knows b.s. when he sees and hears it. He’s like Rachel Maddow only with more colorful language.

    • JW Swift

      …and an ability to get to the point much quicker. I LOVE Rachel, but she does have this habit of belaboring everything she says.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Blessed Be to that Dan!

    • Joseph Miceli

      I LOVE him! He’s never afraid to tell them exactly what he thinks. No weasel words for him.

      • Bill_Perdue

        Unlike you. Tell us why you voted for another Dixiecrat DOMA lover one more time.

        • Joseph Miceli

          Trolita!!!! I know you wanted me to stay home so Bill Cassidy could win in a landslide, but I forgive you. You are only doing what your Republican masters at the Heritage Foundation tell you to do. Muchas Smoochas, you pretty lil’ Trolita, you!

          • Bill_Perdue

            That’s not an answer, Republican in drag, tell us why you voted for another Dixiecrat/Republican in drag DOMA lover one more time.

          • Joseph Miceli

            But that WAS an answer, you silly goose. Oh, you adorable little troll girls, your cognitive centers always remain undeveloped because your brains’ tantrum centers are hypertrophied.

        • Joseph Miceli

          Go rest under your bridge, my lil’ Trolita. The backs of your hands and your heels are all bruised from beating them on the ground. Drink some Troll juice too. You are all hoarse from screaming.

    • gewaite

      Thank the Goddess!
      Wicca-affectation enough?

  • anne marie in philly

    paul is a carbon copy of all the other GOP assholes!

  • AJD

    The best description of libertarianism I ever heard came from a conservative magazine: the Marxism of the right. I mean, it’s abutopian economic ideology based on a whole bunch of basically untested assumptions about human behavior, but every society that has come closest to its ideals (eg US in the 1800, Hong Kong) has been a society with massive inequality and unfairness, and in many cases lack of safety. Plus, every libertarian I’ve talked to has been a crackpot, like the one I once knew who literally thought the U.S. was a socialist country.

  • JoeNCA

    If “life begins at conception,” how come when people ask “How old are you?” in every single culture for all eternity, their answer is calculated from the moment they are born? Who celebrates the moment they were conceived? No one. We celebrate the birth day as the moment we begin life, our first breath, the moment we are our own person. That is the day everyone in every culture in every time celebrates as the moment our life begins and not one moment before.

  • Kissmagrits

    In old burlesque houses, the art of concealment was based on
    feather boas, balloons or fans made of ostrich plumes. Burlesque is pretty much gone now, but the art of concealment has been taken up by politics.

    Dr. Paul is little more than a mutated variety of the common “I’ve got mine, so go fuck yourself” Libertarian – philosophical soul mate of unrepentant Dominionists.

  • SpiderPIG

    To my surprise, I’ve seen some young LGBT kids trashing Dan on twitter.
    I wonder who they think is a better role model.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    Love Dan totally.

  • Terry

    Rand Paul is no different from any of the other Republicans in Congress

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Nate Silver’s graph showing the public statements vs. the congressional voting record show that Rand Paul has the worst dissonance between an apparently “moderate” discourse (even that is relative), but the most conservative voting record of the current GOP leading pack.


    Source: http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/chris-christie-2016-president-republican-primary-overrated/

    • JCF

      In WHAT universe is Barry Goldwater more conservative than Ted Cruz??? :-O

      Goldwater today would be called a “RINO”.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        Nate Silver is in the habit of explaining his methodology pretty thoroughly. I haven’t really looked at the indicators he used, he is a generally trusted source.

        There is also a big difference in the post-political-career Goldwater, and Goldwater, the politician. I believe he was ruthlessly conservative, but a sane conservative, before the patients took control of the GOP insane asylum.