NEW YORK: Teen Confesses To Murdering Gay Man In Apparent Craigslist Hook-Up

An upstate New York teenager has confessed to brutally murdering a 62 year-old gay man during an apparent Craigslist hook-up. 

Kyle A. Box, 18 [photo], a junior at Carthage Academy, faces second-degree murder charges in the death of Randy J. Bent, 62, of 821 Morrison St. Police began investigating the case as a murder when firefighters reported to them the victim had multiple stab wounds. Box was arrested on Monday after admitting to police he stabbed Mr. Bent several times then set him on fire Sunday night, police said. An autopsy was conducted Monday afternoon, but the results have not been released. Police continue to withhold information about how Box and Mr. Bent knew each other, saying that information is evidentiary. Two of Mr. Bent’s friends, Dorothy “Dottie” M. Miller and John G. Miller, said Mr. Bent — who was openly gay — often went on Craigslist to meet men. They said they warned him to stay away from the online personal classified ads because they feared for his safety. On Tuesday afternoon, the Times found a listing in the casual encounters section of the website under the heading “18-year-old in need of help — m4m (carthage).” The personal went on to say “Hello my name is Kyle and I’ve had trouble looking for a job so if anyone out their needs someone to give them a good time and call or text me i’ll gladly give you something you wont forget. :)”

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  • Todd20036

    Somehow, I see a kid gay enough to get onto Craigslist, dumb enough to think he can pull off a murder, but have enough of a conscience to feel bad enough to confess to the crime. The old man did a dumb thing, but he didn’t deserve to die for it.
    The kid will spend a good chunk of his life in prison, followed by a life of minimum wage jobs and the guilt of what he’s done.
    So 2 lives lost… for nothing. Stupid kid.

    • NMNative

      Stupid kid? He killed this man to rob him. Set him up for it by advertising on CL. I have no compassion for this little fucker. He choose to kill this man, it wasn’t some kind of game. One life lost, the other was lost long before this.

      • Happy Dance

        Not only stabbed him multiple times, but also set him on fire. It is so sad that stuff like this happens, but it is common play nowadays it seems like. Kids these days think they can just have whatever they want just because they exist. My friend’s son told her one time, “YOU OWE ME!!” I asked him for what? Because I am her son! BFD asshole! However, he grew into a responsible young man and is raising his kid right. I remind him about that incident several times just so he doesn’t forget when his daughter is that way with him.

        • Estrafalario

          Interesting post. Except for the “kids these days” line. Perhaps the more honest line would be, “kids forever” because this shit happens and has happened for evah! This is as much a developmental stage for kids — the whole center of the world, me-me-me stage that many people DO NOT grow out of.

      • Todd20036

        No argument. But at the core, this was a stupid kid. Maybe with better upbringing, he wouldn’t have been. Bet he was raised in a religious household. You don’t have that kind of animosity towards gay people (enough to brutally murder and then burn the body) without “help” from religious parents saying how evil gay people are.
        That being said, he deserves any punishment he gets.

    • cheakamus

      62 is old?!!! OMG, I better get my affairs in order.

      • noni

        Your craigslists affairs?

  • BeaverTales

    Craigslist is scary…not just for the potential for things like this to happen, but for the sheer desperation, depravity and sociopathy displayed there on a daily basis…it’s easy to forget that CL is moderated, albeit imperfectly.

    While I applaud the honesty and lack of discrimination that CL encourages, it unfortunately has become the sole outlet for many LGBTQ folk to find companionship, fun or love…especially in smaller, conservative towns. Hopefully we can find better ways to meet in our own communities that are as safe, accepting and equal in scope and diversity to our straight counterparts.

    • Happy Dance

      I was looking for a puppy and a couple of my friends suggested Craigslist. I simply told them I don’t have a death wish.

      • motordog

        Plenty of legitimate shelters will help you find the perfect rescue dog for you, they have them in all ages and breeds (you might even consider an older dog…they are so grateful and you won’t have to worry about things like housebreaking). All of my dogs (and my cat) have been from shelters, and I’ve never, ever regretted it. Talk about an investment that just keeps on giving! 🙂

        • bzrd

          Yes forever

        • Happy Dance

          My last two dogs were shelter dogs. The one I have left of those two (the other passed 3 years ago) is 14 years and not in the best of health. I looked at the shelter..I love ALL dogs and animals in general, but I want a puppy, but our shelter doesn’t have any puppies. Shockingly, there were only a small handful of dogs when I went. There was a middle aged chihuahua I will be going back to check on…if the feller doesn’t get adopted out, I feel he may be coming home with me. Lucky, this is a no kill shelter

  • anne marie in philly

    let’s give the perp the same treatment he gave his victim!

  • Sean Taylor

    Sometimes I think older people get so lonely for company of any kind, that they forget they’re such easy prey. It’s not the 70’s anymore boys.

