Third Time: Matt Barber Again Publishes Column From Gay Death Penalty Advocate

For the third time in four months, Christian leader Matt Barber has published a guest column from an advocate of the death penalty for homosexuality. Walid Shoebat claims to be a former terrorist for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a claim which has been thoroughly debunked by the Israeli press. Shoebat also operates the Shoebat Foundation and on its website you’ll find calls for the gay death penalty and celebrations of violence against LGBT people.

Many of the Shoebat Foundation posts are written by Walid Shoebat’s son, Theodore Shoebat, who made the news recently when he called a dozen bakeries to ask if they would provide cakes with anti-gay messages. Below is an excerpt from a post written by the younger Shoebat for his father’s site:

To many modern Christians, allowing homosexuality as a right is esteemed as being “free under Christ,” as though Christ believed that evil deserves freedom. I find no freedom for the sodomite ever specified in the Bible or in any teaching in Church tradition. When we read that sodomites must “be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense” (Lev. 20:13), or, as we read from St. Paul, that homosexuals do things that “are worthy of death” (Romans 1:32) we either ignore these words, or explain away their significance. As long as we keep tolerating the homosexual, the more they will advance. This is why we must become militant, and fight this evil to the fullest extent.

And this was posted by the Shoebat Foundation just a few weeks ago:

Both Muslims and homosexuals want to destroy Christianity. Just look at some of the news that has come in recent times. Muslim activist, Fiyaz Mughal, joined forces with major sodomite activist, Peter Tatchell, to help fight intolerance against Islam, and of course homosexuality. Why would Muslims work with homosexuals? Because both want to wipe out Christianity, plain and symbol. This is why I love to watch this same deviant sodomite getting beaten up in Russia, as you can see in this video. The sodomites are working together with the Muslims to destroy an remnant of Christian ethics. Homosexuality and Islam needs to be outlawed, and the Law of God must be imposed upon them as enemies of the Faith. Both Homosexuals and Muslims, as well as Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, are all corrupters of sound doctrine, and therefore their actions and ideology must be uprooted. If Christendom was here, the sodomites would regret ever coming out of the closet.

The above-linked post includes this gleeful Shoebat Foundation-made compilation video of gay people being brutally attacked by mobs. The clip concludes with a call for gays to be put to death.

One week ago Matt Barber published a World Net Daily column in which he proclaimed “disgust” at previous BarbWire columnists who support putting gays to death. And then he went on to blame “virulent homosexual and atheist bloggers” for pointing out the columns in the first place. Both of the earlier BarbWire columns from gay death penalty advocates were deleted within 24 hours without any comment or apology on the site. Let’s see if Matt Barber even bothers with a deletion this time.

UPDATE: A reader points out that three posts by Walid Shoebat have been published by Matt Barber today. And one from Theodore Shoebat was published yesterday.

  • millers3888

    Maybe I’m being cynical, but I am starting to see a lot of anti-gay sentiment floating around pretty much everywhere. It’s unnerving.

    • Octavio

      We have to mingle with the rest of the people in the world to understand they aren’t all Mat Barbers and to show we LGBT folk are quite loving and wonderful people. JMG is an important resource for learning about our enemies, The world away from the computer can be very positive and invigorating. 🙂

      • millers3888

        I guess I agree. But with this whole D&G debacle, a lot of people in my office (in NYC!) seem to agree with them. A lot of anti-gay talk too. It’s almost surreal.

        • Octavio

          That’s unfortunate to hear. Just buck up and be the better person — I guess. (Obviously, Tio Octavio knows all — NOT!)

          • millers3888

            Haha yeah, being gay I’m thick skinned, but also being a young gay guy from NYC, I haven’t experienced anti-gay talk like this up close and personal. The media has everything to do with it. I wonder if D&G realize they have done more for the anti-gay crowd than the anti-gay crowd has done for the anti-gay crowd…

          • Cuberly

            In my experience, and depending on who you choose to engage, some people may be going along with a perceived office-wide opinion. They may not know the details of what D&G said & what makes it so offensive.

