Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists

From the New York Post:

Rudy Giuliani doubled down on his claims that President Obama doesn’t “love America” in an interview with The Post Friday — claiming the commander-in-chief has been influenced by communists since his youth. “From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist,” Giuliani said. The ex-mayor added that Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist. Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a “socialist.” The man once called “America’s mayor’’ also sharply criticized the president for having been a member of a church led by radical Chicago Rev. Jeremiah Wright. “He spent 17 years in the church of Jeremiah Wright, and this is the guy who said ‘God damn America, not God bless America,’” Giuliani said.

Last night Giuliani told CNN that he’s been getting death threats since his initial comments. Meanwhile Republicans have been distancing themselves from Giuliani, with one GOP strategist saying that independent voters are looking that them saying, “These people are crazy.”

UPDATE: The New York Daily News points out the Giuliani shouldn’t be criticizing anybody’s upbringing as his own father was a draft-dodging felon and reputed mafia enforcer.

  • thinking back all those years, to “you know what”, i could never imagine that one day i would loathe Giuliani the way that i do now. what a vile piece of shit.

  • Richard

    Keep talking Rudy, even more people will begin to realize GOPTers are freaking nuts !!

    • guest

      After all we have seen from the American Reich, if the American people actually were paying attention, then 2010 and 2014 would never have been horrible elections. I hold out little hope that American People will notice this latest Obama Derangement Syndrome.

      • Richard

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. – H.L. Mencken

  • Mark

    Oh jeezus mother fucker – give it a rest!!

    • tristram

      Really. I mean when was the last time Rudolph Giuliani was even a thing? This whole brouhaha is being promoted by the politicians and media on both sides to rev up their respective bases/audiences. And Rudolph is loving his quasi-posthumous sixteenth minute of notoriety.

      • canoebum

        He thinks he’s going to get the VP slot or maybe AG in the next GOP administration. He’s overlooking the very real probability that it won’t even be possible until 2024, and by then is Alzheimer’s will be in full bloom. Giuliani is a throughly despicable racist.

  • Gustav2

    Every Midwestern Republican I knew growing up would now be called a commie.

    • Bad Tom

      Not just a commie. A filthy commie.

      • Gene

        oh lord…..we ALL have a photo of you dressed as Marilyn. You AINT gonna be the President. You have more chance of being the next Queen of Denmark. Give it up…(how pathetic)
        by the way…has anyone heard from you know who? I mean…this is HIS topic to play with, but, no where to be seen

        • Joseph Miceli

          Do NOT say his name!!! I’ve been enjoying the quiet.

    • guest

      President Obama’s grandparents and his mother were from the white culture (whatever that really means) and so had the same influence as Mayor 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11

  • crewman

    What he’s really saying is the GOP owns the definition of “ideal America”, and anyone who doesn’t strive towards their ideal does not love America. Well here’s some news for you; there are many competing visions of what is ideal. The country in fact was built with the idea that there would be a competition of ideas. For you to want to shut that down and claim only your voice speaks for the true America is one of the most un-American things I can think of.

    • guest

      The 1950’s was not so good to minorities, and the right never understands that when they cry they “want their country back,” or as Bod Dole wanted to return to them. Dole handed Clinton the “Bridge to the 21st Century” tag.

      As to Mayor 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11, he claimed President Obama is anti colonial. Well the right, being as stupid as ever and always trying to redefine words, forgets to understand that the American Revolution was the first revolution against Colonialism, and against the largest Colonial power, British power.

      Ever time this Mayor 9-11 9-11 9-11 9-11 speaks, they should have a disclaimer that he was told by his own police that the radios did not work across departments and he insisted that the contracts be given to companies owned by friends of his, as all RepubliKKKans do.

