Arkansas Governor: There Will Be No Veto

Via the Arkansas Times:

Last-minute pleas that Gov. Asa Hutchinson veto SB 202, the gay discrimination legislation, won’t affect the outcome. I inquired of his press spokesman, J.R. Davis, if there was any chance the governor might change his position to allow the bill to become law, albeit without his signature. The succinct response: “The Governor’s position will not change.” The legislation was adopted last Tuesday. It prohibits local governments from protecting the civil rights of gay people. Pending is an even broader bill that would protect discrimination against gay people at the local and state level by any who desire not to do business or interact with gay people.

While the bill will become law tomorrow, it will not go into effect until 90 days after the end of legislative session in the fall. Presumably that will allow plenty of time for the sure-to-come legal challenges.