            If you do engage someone on the issue just state why you find their comments wrong-headed, particularly when it comes to IVF and how it benefits straights and LGBTs.

            I’ve had great experiences when doing this, but I’m careful to not engage the office religious zealot. That’s a conversation to nowhere.

            Keeping it civil and informed is the way to go.

          • millers3888

            True, it’s not so much anti-IVF as it is flat out anti-gay: “Gays shouldn’t have kids” “Gays made their choice” “I’m against gay marriage and gay parenting” blah blah blah, again THANKS SO MUCH DOLCE & GABBANA lol — I’ve been hearing a lot of this though and my gay friends and I are a little concerned. But you’re right, I should engage.

          • Cuberly

            Are you out at work? A lot of times coming out at work can change a LOT of behavior. I came out in a very matter-of-fact manner when I worked at an office where the VP had a signed portrait of Bush Sr. in his office. Wow did the tenor of political discussion change after that. I also had a lot of great discussions, but no pressure of course.

            If you want to do something like that you need to be prepared for the inevitable curiosity and questions. Oh and patience. Sometimes its the ones that are the most (cough) vociferous that actually turn out to be pretty different once the conversation starts.

          • millers3888

            What’s worse is that I’m not out at work. I’m overhearing all of this stuff from coworkers… I don’t know, I’m sure it will pass, but I truly think D&G sparked this.

          • Cuberly

            Understandable. Hopefully it’s not to the point where you literally hate being there. If that’s the case, well, that’s another story.

            Not every environment is conducive to coming out. Goes without saying, we all have that second sense or that eye in the back of our head informing us on when and where we can and can’t be ourselves.

          • David Walker

            I agree with Cuberly. You never know if coming out in the workplace is totally safe, but if you think it should be all right and that your co-workers need to be brought up to speed, do it. The hardest and best step is to come out. Harvey Milk said it’s the one act of activism all of us can do. He’s right and we need to, but only when you feel comfortable. You sound smart. You’ll know.

          • Cuberly

            Where you are in the pecking order, do co-workers value your work and opinion on work related issues? Do you have at least some interaction with them as a whole? Is there a sense of them regarding you as an equal? Is there a degree of work-place camaraderie in the office?

            Things to consider.

          • BobSF_94117

            You don’t have to come out to “say” something. Put a Dolce & Gabbana Notice in the break room. “Some people who work here are gay. Think about that before you open your mouth about gay parenting.”

          • Cuberly

            So much depends on the environment. And where I work you can’t post any notices. You can’t even sell your kids Girl scout cookies without going through HR.

          • millers3888

            I think I will say something though. I think I’m just in a bad office lol smh….

          • David Walker

            I hope you never do experience this bullshit up close and personal. It isn’t a great experience. Truth be known, it starts to reinforce my belief that The Truly Religious are The Truly Evil, which is true, but it colors my thinking about our religious allies, and there are some, and I really try not to lump all of them together. Live long and prosper, millers3888.

          • Cuberly


        • Ninja0980

          It’s always been there, even in the Blue states.
          Now that we are getting closer to full equality, it’s simply out in the open more.

          • David L. Caster

            Gas bubbles coming to the surface.

            These things too, will pass.

    • John P.

      The backlash against LGBT equality is unfortunate, but was otherwise predictable. Their numbers are shrinking however, leaving a very vocal minority.

    • Rocco Gibraltar

      Not cynical, just keenly observant. This is the backlash the freaky mc freak right wing will use because they know marriage equality is only a few months away. And they are scared shitless and cornered like rats and grasping for straws.

      • David Walker

        I disagree only slightly. I don’t think it will go away after SCOTUS. I can’t decide if I think it will get worse after June, but I need to be as ready as an old fart can be.

        • I’m with you, it won’t go away after SCOTUS, and i fear it will become much worse.

