UTAH: Openly Gay State Sen. Jim Dabakis To Run For Mayor Of Salt Lake City

“I believe a great mayor needs a big heart! The mayor is the leader of the City. It is the mayor’s job to bring people together. Find common ground. Unite the community! A mayor needs to be out of his office. Out in the community – every day. Checking the pulse. Out in the neighborhoods. At the festivals. At the neighborhood barbecues. Sitting down with the Hispanic Community. Invading the west side with attention, jobs, and clean development. The mayor should be equally comfortable at the Utah Pride Festival or sitting at the LDS Conference! The mayor needs to be an active, uniting force, bringing our communities together! I pledge to do that.” – Openly gay Utah state Sen. Jim Dabakis, in a press release announcing his bid for mayor of Salt Lake City.

RELATED: Dabakis, who is the co-founder of Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center, married his husband in 2013 on the day that same-sex marriage became legal there. The ceremony was officiated by current Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, a Democrat, who has already announced his plan to run for a third term.

  • David From Canada

    An openly gay male married to another man running for mayor in Salt Lake City, Mormonland??!! Good Luck with that one. I applaud his courage – and hope he wins! It will be great for diversity.

    • Rambie

      Salt Lake City is pretty progressive, similar to how Austin is in Texas.

      • Octavio

        But unlike Austin, ALL of Utah is weird. And they don’t even need to try.

        • Rambie

          You don’t get to fence off the city, you gotta take the whole. Having the 7th gayest city in the US at the heart of Mormon land has got to top Austin. 😉

  • bkmn

    Among all the fundie head explosions I think Mormon fundie head explosions are the best.

    • Rambie

      It’s the glitter. 😉

      • Octavio

        Don’t forget the three Fs: Family, Food and Fun!

  • friedpikmin

    I’m not sure what his chances are on this. I’m sure people on the outside thought Annise Parker was nuts when she ran for mayor of Houston.

    Good luck to him.

  • danolgb

    It should be noted there is already a lesbian in the race.

  • tristram

    Title glitch – Dabakis. Not Dakakis nor Dukakis.

  • Queequeg

    Seems like he’d be a good mayor, but at first I thought it was a picture of Julian Fellowes.

  • JJS_prime

    We have 3 announced candidates for mayor of SLC. One (straight) incumbent, one lesbian, one gay man. It has been the case in the last few municipal elections that you don’t win without support of the gay community. Salt Lake City is not the same as the rest of Utah.

    • TimCA

      “Salt Lake City is not the same as the rest of Utah.”

      Former Mayor Rocky Anderson certainly proved that.

      • Octavio

        Rocky was a great tonic to get rid of the bad taste of Deedee Corradini. (Or did she spell her name Didi? Can’t remember.) That bitch was more than accommodating. She sold SLC down the tubes lining her own nest with more money from new influential monied friends. Then she slipped away from running for a third term, marrying some rich dude from from the east. But she’s dead now. I need to find her grave and pee on it, sometime.

    • Rambie

      A fellow Utahan on JMG? 🙂

      • JJS_prime

        I am.

        • GoTeamVenture

          me too

        • Rambie

          We should start a club. 😉

      • hdtex

        Refuge from Provo…

        • Rambie

          Oh you poor thing. Sounds like you escaped at least. 😉

  • BobSF_94117

    From a long way off in non-Mormon land, he seems way too accommodationist to me.

  • annum004

    That’s a brave man!

  • Paul

    To the SLC people on this thread: Considering we’ve got 3 Democrats vying for the big chair, does your city’s system work like Chicago’s, where it’s *technically* a primary, but in the end the winner is the one that ends up mayor? Example: In Chicago’s recent mayoral election, everyone running in the February 24 election (which was technically supposed to be a primary) was a Democrat. Rahm Emmanuel would have been re-elected except that crazy Chuy guy managed to get enough votes to require a runoff which is this Tuesday.

    • Tana333

      The race is technically nonpartisan. There is a primary in August and the top two candidates go on to November for final decision

      • JJS_prime

        In practice, both winners of the SLC primary are usually registered democrats.

  • Jim

    How could anybody with a brain ever feel comfortable sitting at an LDS conference? Will he also feel cozy and comfortable sitting at a confab of Satanists or worshipers of Dagon or devotees Great Cthulhu? This guy’s campaign has just begun and already he’s pandering to the hopelessly superstitious. Get some dignity already.

    • GoTeamVenture

      Conference always promises a busy night at gay bars in SLC

  • StraightGrandmother

    Don’t forget World Congress of Families is having it’s World Conference in Salt Lake City, I think it is this summer. It is in 2015, I think perhaps May is the month?

    • Cowboy

      They will be in SLC in late October. One month after the Pope does his thing in Philadelphia in September.

  • Tana333

    SLC has had a democratic mayor since1976, and the mayor before that was Independent. The race is technically nonpartisan. There is a primary in August and the top two candidates go on to November for final decision

  • Tana333

    Jackie Biskupski was the first openly gay legislator from the state. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackie_Biskupski

  • Randolph Finder

    OTOH, I think I’ll use “When a Gay or Lesbian gets elected Mayor of Provo” instead of “When pigs fly”. I can always buy a catapult…