ILLINOIS: Library To Pay Settlement To Kevin DuJan And Creationist Sidekick

Homocon Kevin DuJan and creationist loon Megan Fox have won a $55K settlement from a Chicago-area library over their FOIA complaints that porn was being viewed on its computers. The Chicago Tribune reports:

Orland Park Public Library officials have approved a settlement with two patrons who sued the library over alleged transparency law violations in an ongoing dispute over the library’s policy of giving adults unfiltered access to the Internet, including pornography. Last fall, Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan filed two lawsuits against the library, alleging several violations of Illinois’ freedom of information law. Orland Park and its police department were also accused in one of the suits of violating the law. The settlement includes a $55,000 payment by the library’s insurance company to Fox, DuJan and their attorneys, resolves current complaints over alleged violations of the FOI law and the state’s open meetings law and sets up procedures for handling future public records requests from Fox and DuJan, according to a statement from Library Director Mary Weimar. Fox and DuJan have been outspoken critics of the library since October 2013, when they claimed they saw men viewing pornography on library computers, which is permitted under library policies. The pair filed dozens of FOI requests, seeking records on library policies and personnel.

Late last year I reported that the spokeswoman for the library is also suing DuJan and Fox for defamation. That case is apparently still pending. Hit the top link for more on the settlement. (Tipped by JMG reader Larry)

  • BoringLawyer

    They do realize that kids today don’t need a library computer to view porn–just their smartphones, right? Way to, um, fight a battle from two decades ago, guys. *slow clap*

  • lymis

    Even if it were true, how were these people harmed in any way?

    Assuming they get paid, if they don’t donate the money to some valid charity that works with kids surviving abuse or such, then they prove themselves to be the anti-sex opportunistic moral scolds they clearly are.

    It looks like the lawsuit wasn’t over the porn, but over the resistance to giving the information – though the Right will definitely claim that they won a lawsuit over access to porn.

    • guest

      “Even if it were true, how were these people harmed in any way?”

      Because porn makes the Baby RepubliKKKan Jesus cry, and when the Baby RepubliKKKan Jesus cries, these ChriSTAINS get upset and angry and believe they are the victim and harmed.

      And when the ChriSTAINS believe they are the victim and harmed, it makes them feel that the ChriSTAINS can harm others in any way they want.

      And when the ChriSTAINS feel they can harm others in any way they want, the ChriSTAINS feel entitled.

      And when the ChriSTAINS feel entitled, they want, the ChriSTAINS feel they deserve money.

      It makes perfect sense when you put yourself in the ChriSTAIN Perpetual Persecution Machine™ mindset.

  • Steven Leahy

    Seriously???? WTF

    So now I can go to a library, see something on one of itsmedia forms that I can pretend “offends” me, and scam a quick $50K?

    Un fucking real.

  • Gigi

    I watched the video of those two verbally abusing library staff at one of their meetings. Totally disgusting. This win only add wind to their sails.

    • Herald

      This pair do not need any encouragement to behave badly and this win will just increase their egos and fuel their “moral” crusades. Even if all the $ were to go to the attorneys that is true. Very sad to see they succeeded with this abuse.

  • Phil

    That’s Chicago Tribune, not Tribute.

    The settlement was over a violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act and had nothing to do with porn at the library. And DuJan and Fox are both certifiably insane.

    • Gigi

      Yes they are. Did you see the way that they harassed the library board at one of their meetings? Totally crazy.

      • Phil

        Here’s another video of her visiting the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.


        • Gigi

          She’s nuts.

          • JCF

            Quit insulting nuts! (the vegetable kind anyway ;-/)

      • chrisinphx


  • Freeman

    Many library budgets are already slashed to the bone. The last thing places of learning need is harassment by two cretins out for publicity – and a vendetta against knowledge.

    • guest

      It is not against knowledge per say, it is against anything that is a threat or even a perceived threat to their beliefs and their God.

      That is how the religious nuts and the American political right can compartmentalize and hold conflicting points at the same time. Also, they will take the benefits of modern medicine, and still maintain a fantasy about a sky daddy.

  • ETownCanuck

    I hope the settlement is just “Fuck off and go away money” and that part of it will be that neither of these two be able to darken the door of the library again…but I’m afraid THAT is just wishful thinking on my part. I keep forgetting that level headed adults don’t actually run the world.

  • oikos

    I hate these fucking grifters. I really hope the librarian wins her suit. WWJS?

    • SilasMarner

      And I hope she wins a judgement 100 times what they won in their suit.

  • Todd20036

    The two photos together (Dujan and Fox) really show they have the same insane/smug/vacant eyes of the chronic religious grafter.
    I’d feel sorry for them if they weren’t actively trying to ruin people’s lives.

  • Stev84

    I wonder if America will ever get over it’s Puritanical heritage

    • Dramphooey

      I wonder if America will ever get over it’s litigious heritage.

      • MBear

        I wonder if America will ever get over itself

  • BobSF_94117

    Shame on the library for capitulating to these grifters.

  • BearEyes

    Deliberate troublemaking where none existed before.

  • TampaZeke

    FOI laws are like so many other laws that Republicans universally HATE until they personally want to use them. Then they LOVE them.

  • Larry Larson

    Think of how many Chicago bathhouse nights Kevin can buy with that money!

  • Jake

    Well at least they won’t breed

  • Dramphooey

    I want to take a trip to Chicago simply so I can throw a drink in his face. Pure SCUM!

  • I trust that by the time their attorneys have been paid out of the $55K that these two will look forward to opening their mail and finding invoices from those attorneys for fees not covered by the settlement.

    • Bryan

      Or if there is anything left over for Fox, I hope it goes into her kids’ college funds…

      • College? Liberty college is in their future, unless they are deemed to liberal, and she decides to home school them for their college degree.

        • Piet

          That’s going to get them really good jobs, right? In grifting.

        • Bryan

          Always wondered about that– home-college? Lol.

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    And he still can’t figure out why no one likes him and why he can’t get laid.

  • pablo

    If anyone watches The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt(highly recommended) there’s a sign in the library that reads “Masturbate Responsibly”.

  • Ginger Snap

    Maybe they should come to my city where you can on most days catch guys fucking in the bathrooms of our library. My Mother a retired librarian would have eaten these two alive. My Mom 80 went on a library crusade when the town she lives in wanted to close their local library. They are now building a 6 million dollar library complex.

    • Piet

      I want your mother to come out to California and lead the charge on the Oakland City Council, please. We need her.

      • Ginger Snap

        I wish she could do her library saving work everywhere.

        • Piet

          I’ll send her the plane ticket. We need her, seriously. There are actually people on the City Council who think the library system should be all-volunteer, including raising all its own funding. I hate to say it’s hopeless, but what can a small guy do with folks like that?

          • Ginger Snap

            It’s just so disgusting that so many people don’t see the need for libraries.

          • Piet

            I’ll drink to that, m’dear!

  • Michael Hampton

    It truly saddens me that these nutjobs got their way and now will continue to harass this poor woman who works at the library.

  • I hope the library’s spokeswoman prevails in her suit and is awarded more than $55,000.

  • JCF

    …$ which DuJan will undoubtedly plow (or “be plowed”) into porn.

  • Ogre Magi

    So what is the deal with Kevin DuJan ?

  • anne marie in philly

    who the hell asked these assholes to read over other patrons shoulders? MYOB!

  • TheManicMechanic

    What libraries and other information providers need to put in place are filtering means for people unable to handle unfettered access to it. If you are a Fox Noise viewer, all you have access to is preschool level.