        • Joseph Miceli

          It isn’t going away…but it will be different if not worse. Gays will be married and people will see that these marriages are no better and no worse than straight marriages. They will become more familiar with them and that…like coming out…will change hearts and minds.
          What will be worse? As our detractors become fewer and fewer, only the hard core haters will be left as the dilettante haters give up the fight and the more sane ones discover they don’t hate us after all. This distillation of hate will be louder, more active and more dangerous than ever before. These inbred streaks of religious piss are going to be VERY dangerous and probably you’ll see “acts of civil disobedience” a.k.a. terrorism from them.
          Be very careful at the clubs and bars, my LGBT brothers and sisters. Always know where the exits are and do not arrive or leave alone. We need to take care of each other.

    • William

      Religious fundamentalism seems to sweep around the world in waves. Same with revolution. Advancement in society, along with political instability causes some people to reach back to what they think of as a simpler time.
      Religious extremism is on an upswing.

      • Joseph Miceli

        I’ve remarked before that the one thing that REALLY scares me (outside of Dick Cheney!) is a religious revival. Remember that stupid “born again” crap in the 80’s? It is almost time for the pendulum to swing again.

    • Veylon

      It’s the defaulting collapse. People are marked – by default – as straight in most people’s minds unless noted otherwise. We make assumptions like this all the time in the absence of information.

      It used to be – until very recently – that you could be assumed to be against gay marriage unless you said otherwise. This is no longer true and those against must actually come out and say so lest their friends and neighbors think they are okay with it.

      It’s the psychological equivalent of rats streaming up out of a flooded subway.

    • Joe was just talking about that today

    • teedofftaxpayer

      I’m starting to agree with you. They’re being stirred up by the Teapubliklan party with all the anti bills they’ve put forth in State houses.

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    How long for Barber to walk back this latest post? Next he will claim ignorance (of which is is most obviously guilty) and delete post. There you go, and Bob’s your uncle.

    • Octavio

      And just how do you know my Uncle Bob?

      • Rocco Gibraltar

        Don’t ask.


    Dear Matt: Three strikes, you ARE a religious terrorist.

    • Duh-David

      Let’s get #religiousterrorist trending.

  • Octavio

    Yup. LGBT movement and radical Muslims are all the same. That’s what Rush Limbaugh said on the radio and Rush never lies. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    Mat the poorly Barbered is certainly an asswipe. What won’t he lie about us to feed the flames of hatred, bigotry and murder? Maybe Mat has a serious chemical imbalance? Maybe he’s just jealous that we, as a minority group, have a better attitude toward life and knowing how to love one another? Nah. My money is on a chemical imbalance with a souçon of brain damage.

    • Rocco Gibraltar

      No chemical imbalance, just pure unadulterated hatred of his inner desires. And he would not know what a soucon meant if it hit him on the side of the head.

      • Octavio

        To be fair, a souçon is rather small. 🙂

        • Rocco Gibraltar

          Je sais bien, merci.

          • Octavio

            Vous êtes les bienvenus. ;∧)

          • Rocco Gibraltar

            You can call me “tu”

          • Octavio

            Entonces, no hay de que, tu.* 🙂

            *Si je écris esta mal français, imaginer comment je parle la langue!

          • Rocco Gibraltar

            That’s ok, I get the jist. I just wish I could figure out how to post the accent marks. I am sure it is quite simple, but I cannot be bothered (pronounced “bovvered” a la Lauren Cooper) though.

          • Raising_Rlyeh

            You made me think of this and I just had to post it.

          • Rocco Gibraltar

            Anyone who is a fan of Catherine Tate is a friend of mine, forever.

          • I adore you!

          • MDB

            I have to be VERY careful what I put into my mouth. What on earth are you insinuating ??? Just because a man hasn’t found the right girl yet, you assume I take it up the arse ? How VERY dare you !!!

          • William

            To get the accent right, you have to spend a few years in South London.