      Every time he speaks, there needs to be another disclaimer that the police begged him not to put their Emergency Command post in the building that was the #1 target, the World Trade Center, but he insisted on that too. any person WHO HAS THE F*CKING BLOOD ON AMERICANS ON THEIR HANDS, JUST LIKE BUSH AND HIS TELLING THE CIA LADY TO GO HOME NOW, “YOU HAVE COVERED YOUR ASS WHEN SHE INFORMED BUSH AT HIS “RANCH,” should be tried for sedition (treason is only in a declared war and only under specific conditions actually names in the Constitution) and for crimes against humanity, and for war crimes.

      So the creature who caused the death of how many US Citizens criticizes the President who actually ordered the killing of Bin Laden, you know in GOP land that the crazy has won the day.

      • I’ve never understood that charge. It would seem to be that being pro-Colonial would be an enormously anti-American position. But I think it’s some sort of dog whistle connecting him to liberals in Europe who feel guilty about what they did in Africa, Asia and the Americas during the colonial era and they DAMN WELL SHOULD FEEL GUILTY!

    • Cuberly

      If you think about it it’s all they have. Their record is abysmal. They have nothing to be proud of.

      Apparently if they claim ownership to “true” patriotism that’ll suffice.

    • clay

      they think the only true patriotism is nationalism

  • another_steve

    It’s a shame. He did some good things for NYC during his tenure as Mayor. I can’t imagine why he’s chosen to embrace the Far Right Lunacy.

    Has doing so advanced Donald Trump’s political career?

  • Mike C

    Benito Giuliani wants to warn us about extreme political views?

    • MythicalBeast

      Nailed it with “Benito.” He’s a fascist to the core.

      “Freedom is the willingness to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do and how you do it.”

      –Rudolph Giuliani

      • TrollopeReader

        Is that the motto of the NYPD?

        • J Ascher

          No, it’s “Abandon all hope…”

  • Marides48

    A throw back to the 1950’s “Commie” scare tactics. Of course many of us have seen “the CRAZY” in the GOP for many years now.

    • DaddyRay

      St. Ronnie’s long term plan when he shut down the mental hospitals

      • noni

        They are now the Tea Party which has taken over the Republican Party. Now known as the Republican Mental Institution Party. Where you voluntarily commit yourself for further “treatment”.(fox news and doctors like rudy ghoulishahhhnee,etc.)

      • Lawerence Collins

        Just one of many Satan Reagan’s sins. Creating mass homelessness.

    • Gustav2

      He has the support of people who think TV’s ‘The Brady Bunch’ was a plot to destroy the family.

      • Calpete

        He has the support of people who think the family in ‘Father Knows Best’ was a real family.

    • MythicalBeast

      Seems McCarthyism never went away for a huge segment of the right wing. Witness how often they invoke “socialism” and “communism” when what they mean to demean is “conventional American democracy” or “enlightened egalitarianism.”

      Meanwhile, Soviet KGB leftover Putin is their hero…

      • TrollopeReader

        Cruz almost —almost has the same ugly face.

        • J Ascher

          Give Cruz 5 to 10 years * not in prison! * ;-O and he’ll have that look!

    • grada3784

      Fear of Communists from the church set = Lack of faith in God by the church set..

    • Dana Chilton

      The average Guliani supporter probably has a Joseph McCarthy bumper sticker and is deathly afraid that China is about to invade.

      • guest2015

        Or a John Birch Society one. The Birchers are the KKK in suits & ties.

        • guest

          William F. Buckley drove the JBS out of the RepubliKKKan party, err, rather drove them into hiding. The tea baggers are the current JBS

          so, many of the new JBS are not in suites and ties, they are in tea bagger costumes.

        • David Kerlick

          Koch Bros’ father was a founder of the JBS.

      • Clive Johnson

        Isn’t the Chinese military supposed to be massing on the US/Mexico border?

        Or was that violent Jihadists?

        Or hispanic children carrying drugs or ebola distribution kits?

      • guest

        Would that not be that the old Soviet Union was going to invade? After all, they are living in the past and definitely cannot stand that a Calm Black Man is the President of the United States of America.


    Wow. Red-baiting. In the 21st century. Rudy has really gone off the rails. Bless his little heart.

