LATVIA: “No Homo” Group Blocks Festival Venues For EuroPride 2015 In Riga

Gay Star News reports:

A group of  “no-homo” activists is trying to kill off EuroPride 2015, due to be held in Riga, Latvia. Calling themselves “Anti-Globalists” (Antiglobālisti), the homophobic activists appear to have found a way to ensure the Pride event for Europe will not happen on its scheduled date of 20 June and may not happen at all. When Mozaika, the gay rights group planning this year’s EuroPride, turned up to Riga City Council first thing on 20 February – they got a shock. The “traditional values” campaigners had already booked a protest for ‘sexual deviations and various perversions, as well as other strange things’ at the time and in the locations Mozaika wanted to use. Antiglobālisti had used a loophole to get around the rule that an application to hold an event can only be filed four months in advance. They made their event a week-long festival, starting before and finishing after EuroPride, allowing them to apply before Mozaika.

The Riga City Council plans to appeal to the Ministry of Justice for a ruling. On the “No Homo” website, the group declares, “Homosexuality is a disease. Homosexuality is treatable.”

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