          • Octavio

            That’s the trouble with PCs, unless you’re using a PC with Windoze outside of North America. It’s all those ASCII character key strokes that I once knew that are no longer important. With my Mac I just change the language setting and keep the keyboard viewer open. Still, umlauts evade me.

          • HanyBaal

            Still not as bad as the “plain and symbol” written by Lil Ted above.

          • Sorry doll, but that French was bad, you would say “je t’en prie” or “je vous en prie”…or very informally “de rien”
            “Bienvenus” is when you welcome somebody into your house, for example.


          • William

            The only French I know is “Ou sont les vaches”. It’s bound to come in handy some day.

          • Les vaches ne sont pas loin d’ici..

          • Rocco Gibraltar

            Be nice Paul.

          • LOL it’s true I live in the country

          • Paula

            Maggie isn’t there.

          • Save that one for attending a NOM rally.

          • Octavio

            Yeah. I realized that just after I sent it. I are way dumb when left alone to figure out French stuff. :0)

          • Joseph Miceli

            Machts nichts. Es war spass genug.

  • Guest

    meh. just more christianity at work and showing its true evil face.

    • Octavio

      Well, there’s THAT! 🙂

  • Megatron Man

    I read it three times. It all sounds legit to me. Then I saw what has everyone in an uproar…

    “Why would Muslims work with homosexuals? Because both want to wipe out Christianity, plain and symbol.”

  • If the batshit shoe fits wear it, Shoebatshit.

    • David Walker

      Valid Batshit. Teddy Batshit? Not sure what to do with that one. Teddy Boy Batshit is probably too old a reference.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Am I the only one who thinks of Waldorf Sockbat every time Walid Shoebat is brought up?

    • Octavio

      No, but I could sure go for a bit of Waldorf salad right now.

      • MDB

        Seenyorr Oktayveeoh…jhzu jhust likes the Waldorf ensalada por the seemen dressink !!

    • oikos

      God is watching everything you do
      When you get undressed or take a shower.
      When you touch yourself for hour after hour.
      God is watching everything you do
      and he think you’re a naughty nympho slut.
      You sinful filthy whore, you’re going to hell.
      Your flesh will burn. Your bones will churn.
      Your body will be torn asunder.
      You wretched heathen heretic. Burn in Hell!
      For eternity!
      So you’d better remember.
      God is watching everything you do.

      • Ginger Snap

        It sounds like you were peeking in my window.

        • William

          Well you are the one who leaves the ladder propped up against the side of the house!

          • Ginger Snap

            See, you even know I live on the second floor.

          • William

            A guy has to learn somewhere. Better to learn from the best.

          • Ginger Snap

            You sir are correct in taking lessons from the best. Here is my inspiration.


      • and hetsex is sacred

  • JJS_prime

    Just what did this ad say? Something like “I am a Christian and all faggots must die” I suspect. Facebook routinely blocks messages of hate, you know. You are not special.

  • oikos

    Theodore Shoebatshit and Matt Barber have to get married to each other in June per the new FEMA deathcamp regulations sanctioned by the SCOTUS. The Gay camp commandant will conduct the ceremony. Mat Staver and Brian Brown are herby ordered to be flower girls for the ceremony which will be followed by their own nuptials.

  • Ninja0980

    As we get closer and closer to full marriage equality, posts like this are only going to get more and more frequent.
    These people want us dead, simple as that and I truly do fear for the safety of LGBT people across the country in the days and weeks after the ruling.
    If what has happened to us in NY is any indiciation, it won’t be pretty.

    • Indeed, the other side is going to be pitching a massive fit and people need to be sure that they are staying safe…there is a reason the other side opposes any hate crime protections that include sexual orientation.

      • I hope SCOTUS is monitoring all this crap and sends a hugely protective message in June

    • It might be wise to lay low depending upon where you live. Things could get ugly, I’m hoping they won’t but gearing up for the worse.

      • Ninja0980

        Indeed, the hubby and I have to go to rural Upstate NY quite a bit in the next few weeks, if the reaction up there is anything like it was after equality passed in 2011, it won’t be pretty.

