TEXAS: Hate Group Celebrates Tenth “Banniversary” Of Anti-Gay Marriage Vote

Photo caption: “Today at our Faith and Family Day celebration we honored the 10th anniversary of Texas’ marriage amendment defining marriage as #1Man1Woman. We are thankful to have so many great Texas legislators committed to standing for marriage. No doubt Texas is committed to defending marriage!” FACT CHECK: The tenth anniversary of the Texas vote actually isn’t until November, but hey – they must have been panicked by that one marriage in Travis County. The guy cutting the cake, by the way, is state Rep. Cecil Bell, author of the bill that would halt the paychecks of any state employee who issues a same-sex marriage license.

From the Texas Observer:

Hellfire may be licking at Texans’ heels, but bitter cold forced the righteous inside today. For months, groups such as Texas Values and the Texas Eagle Forum had planned to convene for Texas Faith and Family Day and give a mighty rebuke to changing cultural norms on the south steps of the Capitol, a venue that can lend grandeur to even small rallies. Instead, they filled a little more than half of the 350-seat Capitol auditorium. A pastor—one of the so-called Houston Five who’ve been involved in a fight with Houston mayor Annise Parker—delivered a closing prayer: “We declare this state to be the sovereign territory of Jesus Christ,” he said, eliciting “amens” from the crowd.