Erick Erickson: Aaron Schock Must Resign

“I will not belabor the point. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL)  has proven himself incapable of handling his own money, the money of his donors, and taxpayer money. He has lived excessively off the backs of taxpayers who must be reimbursed and off of donors to whom he is now a servant.  His excuses are now met with revised excuses, further apologies, and corrections to corrected records of expenditures and campaign finance reports. He has lived a life as a celebrity in a city that more and more craves celebrity over competence in office. He should resign. Perhaps Downton Abbey needs someone else to fill the role of an American playboy chasing a Crawley. He can go spend time on the real set instead of trying to dress up his office at our expense or that of his donors.” – Fox News commentator Erick Erickson, writing for Red State. Erickson’s post includes a link to Schock’s 47% rating from the right wing Heritage Foundation. Erickson most recently appeared on JMG when he compared LGBT Americans to ISIS.

  • caphillprof

    Is he thinking that Aaron Schock should be after Thomas on Downton Abbey?

  • George

    Of course the bigger issue here is that Schock is a faggot in the eyes of Erickson.

    • ETownCanuck

      Exactly what I was thinking reading this. Sounds like he just put 2 and 2 together about Schock and now wants him gone, and figures this is the best way to make that happen.

      • Mawm

        I bet you are right, but ain’t no way I am defending that quisling. He slept in those sheets. Now he can hang out and dry with them.

        • ETownCanuck

          Ya, I’m finding it near impossible to muster any sympathy for him as well.

    • Gene

      yes…and the fact that a total ass like Lardass Lardassson does not feel safe saying that is telling of just how much things have changed for the better

    • clarknt67

      Erickson believes gays are terrorists equivalent to ISIS. It is his mission to ferret them out of the party.

      • Chuck in NYC

        Ferrets appear to be on our minds today. 🙂

    • fuow

      Honey, Schock is the picture in the dictionary next to the entry: A-List Fag.

    • Todd20036

      Erickson is right (shudder). Schlock is a house faggot. He can go rot.

    • clarknt67

      If he wasn’t a fag, if he were a true Christian conservative Erickson would be exploding with outrage at the rush to judgement based on Lamestream media reports of liberal lies.

      But he IS a fag so it’s Erickson’s chance to kick him out of the party.

      • William

        Arron must have turned down his offer.

  • Gene

    Chase a Crawley? More like Chase BARROW! LOL
    (ok…now I have an image of the congressman and that actor…niiceee)

    • Gene

      the congressman is a douche…but he IS an attractive son of a bitch. at a party last week we played, “which politicians would you make fuck”. I choose him and the gov of Maryland…look him up. good looking man. straight as an arrow, but hey, its just a drinking game

    • VodkaAndPolitics

      Back off, Barrow is MINE!

      • Gene


      • William

        I get Mr Drewe. We can dump his bitchy wife down a well.

        • VodkaAndPolitics

          I don’t find Drewe all that attractive, but I think it’s because he never smiles. That said, I have booked a ticket to go visit Tom in Boston for a long weekend. I think he’ll enjoy Club Cafe.

          • William

            Mr Drewe doesn’t smile because he goes home to that fishwife every night.

            Some person has seen fit to post some screen captures of Andrew Scarborough on Flickr. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what program they are from.

  [email protected]/sets/72157604469396933

          • VodkaAndPolitics

            Could you imagine if you had to go back and forth between his shrew of a wife and Lady Edith all day long, all the while trying to get some work done? I dare say I wouldn’t smile either! Thanks for the AM Laugh!

          • ClevelandJim

            JAYZUS!! Thanks for sharing that link. And now I must go out in the rain and cool off a lil.

          • William

            Ain’t he though? Somebody has to figure out what program/movie that scene is from.

  • guest

    I think it is more likely that Eric is mad because Aaron said no to Eric’s offer to blow Aaron. That seems to be the only reason these nuts would call for someone to quit.

    After all, Diaper David Vitter is still there, as well as a few others, and a whole mess of racists in the RepubliKKKan Congress.

    • guest

      Also, Lawrence O’Donnell had a good segment on Aaron last night. I think they were right, Aaron will have real issues, as he is a moderate RepubliKKKan in a District not as moderate and neither the left, nor the right haters in Congress will help him.

      I tried his website and it was a short video that was not posted, as it was a group of them, including Joy Reed talking.

    • robirob

      I think the closest to the truth might be that Aaron refused to let Eric join Aaron’s circle of rich and powerful friends where Eric could have done some social networking.