  • Dagoril

    You know who else blocks Christian ads from social networking sites? Hitler, that’s who!

  • Joe in PA

    hmm, I guess I’m a little confused (nothing new I know), but there are still 3 articles on the first page of Barbwire that were written by this guy (Wallid) and one by his son. He is getting a lot of play.

    EDIT: I see Joe added an update with this info.

  • bkmn

    I won’t be surprised to find out that Shoebat tries to get donations by telling people they can take a tax deduction, kind of like Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    That video is disgusting as it is promoting the hunting / bashing/ stoning / killing of gays as some kind of sport.

    • oikos

      Couldn’t watch the video

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Cant blame you. Now, I cant unwatch it.

    • omfg. I’m trying to stay away from the site to win a bet. 😀 3 weeks now I’m winning

  • MDB

    I guess Matt Barber’s “editors” dropped the ball, AGAIN !!!

  • Christophe

    Report all threats to LGBT community to local, state and especially federal authorities.

  • Ninja0980

    As I’ve said before, there is no difference betweeen the Islamic extremists and these monsters.
    They want us dead, simple as that.

    • Yep.

    • Blake Jordan

      Yip, if the USA government was ever destabilized like so many middle-east / african countries have been, I am sure extremist christianist groups would form, and they would start putting LGBTs, disobedient women, non-whites and so on to death!

      • agcons

        All hail the Republic of Gilead.

  • People don’t promote and support something if they find it
    to be disgusting. Matt Barber is just confirming what we already knew, he just wants to be able to push this extreme rhetoric while avoiding any personal responsibility for doing so.

  • GrievousHarm

    “The truth is rarely plain, and never symbol.” -Oscar Wilde

  • RaygunsGoZap

    Plain and symbol, everybody. It’s sea-plane as the nope on your fascia.

    • Ore Carmi

      I missed that. It’s the Arabic accent effect: there’s no “p” in Arabic.

  • William

    Shoebat? I’m pretty sure we had the house sprayed for those.

    • Curieux Bleu

      That strain, yes, but did you also spray for the Shoebatshit Crazies, the more virulent predators?

      • William

        I bet the exterminator went cheap and only sprayed for the less whacktacular strain.

      • Those have teeth.

  • grada3784

    Bam-Bam really needs to hire a real editor.

  • Sean

    This is a violation of Facebook’s freedom of speech, expression, and association. Demanding Facebook promote an ad they do not support is illegal. Oh right, that only applies to reich-wing “Christians” and what they cannot be forced to do.

    P.S. Of course Matt Barbaric continues to consort with a Christian terrorist who wants to mass murder and imprison LGBT human beings just for living, because that is exactly what the blood thirsty savage wants. That is a proven fact evidenced by his support of laws in other countries that do just that and calling for those Nazi Germany Nuremberg style laws to be legalized in America.

  • Clive Johnson

    It’s time to seriously ask whether Barber is calling for violence.

    • Lightning Baltimore

      Barbwire typically does not delete comments calling for violence against the LGBT community.

      • Clive Johnson

        Ah, that’s good to know.

  • Merv99

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see the link to the Matt Barber column.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    He’ll claim this time is different because this time the article doesn’t directly call for the death of lgbt people.

  • noni

    Squalid Shoebat

    • Paula

      SpongeBob Shoebat.

  • Tor

    I thought “I Am a Christain” was cancelled, due to the fact that Meriam Ibrahim was not consulted or even informed that someone was making a movie about her life.

  • Tor

    When this Christian theocracy is finally established in the US, will it be be an evangelical theocracy, as these people advocate? I’m sure the Conference of Catholic Bishops will want to weigh in on this. As will mainline Protestants. Great way to revive the religious wars of the past.

    • William

      When the religious nutjobs take over, civil war begins. So many varieties ready to die for their particular sect.

      • Veylon

        The guy here specifically names Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses as those who must go to the wall.