    • Joe in PA

      my first thought as well…is this 1954?

    • teeveedub

      Anyone who lived or spent time in New York City during Giuliani’s administration is probably aware that he was an extremely controversial mayor. He did everything he could to “clean up” New York, including making every attempt to make the homeless invisible, trying to get rid of pushcart vendors (a NYC institution for decades), and implementing and enforcing the so-called “broken windows” policing policy that led the way to stop-and-frisk policing.

      It was only in the aftermath of 9/11 that he became a truly national figure and somehow became deified in the minds of many Americans.

      But he was an off-the-rails asshole before 9/11, and he’s now revealing what an off-the-rails asshole he always was and continues to be.

  • S1AMER

    The Democrats should give him a bigger megaphone, so everybody in America can hear his filth.

  • James

    I know, I know: not all Americans are like that. But the fact that in 2015 there are still a LOT of Americans who aren’t at all embarrassed to say this sort of thing publicly, and there are even more who are fully supportive of it, says a lot about Americans, their culture, their politics, and their beliefs, and what it says isn’t good.

    • Gerry Fisher

      Truth. It’s only a slightly more cray-cray version of standard Republican politics.

  • Charlie

    It’s beyond me why anyone, including the media, is paying any attention to this worthless, insignificant POS. And, why has he decided to crawl out from under his rock and put on a nutcase show now? Does he really think all this ranting and raving about total lies about Obama are going to win him any points with the general public? So many questions but, really, who gives a FAT shit?

    • Octavio

      It’s dementia.

      • noni

        but is that letting him off too easily?
        It may be he is simply insane.

    • another_steve

      I can half-understand why Donald Trump has gone for the Full Crazy; it keeps his name on the cover of all the supermarket checkout line tabloids — which never hurts when you aspire to do a “reality show” (or the moral equivalent) on TV. But Giuliani, I can’t understand that.

      Perhaps as Octavio suggests: dementia.

  • SLK in SF

    Communism hasn’t been a viable political movement in this country since the 1930s. Republicans are morons.

    • And a short lived and small one even then. There were far more Americans embracing fascism in the 30s and yet few of them were ever held accountable for that but people whose only “crime” was attending a meeting or two to hear about communism were blacklisted for years.

      • BobSF_94117

        Not only were America’s fascists not held accountable their progeny went on to occupy the White House.

  • In the sense that early Christians were communists (forming “Christian Communes”)… yeah, probably?

    But don’t you claim the same thing?

  • Ore Carmi

    Giuliani has been influenced by brain-eating parasites.

    • People4Humanity

      “influenced by” = “consumed by”

  • LonelyLiberal

    Giuliani suffers from BPDS–black President deragement syndrome.

    • George

      You know something LonelyLiberal? You have hit the nail right on the head. With all of the following well thought out comments the bottom line remains that Giuliani is a racist. The basic platform of the RNC and it’s members is pure racism. We really need to stop the politeness and say the one thing that really matters.

      Giuliani is a racist.

      • guest

        Sun Jan 08, 2012 at 01:05 AM PST
        How to win every argument with a so-called conservative

      • fuzzybits

        And whether anyone wants to admit it most everything said about Mr. Obama has been racial.

        • Queequeg

          Yes it all comes down to racism. I just had an argument with someone on Politico who said that Obama is a “much worse” president than Bush. You know, the guy who nearly destroyed the economy and sent 4000 people to die in an unfunded war? I can only believe that is due to Obama’s race. Then they get all pissy if you call them on their racism.

          • charemor

            There are so many nut cases on Politico that it is a waste of time to try and have a dialogue with any of them. All they can do is call names and post irrational insults.

          • Queequeg

            I know. I’m not sure why I go there. I guess I have a compulsion to argue with idiots.

          • George

            I know Rich. Why don’t racist embrace their racism? Why are they so skittish about it? They must know they are racist but yet act so ashamed. I have never understood this. You would think identifying that they are racist and yet feeling ashamed would give them good reason to change.

