Ted Cruz Defends Letter To Iran

Via Talking Points Memo:

“I guess the question I have first is, was the intention of the letter to get in the way of a negotiations as it is proved to?” Brzezinski asked Cruz. “Look, the intention of the letter was two things. Number one, to defend our national security. I think this deal that is being negotiated by the Obama administration is profoundly dangerous,” he said. Brzezinski interrupted: “So it was intended to get in the way of the deal?” “It was intended to stop a bad deal,” he shot back. “Absolutely.” The two went back and forth as Brzezinski repeatedly brought Cruz back to the results the letter was having on the nuclear talks. “To interfere with a negotiation with Iran and to actually possibly even undermine a deal in the making? Basically the next step to that is to just get right down the road to war,” she said.