      • guest

        I like the idea of 2 closet cases hating on each other. 😉

  • delk

    Aaron was on the news this morning saying that he has one of the largest congressional districts and that while he needs the private plane to get to all the 330+ cities, he can understand why people are upset about that.

    Earth to Aaron, it’s not using a private plane to visit your constituents it’s EVERYTHING else: decorating, personal photographer, international travel, concert tickets, Bears tickets…

    • robirob

      Typical spin: Emphasize one thing and make the general public forget all the rest by not mentioning it at all.

      • delk

        Once again, Amtrak runs between all the cities in his district. I would imagine he would be able to meet and talk to a lot of his constituents on the train instead of on private planes.

    • fuow

      Was it the plane or that Aaron insisted on wearing one of those mini-skirt stewardess outfits in teal and pink?

      • William

        “I’m Aaron. Fly me!”

        • Prixator

          “Coffee, tea, or me! And, I’m sure you won’t mind if my personal photographer tags along!”

    • BobSF_94117

      By consistently talking only about travel in the district, he’s hoping to hold onto those constituents who don’t follow the news and don’t realize how much time he spends, say, dancing in the streets of Buenos Aires.

      • Cuberly

        Or mingling with the “royals” in no official capacity doing zero work.

    • Cuberly

      Did anyone think to ask how many cities does he actually visit? Dates would help.

  • 2patricius2

    Why should he resign? Compared to some of his Republicant peers in Congress, he’s an angel.

    • clarknt67

      Ah but his peers are true Christians and principled conservatives so their abuse of power and graft does not bother Erickson.

    • oikos

      teh icky gay thing

    • Cuberly

      Actually that’s got a simple answer. Their technical ineptitude prevents them from flaunting their f’ups on Instagram.

  • carswell

    Stopped clocks and all that…

    • lymis

      Don’t you mean “blocked?”

      Oh, sorry, missed that L in “clock.” Never mind. Do go on.

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    It’s subtle, but did you happen to notice how he very carefully crafted his “Chasing a Crawley” line to be gender neutral? When the Tea Baggers pick up on it, honey, you are out of closet. They still think Lindsay Graham just hasn’t met the right girl.

    • Gene

      you are ALMOST right! 🙂 right about it all but Miss Lindsay. NOBODY in SC thinks he is straight. But, he lives in shame and denial, and tows the party line on gays/women/the poor (eat the poor) the military and Guns, so, they can deal with him. Hell, they LIKE that. “why can’t the rest of the queers stay in the closet and live in shame like our house queer?” is the attitude, and they LOVE it. But they know. As one pal in spartanburg told me “Hell, Ray Charles can tell he is gay, and Ray Charles is blind. And Dead”

      • guest

        Someone here from SC posted here about a month ago that if Miss. Lindsey ever came out, he would be done there as he would not be elected. That poster was also clear that Miss Lindsey was well known to be gay.

        Now that is one who has actively brought harm to our community and should be outed. Where is our Larry Flint to call Larry Flint and together they can put up 1 million when proof of Miss Lindsey being gay is given.

        • robirob

          When you are of use to them you can be whatever you want … as long you are of use to them and do not become a liability.

        • Guest

          Think of how quick he could be replaced: South Carolina is a state brimming with TeaParty, sociocultural conservative values-based politicians, just aching to get a taste of the Senate. The moment Miss Lindsey is kicked out, limping on her worn-out broken soled Louboutins (knockoff Walmart version, of course), there’ll be another waiting to take her place.

        • lenvus

          Think of how quick he could be replaced: South Carolina is a state brimming with TeaParty, sociocultural conservative values-based politicians, just aching to get a taste of the Senate. The moment he is kicked out, limping on her worn tawdry knock-off Louboutins, there’ll be another waiting to take her place.

          • Six Pins Delores

            “knock-off Louboutins” On that pos, doubtful.

      • Polterguest

        Lindsay is what Tennessee Williams was referring to when he said that in the south “a faggot is a homosexual gentleman who has just left the room.”

    • Cousin Bleh

      Don’t think so. All the available Crawleys are women.

    • Bruno

      Lindsay has her bible to shake at the sky and still she can’t meet the right top, erm, I mean girl.

  • shellback

    Erick, will you resign when the dirt comes out on you? It is inevitable.

    • People4Humanity

      I’m saying it’s a luggage lifter.
      Erick didn’t deny it, so …

  • bkmn

    Those are pretty mild sins for someone in the GOP. Erick must be pissed that Aaron wouldn’t ask him for a dance.