    • Judas Peckerwood

      Being a rabid ferret probably doesn’t help.

      • guest

        Hey now, rabid ferrets are better than Rudy! I trust them more!

      • another_steve

        Why do you hate ferrets?

        • Judas Peckerwood

          I don’t hate them. I just feel sorry for the rabid ones for being so Giuliani-like.

          • guest

            Leave the damn rabid ferrets alone. They cannot help it if the hater acts like them! 😉

    • another_steve

      Al Sharpton has made a related point:

      “He has built a lot of his career on playing with race codes,” said Sharpton. “That is what he did to David Dinkins. That is what he did to activists when he was mad.”

      • Lawerence Collins

        The racist checklist

        • Todd20036

          How about:

          Most black people are well endowed.
          Black on black porn is hot.
          Ewe people starred in that demon sheep commercial.
          I don’t see race/color, when I choose a sex partner.
          If I said black people like bottoming for a pocket Jew boy, there’d be an uproar.

          I’m not racist, I’m just messed up.

    • Craig S

      The crazy ones always play the “Death Threat” card early in the game.

    • guest

      Many months ago, JMG stopped these video ads with their loud noise and ever playing loop, even if you can get it to stop for a moment, it will start up again in 60 seconds.

      What happened that they are back again for the last 2 days?

    • DaddyRay
      • Rebecca Gardner

        Rocky Mountain Mike is so awesome. I’m guessing you are a Stephanie Miller fan too.

        • DaddyRay

          Indeed I am

        • DaddyRay

          And Rocky Mountain Mike is a comedic genius

    • KCMC

      bad mood

    • He is a complete failure as a Republican. His own party rejects him, he wanted to run for President and no one in the Republican Party wanted him. He is a bitter and tired failure whose own legacy in New York is clouded by an aura of corruption and disgust on the part of average New Yorkers. I could not figure out why he is hated so much by so many New Yorkers and now I know — he is a buffoon who cheapens with his bigoted stench.

    • Larry Ft Pierce
  • IamM

    Newsflash: These people are crazy, and this assinine, unhinged garbage from Giuliani is from the relatively sane end of their echo chamber.

  • Sam_Handwich

    Rudy’s just a bad drag act – especially when he’s dressed up as a man.

  • Luther Kreiger

    Rudy dear, you’re a laughingstock already, there’s no reason to keep digging that hole. You can stop, I promise.

    Even if your claims about our president and what had influenced him were true, it’s kind of moot considering that without a shadow of a doubt, Mr. Obama is a terrible communist or socialist. Have you paid attention to corporate profits during his tenure? The stock market? Rising inequality? Of course not, you’re too busy flailing around and running your lying mouth off, desperate to remain relevant.

    I hate to tell you this Rudy, but the “scream offensive lies and only scream louder when confronted” shtick only works for right-wing talking heads with no real political experience like D’Souza or Coulter. (Even then, saying it “works” is a bit of a stretch) Stop embarrassing yourself.

    • clay

      Even if his claims about our president and what had influenced him were true, it’s kind of moot considering that without a shadow of a doubt, Pres. Obama was freely, fairly, and openly elected. Twice.

      • Luther Kreiger

        Yeah, that’s a bit more important, isn’t it! Thank you 🙂

    • NowAnAgnostic

      Let him keep digging. Twelve feet under is better than six feet under.

  • Jake

    Seeing how richer that rich have gotten in the past 6 years, Obama is a lousy communist.

    • Gustav2

      Seeing how ONLY the rich…

  • CanuckDon

    Bill Maher did it up good last night….

    • TommyTune

      And as Bill Maher has also noted, the fifties, that halcyon era Republicans love to obsess over, was basically the era in which we came closest to communism in terms of taxation rates, booming middle class, and commitment to the common cause, vis-a-vis infrastructure investment, the GI bill, etc. Naturally, Republicans conveniently ignore this plain fact since it doesn’t fit into their lying narrative.

    • guest

      Your video does not work.