        • Tor

          I’m sure they have a much longer list hidden somewhere.

    • Evangelical? Think Crusades.

      • Tor

        Oh, yes. It crossed my mind.

    • MDB

      We have been through this once already starting in Virginia in 1786. They intransigent fundamentalists and dominionists always stamp their feet and scream about this not having religious liberty. Yet they forget their Revolutionary and Colonial American history when the majority of the populace was NOT “evangelical” but Anglican, Episcopal, Catholic, Presbyterian, Congregationalist or Deist. Most of the fundie “denominations” hadn’t even been formed or established yet in a nation of only 4 million people.

      The Methodists, including the ME Church, didn’t really get established until the the early 1800’s. The American Baptist Church (Northern) had 750 churches in the US by 1800. The State of Virginia even seized property belonging to The Episcopal Church during disestablishment of The Anglican Church at the end of the Revolution – Virginia’s 1786 Act for Establishing Religious Freedom !!!
      (The Episcopal Church was formally separated from the Church of England in 1789 so that Episcopal clergy would not be required to accept the supremacy of the British monarch.)

  • RobynWatts

    Just can’t stay away from the hate well, Batty Mattie?

    Can’t wait to hear your “excuse” this time.

  • I bet the discrimination lawyers who are in ad rotation for the barbwire site right now are getting some new business. good ad placement

  • steve

    I just didn’t think i could get more disgusted with anyone… This is the true nature of religious fanatics that are destroying the civilized world. They want us to return to the Middle Ages and are working hard to see us dead! It’s time to fight back! Boycott any station showing this hate monger and his ilk!

  • anne marie in philly

    shoebat? howsabout shoebatshitcrazy!

  • Barry William Teske

    I look forward to the day when ‘false profits for profits’ like Matt Barber are appearing before an international court on Human Rights Abuses and Crimes Against Humanity.
    I include the simpler Human Rights Abuses category because there is no courage required to HATE.
    Only a longing to reap the rewards.

  • Bill T.

    So, now we’re going to have to deal with the Shoebat shit crazy too.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Hate-fueled religious ugliness. Just like Barack Obama being President made racism rise and become public, the gains made by LGBT folk have brought hate and even death threats not only just into the general public consciousness, but even so far as to drive people to actually call for laws allowing open discrimination, but outright executions. These people are becoming direct threats to LGBT lives now. This is beyond disgusting. Sad, but I see a lot of lost LGBT lives in the not too distant future, and any recourse or protection really doesn’t seem very forthcoming. Is it time to arm one’s self, or vigilante justice? This is the most extreme of extremism.

  • “Let’s see if Matt Barber even bothers with a deletion this time.”

    This time he’ll claim his website has been hacked and the gheys are posting these articles in a nefarious attempt to discredit his righteous cause.

  • Michael

    Will anti-gay activist/false prophet Barber delete the columns or will he sinfully try again to switch blame to the group being reviled by the author?

    • sherman

      Rhetorical question of course.

  • Regan DuCasse

    I have to tell you, my friends. I haven’t spoken to anyone about this, but I remember watching a documentary about the non black supporters of the Freedom Riders, and the people who went down South to help in the movement.
    Viola Liuzzo comes to mind. She was the wife of a union boss in Detroit. She had several children, and she went down to help in the effort of registering voters. While she was driving some workers home, she was shot to death.
    Sometimes I have been called strange names and threatened in that cowardly way the anti gay work up from behind a computer keyboard.
    I have been in the media, I am interviewed on tv sometimes.
    I have been mistaken for lesbian myself because I am in the company of so many gay women. The life of being an activist I guess. The work makes the social circle with gay folks a rather intensive one.
    Us straight allies aren’t really called on to risk life and limb so much. Not like the committed and cowardly terrorism of the klan and white supremacists who intimidated civil rights advocates back in the day.