  • Gigi

    Schock’s an embarrassment to men like Erickson because he’s not been able to cover his tracks as well as some of the other scam artists GOP’ers in Washington. And he’s a closet case. They were willing to allow him to play the “committed bachelor” as long as he continues to do their evil bidding. Side note: The Downton Abbey dig was quite telling. The jig is up.

    • clarknt67

      Erickson does no care if tracks get covered. He was just waiting for any excuse to jettison the homo. Remember Erickson considers gays equivalent to ISIS.

      • William

        I bet Erick has some twisted homo stuff in his own closet.

        • Tor

          If it’s not twisted, I’m not interested.

          • William

            With the likes of Erickson, you know it’s twisted. Probably involving clown suits and chains.

          • Cuberly

            Ok, now I’m scared….AAAHHHH!

            I hate clowns.

      • Gigi

        Yes, that makes sense. Maybe Schock will be “forced out” of politics and then be able to stop being a self-loathing closet case. Maybe he could Ken Mehlman’s boytoy.

        • William

          My dog shuddered at that comment.

          • Is that what you call it?

        • clarknt67

          Viewed this way, If Schock is forced to resign and avoids prison his next act could be come out and rally young LGBT Republicans to support LGBT equality (with say an affiliation with Paul Singer’s American Unity group). He could prove a move dangerous enemy to Erickson out of elected office than in.

    • popebuck1

      It’s this damn younger generation, with no experience being in the closet. They simply have NO concept of how to carry on a shameful double life. It’s a lost art. He should learn from his elders like Ms. Graham and see how it’s supposed to be done.

      • Gigi

        Ha! Linlin isn’t fooling anyone.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        Well, Ladybird must have missed that lesson in her youth…

      • Ninja0980

        He could also ask Senator Tim Scott.
        Funny how both of SC’s senators are unmarried.

      • ClevelandJim

        Lindsey Belle’s office probably looks like Scarlett’s boudoir in the “big, new house in Atlanta,” but at least she’s smart enough to keep quiet about it, lmao

    • ChitownKev

      They all did know about Mark Foley, though.

      • Gigi

        And look how that turned out.

    • oh, honey. i knew with that belt. that’s a keeper, right up there with morAn guy and the secdee parade sign.

      • Cuberly

        I’d add to that his “haters gotta hate” comment. That was one for the tone-deaf ages if you ask me.

  • band
    • fuow

      Every so often, you tickle me funny bone.
      I’m a ginger, too – the personality sure fits.

    • Cuberly

      Ok, that was funny….and ewwwwww….

  • William

    Who died and made him Dowager Empress?

  • clarknt67

    Ha ha. This is who Schock made his 1000-thread count bed with. I am sure if Schock were a “true Christian” Erikckson would be on the front lines defending him from vicious liberal lies.

  • seththayer

    Hey Erick, screw Aaron, what about the 47 senators who should be arrested for Treason against the American Government????

    • ElmoBuzz

      I think it’s sedition, but I still agree with your point

      • seththayer

        Sedition is the act of inciting rebellion against one’s government. Treason is the act of betraying one’s country.
        I say it’s treason

    • Cuberly

      All over wingnuttia all talk is about EMAIGAZHIGATE!1!1! In a desperate attempt to deflect from the f’d 47.

  • Ginger Snap

    Sounds like the way all republicans and some democrats conduct there lives.

  • John Calendo

    I suddenly feel protective of Aaron Schock! Like he’s our dizzy little gay boy. Erick Erickson is the perfect blowhard asshole. It’s Mr. Mooney going after Lucy for living beyond her means. Of course, they both deserve each other. Their politics makes them indistinguishable from a distance. Still Aaron has the cutest six-pack. He can always get a role on “Looking” as the closeted Republican friend.

    • Mawm

      I was feeling a little bit of the same thing. It’s the same feeling I get when I read a story that gets you to hate a character just to have something happen to them that elicits sympathy. Here is Erickson using coded language to shame “the gay.”
      Having said that, however, I find my sympathy petering off rather quickly I’m afraid.

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        No need for sympathy as this quisling has been extremely active in voting AGAINST any protections for LGBT folk every chance he gets. Deserves whatever shaming he gets.