      • CanuckDon

        I think I fixed it.

        • guest

          Nope, Bill said “alright” and it ends.

          And it works on YouTube

          Maher Reads Giuliani/Obama Fifty Shades of Black

          Try that!

        • DonnaLee

          It worked for me, I’m watching on Chrome if that helps.

          • guest

            Firefox here

    • People4Humanity


  • Joe in PA

    I’ll just drop this here….

  • Nexus1

    Eight year, eight fucking years we had to put up with this ‘man’! The bastard even tried to weasel his way into a third term after the September 11th attacks only for his successor to essentially buy his own 3rd term 8 years later. At least he is the whole countries problem now. This is the man who egged on angry police officers against Mayor Dinkins after he lost to him in the 80’s. This is the man that happily sowed the seeds of racial division in NYC. This is the man that announced to the world and his wife that he was leaving her… on television. The one that had his mistresses (plural) chauffeured around the city by on duty police officers and on the city’s dime. He knows full well he has no shot in holy hell of ever being President or even holding a statewide office again, so he has decided to be the resident flame wars starter for the GOP. But like all things Rudy he’s taken it too far and now they want him to shut up because he’s doing more harm than good. This man has discredited himself time after time and the only good I can see is that his ridiculous designation as ‘America’s Mayor’ is crumbling by his own hand. Keep talking Rudy, let the entire world see what us New Yorkers knew two decades ago.

    • Gustav2

      No one except the NYC media called him “America’s Mayor.” In Ohio we saw it as the same shit as the Dallas Cowboys being called “America’s Team.” Only the really gullible fell for that when we had two NFL teams in the state.

      • Nexus1

        Maybe the national media that is based in NYC (which is most of the national press), but not the NY local media in my opinion. He is and was very hated here and the local media has had some very big run ins with him. It was more the national media that gave him the ‘America’s Mayor’ moniker. I agree that much like the Cowboys nickname Giuliani’s supporters were ‘dumbasses’ who fell for the okey doke. lol

  • carswell

    More proof that being a blowhard is a prerequisite to joining the right-wing nutjob commentariat.

  • TheManicMechanic

    The problem here is the nutjobs will hear only what they want to, and no matter how much proof or rebuttals that happen afterward that completely tear apart what they’ve said, it falls on deaf nutjob ears. Much mouthbreathing and slobbering will result in nutjob land with this latest oral defecation from Julie.

  • DaveMiller135

    The last stage of American political life: realizing that a fork stuck in you would reveal that you are done.

  • noni

    Sadly his untreated syphilis is emerging.

    • grada3784

      It must be true, since he hasn’t denied it.

  • Ben in Oakland

    How about some quotes from Alinsky:

    “Let the liberal turn to the course of action, the course of all radicals, and the amused look vanishes from the face of society as it snarls, “That’s radical!” Society has good reason to fear the radical. Every shaking advance of mankind toward equality and justice has come from the radical. He hits, he hurts, he is dangerous. Conservative interests know that while liberals are most adept at breaking their own necks with their tongues, radicals are most adept at breaking the necks of conservatives.”

    “Love and faith are not common companions. More commonly power and fear consort with faith….Power is not to be crossed; one must respect and obey. Power means strength, whereas love is a human frailty the people mistrust. It is a sad fact of life that power and fear are the fountainheads of faith.”

    “It is a world not of angels but of angles, where men speak of moral principles but act on power principles; a world where we are always moral and our enemies always immoral;”

  • Jude Newton

    Is “Getting death threats” the new thing? Has anyone seen any published death threats that people have been claiming they are getting? Apart from the anonymous Twitter nuts, of course. Any actual FBI investigations going on? Or is this just the attention getter for more media?

  • geoffalnutt

    Rudyville – Where it’s always 1953!

  • TMA

    I’m honestly getting really fucking tired of this fascist shit pervading everything.