    • Queequeg

      That’s probably true, but there are better ways to meet people in a city the size of New York. It is sad that he resorted to Craig’s list. I’ve actually looked at the “men seeking men” section, which is interesting, but I’d never contact any of the people who post.

      • T

        It’s not the city, though: it’s 8 hrs north of NYC in a freezing cold town outside a military base in a rural region.

        • Queequeg

          I stand corrected, again.

        • peacfulseas inWA

          And very conservative. Lived in that forsaken area for too many yrs.

      • Rich Farias

        This didn’t happen in NYC. This was rural upstate New York.

        • Queequeg

          Sorry, misread the location.

          • Sean Taylor

            I wasn’t referring to location in my original post. In fact i think the idea is even more important outside of urban areas. The incidence of isolation is even higher there for gay seniors.

          • Queequeg

            Yes, I guess it is, although I’m 65 years old, I have a husband who has been my partner for over 45 years. I’m one of the lucky ones.

          • Sean Taylor

            Indeed you are. Congratulations.

  • Schlukitz

    Waiting for Brian Brown, Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins, Peter LaBarbera, Paul Cameron, Matt Staver, Scott Lively, et al, to speak-up about the injustice and the outrage of such murders that occur to LGBT people at the hands of anti-gay hetersexuals on a regular basis.


    • David Walker

      But there’s no money in that, is there? Plus, that would show their sheeple that they have compassion for all god’s children. We can’t have that, can we?

      • Schlukitz

        So true.

    • Sim

      You don’t know that the killer is hetero. Most of these hookup murders involve self-loathing, conflicted homosexuals who have sex and then kill.

      • Schlukitz


        And you have some reliable sources to back that proclamation up, do you?

      • Sporkfighter

        I don’t know that there is a “most of these killings”, as they’re pretty rare. Compare to the number of women killed by men, and I’ll bet that attacks like this are proportional to the number of gays in the population. They just make the national news, whereas another prostitute or girlfriend killed barely makes the local news.

        Much of American society may hate gays, but it also couldn’t be bothered to care about women.

  • Freeman

    Those ads are grotesque in many ways.

    • Todd20036

      Desperate more than grotesque

      • Sonny

        This story is about the merging of sex and homicidal conduct. Something you know a lot about.

  • Queequeg

    It seems that this should be considered a hate crime. He was obviously preying upon gay men.

  • JJS_prime

    The kid was probably raised as a good “christian.”

  • Ken M

    This story hit me pretty hard. I LIVE in this town and I’m an older gay. I have not posted on Craig’s List (I’ve looked but never followed up). I do understand the guys who do though. Being older, shy, gay and POZ in a very conservative small town is tough. There’s lots of guys here because we’re right next to Ft. Drum, but very few want anything to do with someone like myself.

    This little twerp should be charged with a hate crime. The local media though will push the gay aspect of this crime under the rug. They’re too concerned with repealing the NY Safe Act (gun control) and fighting against taxes to improve the cities only real concert venue arena.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I came from a small town with not much to offer but one bar. The only way to meet people was to drive to the next town and join a group/church/gay bowling. Can’t drink because of the long drive back but it was something.

    • R. Tin Tin

      Here’s a really crazy idea. Maybe try to have a sex and love life that approximates that of an adult human as opposed to that of a dog. Instead of aspiring to screw all the soldiers at Ft. Drum on an assembly line, how about imagining meeting a man. “A man” as in one man. Singular. Whom you actually come to know and like. With a little effort, you can even learn his first and last name. Then you go on outings together. Some people call these “dates.” Maybe you do things for one another. Actually come to experience the feeling humans call love. After a time, you and he might decide to become physically intimate. I know this seems like a lot, but 98% of humanity does some variation on this and it works pretty well.

      • MattPS

        Some people aren’t interested in looking for that which “works pretty well” for 98% of humanity. Some people are just looking for sex. We all have our own reasons for living the way we live and not all of us need–or want–the same things out of life. Try to understand that; if you manage to do so, it will make you a better person and you’ll drop the preachiness.

        • R. Tin Tin

          What you say is true. It is also true that some people like to smoke crack and some people like to re-enact the stunts that they see on Jackass. The results aren’t good. It isn’t about religion or preaching, It’s just observable fact.

          But if Mr. Martin wants to spend his life going from one stranger’s body to another, risking death and disease with each loveless encounter, all for the payoff of an orgasm, then no one is going to stop him. But most likely, there are some people who actually love and care about Ken Martin just as there were people who were concerned about Mr. Randy Bent. If you don’t care about yourself, at least think of the people who care about you.

      • Ken M

        Wow, where did you come from? Here’s a real crazy idea, how about YOU getting a life before judging others? Did you even read my post? It says I’ve looked, but being shy I’ve never acted and that I can understand the desperation.