    • BobSF_94117

      He’s only got a 47% rating from the Heritage Foundation… now I feel bad for tearing him down all this time…

    • Halloween_Jack

      Schock is not some cute, twee little aging twink who happened to wander into the wrong political party by mistake. He doesn’t want you to get married. He has dutifully carried water for the GOP in every vote that counts. He had George W. Fucking Bush do a fundraiser for him, FFS!

  • Queequeg

    Peoria Illinois craves celebrities? Isn’t that where Schock is from? They are the ones who keep sending him to congress.

  • Sean Taylor

    read: “well, he got caught, so he has to go.”

  • geoffalnutt

    “Miss Schock, URGENT…line one! Just everyone is beginning to hate you now – Miss Schock…please pick up!” Darn, he’s on vacation in Kuala Lumpur and can’t get the calls or memos.

    • lymis

      Post something to Instagram. He’ll be sure to see it there.

  • Xuuths

    Rep. Shock just needs to come out of the closet!

    • lymis

      As a Republican, that’s essentially the same as resigning.

  • Greg B.

    A conservative calling out a Republican for unethical spending? The only explanation is that Erickson also believes Schock is gay. Otherwise it’d be ????.

  • Larry Larson

    A peek into the mind of the Dowager Countess of Schlock:

  • Bill

    You’re right, Erickson.

    But you still turn my fucking stomach.

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    ” He can go spend time on the real set instead of trying to dress up his office at our expense or that of his donors.”

    From my understanding nobody paid for his office to be redesigned and that’s the issue. He accepted a very expensive “gift”. Personally I don’t care about him using his own money to pay for the weird things he does. I have an issue with him receiving all those gifts including private jet use from his donors.

  • JalapeñoBusiness

    Someone on JMG said in another post that Schock “Lives a life fit for a Queen.”


  • Justin

    So he’s jealous of Schock, then?

  • Chuck in NYC

    That’s a nice lavender tie EE is wearing in the picture.

    • trouble94114

      Not to bring on the Pantone Police, but I believe that tie might be a tad closer to ‘periwinkle’ than lavender.

      Regardless, it is a lovely tie.

  • Erick Erickson kind of reminds me of the large gay guy on Modern Family (Cam).

  • bambinoitaliano

    I wonder how long before aaron run to LBGT crying for discrimination ?

    • Polterguest

      If history is any indication he can fauxpologize and then get a cushy job with Big Gay, Inc. in under a year.

      • bambinoitaliano

        If Ken Mehlman is any indication, a leopard does not change it’s sport. There’s too much money in politics to walk away.

  • I should really know better

    hard to disagree, really…

  • teddy21

    Never thought I’d agree with Erickson on anything. But he has nailed that little prick to the wall with pinpoint precision.

  • JD

    I say put Erickson and Schock in a cage and let them claw each others’ eyes out like bitchy queens fighting over a lace-front wig.

  • FilmTurtle

    Now that he is getting rammed (tee-hee) by conservative media, we can expect Mr. Schock to be outrageously outraged any minute now by rap music, a liberal comedian, Hillary Clinton sneezing in the wrong direction, [fill in the blank]. We should start an office pool.

  • Princess Lardass

    Whenever I see this guy, I think he’s Eric Stonestreet. Then I realize it’s some right wing douche from Faux News.

    No offense to the Mr. Stonestreet.

  • clay

    As IF Erickson was a champion of campaign finance reform.

  • MrFitzroyOBE

    One highly doubts he would be pursuing one of the Crawley sisters…..Perhaps Thomas the under butler, as they seem to have a mutual level of self loathing, tempered by profoundly bad judgement.

  • Cuberly

    As reported over on Mediaite, apparently Schock is attending SXSW this weekend. Yep.
    Tone-deaf to the very end. And, yep, I bet he’s going to be pushed out of office. And we all know it’s not just because he’s a clueless hedonistic moron.

  • StSean

    “Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) has proven himself incapable of handling his own money, the money of his donors, and taxpayer money. He has lived excessively off the backs of taxpayers who must be reimbursed and off of donors to whom he is now a servant.”

    how is this unlike another congressperson? i mean, i agree with what he says, but the diva is a bit tone-deaf.

  • JCF

    “Perhaps Downton Abbey needs someone else to fill the role of an American playboy chasing a Crawley.”

    As the eligible Crawleys are all FEMALE, I’m afraid that’s not an option.

  • Mark

    Now let’s see…should his pulpit be used to tongue lash a closet case who likes to decorate on somebody else’s dime?……or should his pulpit be used to denigrate and demand the arrest of the 47 senators who committed treason?

    Oh! Sometimes it soooo hard to know what to do!!!