  • Ramona Love

    Socialism has a long history in American thought, I’d like to see Rudy get more votes than Eugene Debbs did. (spoiler alert: he won’t)

  • crewman

    Why is he reaching back into Obama’s past association from many decades ago and to his youth, as if he was an unknown person just running for President the first time? As if we needed to go back that far to divine how Obama would perform as President? As if there wasn’t some sort of recent indicator of how he would do as President, say the last 6 years? It’s as if Giuliani is still reading the 2008 GOP playbook and hasn’t bothered buying the new edition.

    • Nexus1

      It’s nothing new for him though. He’s tried to discredit shooting victims in the past, even going as far as to unseal Patrick Dorismond’s juvenile arrest record to try and justify his killing.

      • guest

        How can he unseal a record? That is the function of a Court. Was there legal action against him? There should have been.

        • Nexus1

          I know. That’s what everyone in the city felt as well. Rudy’s rationale was that his privacy rights didn’t apply since he was deceased. The family tried but it went nowhere as far as his privacy being violated. Mr Dorismond family did sue the city for wrongful death and the city settled for a couple of million dollars. But Giuliani’s action along with his other scandals ended his bid for the Senate that year.

          • guest

            Thank you. And he should be in jail. I would have pressed that case against him through every court, making a deal with the lawyers they could have every penny we would get. I would have insisted on a monument in NYC calling out this creature and it had to be right next to city hall. That would prevent future mayors from this.

    • guest

      They have a new playbook? I thought block and block and block, McConnell’s plan was what helped them win in 2010 and 2014?

  • cleos_mom

    **saying that independent voters are looking that them saying, “These people are crazy.”**

    Which most of us figured out a long time ago. Doesn’t say much for that brand of “independent”.

  • delk

    What no Bill Ayers mentions? Getting sloppy Rudy.

    I read the Post piece last night and just had to laugh. Kicking rocks with glass slippers on Rudy, is a dangerous thing to do.

  • anne marie in philly

    does anyone have a ball gag and some duct tape to put into/over this asshole’s BIG fucking mouth?

    • People4Humanity

      Judy won’t let you play with her toys.

  • Reality.Bites

    Is John McCain dying or something? Why is Giuliani auditioning for the role of GOP grumpy senile guy?

    • Sam_Handwich

      Actually, McCain is emerging as the thoughtful, wise statesman of the GOP.

      that’s how bad it’s gotten

      • Tor

        Along those lines, who would have ever expected Barry Goldwater to become a frothing liberal?

        • guest

          He is still an evil man, and was right only in 2 quotes, his quote on gays in the military and the crazy religious nuts.

      • bkmn

        My guess is that Meghan is making sure he is taking his meds.

    • Sam_Handwich
      • guest

        Saturday Night Live did the lady better!

  • Sam_Handwich

    Rudy’s entire political “legacy” is built upon the incinerated, pulverized remains of nearly 3,000 Americans.

    Now that’s LOVE!

    • bkmn

      And the real testament to his security prowess.

  • delk

    And yet, Putin, who actually was a commie…

  • Justin

    How odd. Giulianni hasn’t stopped to think that he’s been influence by communists, too. He’s been influenced to lose all rationality and froth at the mouth.

    • Octavio

      Political rabies? You might have just diagnosed his problem. If true, we’ll need to put him down.

  • Joseph Miceli

    Has he been tested for Alzheimer’s? How about “asshole disease?”

    • guest

      I thought “asshole disease” was just another name for Conservative, GOP, RepubliKKKN, OR whatever name they have to now call themselves, with Rush L. calls out the left for changing their name from Liberal to Progressive, when it was Teddy Roosevlet, a Republican, who changes and in many ways created the whole definition of Progressive.

  • Ninja0980

    I concur with what someone said on MSNBC the other day.
    Fuck you Rudy and your use of 9/11 as a way to try and avoid being called out on anything garbage that comes out of your mouth.
    You weren’t the only person to experience the horrors of 9/11 that day so kindly STFU.

    • Octavio

      His ties to known members of the MAFIA are well documented. Yet the media and GOP always gloss over those associations. Such a big ego for such a tiny man.