    But there is a simmering hostility towards US too. Where I’ve seen impotent fury behind the faces of some pretty pompous and arrogant men, mostly, who think they are smarter and the most moral people on the planet and hate being outsmarted by any of us. Gay or straight ally.
    I’ve wondered if a time might come when I might actually have to risk something extremely important. I’ve thought about it.
    I was with two of my charges from a gay teen mentoring program. And one of the boys ( only 13 years old), leaned his head on me, and put his arm around me and told me he loved me so much.
    I thought about it then.
    I’m not a parent.
    I’ve never been a parent of a gay child. And the loving parents who ARE supportive and accepting, have been tremendously patient, courageous and most of all civil.
    Perhaps they too have had impotent rage flare, when their child has been seriously threatened, even killed.
    I’ve grieved terribly for every loss, whether a suicide or homicide.
    It occurred to me, in one of those moments when I’ve been touched by one of these gay kids, or the gay adults I know humble me with their trust…that I think I have it in me.
    I really do.
    It scared me a little, what I was willing to do for the love I have in me. The thought was a powerful and tremendous revelation. It made me cry and made me angry that my feelings were THAT strong for the gay people who have so colored my world.
    I think I speak for a lot of us…
    We GOT this.
    We got you.
    Rainbow Strong.

    • Good points. Plenty of straights are brutalized for being gay. Believe me, it’s tough to explain yourself when physically attacked. This can happen to anyone’s kid, too. There are also millions of us hetmarried gays who could benefit by coming out loud for marriage and full rights despite the pressure on us to pretend everyone’s either straight/bi/”cured”/”saved” or promiscuous/weird/should shut up. Honesty is excellent for clarity of thought. COME OUT EVERYONE! SUPPORT US EVERYONE! EVERYONE BE FREE. If we’re not full citizens, we’d like all our taxes returned please

  • Paul

    A Fakestinian advocating for homophobia? SHOCKER!

  • motordog

    Leviticus 19:16 “”Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the LORD.”

    Leviticus 20:9 “Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death. Because they have cursed their father or mother, their blood will be on their own head.”

    …I don’t understand this book…I don’t understand it at all…maybe it’s just nonsense?

    • grada3784

      They can do it with us because we’re under a Leviticus death penalty already.

      We really don’t count to them as human.

      Whoever says “cherrypicker” first, the other person is It, and gets executed.

  • StraightGrandmother

    I don’t know about you, but this article & the video makes me want to fight even harder.

    • pj

      its the only way….we cant give up….

      • Regan DuCasse

        SG, exactly. BRING it, mo fo’s! We’ve been FAR too civil and outsmarted them with an essentially non violent, and potently MORAL revolution. Justice does work that way, when you’re more invested IN justice, than supremacist control.
        We’ve had to work harder, suffered more injury, therefore we have thicker skins and scar tissue.
        We are NOT afraid, we are not cowards.
        They don’t get that, and probably never will. They resent it, but too damn bad.
        I’m all in and always have been.
        And for all his no neck, bluster…Barber is a blubbering coward.
        And if HE doesn’t know it, we sure do.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    The son sounds like the idiot lawyer in California trying to a law put on the 2016 ballot making it legal to kill gays. The crazies are out there.

  • Ore Carmi

    How can any “Christian” show a compilation like that? The violence is horrific. I’m in awe of what lgbt folks brave in some parts of the world.

  • goofy_joe

    You know what I loved about the movie Big Hero 6? It’s the vision of the present, if Japan had been in charge of San Francisco. Stay with me here…it’s not Japan specifically I’m interested in, it’s the lack of organized religion within the Japanese culture. At least to the extent of American or Western Culture. Prior to the Western invasion of Japanese culture, gay relationships were not an issue. Also, innovation can thrive because they don’t have people constantly trying to format society based on thousands of years old comments, writings, and opinions.

    Same with that episode of Family Guy when they go to the other dimension where religion didn’t exist.

    Sorry for the slightly off topic rant, but religion is just getting so silly lately. They don’t need us to destroy Christianity, the fundies are doing a pretty good job themselves.