        It seems pretty clear to me that you just came here to agitate and cause trouble as your account appears to have been deleted. I’d say “be gone with you,” but it appears that someone has already dropped a house on you, you wicked little witch!

    • peacfulseas inWA

      You have my sincere condolences. Lived in Watertown,then Sackets Harbor when it was Camp Drum, used as a reservist training base in the 50 & 60’s during the summer months. I shined boots and picked blueberries on base in the 60’s. I read the WDT and you are correct,highly unlikely of hate crime added.

  • Blobby

    18 and a junior?? I was 17 when I graduated. I know mine was more unusual but this kid could be 20 by the time he gets out of high school….i mean, if it weren’t for that imprisonment thing…..

    • David Walker

      Hi. My name is Larry. This is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl.

    • Bj Lincoln

      He may have been held back a year. Most kids are 18 by graduation or they will need a permit to work. I would have been 16 if my mom would have let me graduate. “She is paying for 12 years of school and I was going to get it!” It didn’t matter that I was smart.

    • LonelyLiberal

      It varies. I graduated at sixteen, barely, and was friends with a girl who graduated with me at the age of fifteen.

      Starting late and/or being held back would result in age 19 for graduation easily, and I can believe the occasional 20 year old graduate.

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    Ooooh, there’s a lot of commenters on here who’re gonna get themselves in a heap of trouble by calling the 62 year old “Old Man”

    • Octavio

      Yeah. Where are the PC police crying “age shaming”? The PCers are such delicate little flowers.

  • Octavio

    Live by the Craig List. Die by the Craig List. Again, I prefer the way sex is available in Argentina — for everyone. Sex workers advertise in the last sections of the classified ads in the daily papers for whatever you’re looking for. And they carry ratings. We ordered an orgy for one of our curmudgeonly friends. It was his birthday. We specified four safe sex young men for an hour of work. They showed up at his doorstep for what they identified as a “birthday present delivery.” He was alarmed, but eventually more than just a little amused. 🙂

    • Bj Lincoln

      I’m positive the US would be a safer and happier place if we did it your way.

  • Secure

    Be smart out there.

  • Frankie

    The joys of sexual “liberation.” Furtive, dangerous encounters with complete strangers who at best don’t care about you and at worst may kill you. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll take dating people, getting to know them, falling in love, getting engaged, and getting married.

    • patrick

      Sounds romantic – And I truly wish you success with your dreams. However, I think you only need to review the Nation’s headlines, from any State on any day of the week, to see the routine violence and death which spouses and families perpetuate upon each other.

      But if you’re saying people who prefer, or only have access to, anonymous-sex deserve to die for making choices other than yours, just line up behind the Christian Coalition and the Pope and you can continue to exercise your moral-judgements of other people like a pro.–facts-52.html

      • Frankie

        Somehow, I get the impression that you don’t really wish me success with my dreams. In any event, married people are less likely to experience violence than unmarried persons. And they are far less likely to experience domestic or intimate partner violence than unmarried persons. And they have better overall health, report higher levels of happiness and well-being, and are far less likely to suffer from mood disorders like depression and anxiety. You don’t get married as a violence prevention and health enhancement measure, but they are great side benefits.

        By attempting to pretend hat all choices are equal and belittling the consequences of these various choices, you are facilitating higher levels of violence against gay men. Which puts you on the side of Religious Right IMO.

        • patrick

          Am only seeking to suggest that, in order to avoid violence perpetuated by a sexual-partner, one must avoid ALL partners – or, by your previous logic, whatever happens to you is your own fault. One might ask, when many older Americans (gay and straight) find themselves without a life-partner, are they simply to forfeit having sex for the remainder of their lives? And is it any revelation to any of us that what works for one person, when it comes to romance and sex, obviously doesn’t work for everyone? Or does a one-size-fits-all, fundamentalist approach appear to be a reasonable solution for every living person?

          If you want to know my true feelings, I admit to being offended, even somewhat repulsed, to witness comments which essentially blame the victim. However, my comments are typically intended offer alternative points of view – without condemning others for making the life-choices which work for them. Anymore than I would blame a woman for her own rape because I felt her clothing-choices made her responsible for the misfortune of crossing paths with a sexual-predator.

          Finally, of course I would wish you, and everyone, happiness. Simply because I disagree with old-style, religious moralizing against the sexual needs and choices of other members of our own community, should I fail to rejoice in the 50-year partnership of my best friends? And I consider myself honored to have been best-man at one of those first legal gay-marriages in California? Life can be full of challenges and tragedy – so I always root for the success and well-being of my fellow human-beings. Peace…

  • Robincho

    “… so if anyone out THEIR needs someone to give THEM…” Wow. He’s as smart as he is handsome. Killer combo, dude…

  • I feel so sorry for Mr. Bent. To be alone and lonely and hoping for at least a few hours of diversion and company, but only to find death at the hands of a psycho.

  • JCF