  • MBear

    And git offa mah lawn!

  • Stev84

    Few Americans know what socialism really means. They just use it a generalized slur.

    • guest

      The right are masters at framing and re-framing words. The left never tries to stop that from happening.

      Even Obama never kept his “gun to a knife fight” analogy.

  • Curieux Bleu

    Compared to Rude Rudy, Barack Obama has led a life of grace and filled with enlightenment. Rude Rudy is the one who hates Americans.

    Bitter Adulterer, Semi-senile slandering irrelevant,
    hateful old fool, that’s Rude Rudy Giuliani. Obama has none of those disgusting attributes.

    Full stop.

  • LovesIrony

    Quick! duck and cover

  • YakHerder

    Wow, if only these revelations had come to light before the election…or the re-election! John McCain and Mitt Romney would surely have won the presidency!

  • JCF

    Seriously, Alzheimers* is a tragic disease.

    * Or other form of DEMENTIA from which Rudy is suffering.

  • Jack

    Wow, it’s 2008 all over again. He does know Obama’s not running next year, right?

    • Sam_Handwich

      SHHHHHHH!! We’re hoping republicans don’t figure that out for at least another year.

    • Gustav2

      Republicans are having a difficult time finding a way to attack the “not running yet” Hillary. BTW Nixon did the same “not announcing, hanging back” game before he won POTUS.

      • TrollopeReader

        And Hillary has been so vocal about AR SB202. So has Bill. (snark) HRC Arkansas has at least talked about the bill, but not HRC National.

        This nation needs totally new leaders (who will actually *lead* )

        • guest

          Oh nos!

          The HRC apologists will not like your making any statement questing if they have any non cocktail party programs.

    • JCF

      Try 1948: RED SCARE! Call HUAC! Call Tail-Gunner Joe McCarthy!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    As Thom Hartmann pointed out on his show yesterday, this guy screeching about what a ” real american ” is, noting Obama was raised exclusively by his maternal grandparents for at least one year while His mom was in Indonesia. His grandfather served in WW II and was actually present @ Normandy – you don’t get more American than that.

    • RFW

      Paternal? Don’t you mean maternal?

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Yes. Duh. Thanks

  • SFHarry

    I think what is going on here is Giuliani is used to being in the spotlight. Over the past few years his star has faded and now he is doubling down on crazy just to get attention. It is both annoying and really pathetic.

    • Reality.Bites

      Good-bye Rudy G
      Though we only knew you too well
      Your candle burned out long before
      Your legend in your mind ever did

      • Guest

        + 10,000

    • CB

      My thought exactly. In the current media environment, the only way to get attention is to scream, and the crazier and more sensational the better.

  • jo gerardo

    Better Obama’s upbringing and communists then Giuliani’s dementia and hemorrhoids.

  • Octavio
  • HomerTh

    President Obama is a millionaire due to his book royalties. He makes a pretty pathetic Communist.

    • grada3784

      Yeah, but Rudy tops that.

      He’s got his Life-Lock Commercial.

  • Someone needs to tell this crazy bitch Sarah Palin already has this job and is far more entertaining.

    • DaddyRay

      Giuliani’s 15 minutes expired years ago

  • SunsetGay

    I believe Vice President Biden said it best.

    “Rudy Giuliani is the least qualified person to run for President since George W. Bush. He only says three things in a sentence. A noun, a verb and 9/11!”

  • TexPlant

    Is it just me or doe the GOP get crazier with each passing year?

    • guest

      Yes. But they have been on speed ever since the Calm Black Man became President.

    • JalapeñoBusiness

      I was going to post a similar sentiment, then saw your comment. It’s really seems they have ginned themselves up into a furor of crazy, flailing at each and every item that stirs up their base. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, we see new evidence of their idiotic behavior. If only they could solve the real problems in their districts as fast as they write new gay animus fueled legislation.

  • madknits

    Communists? Seriously? What is this, 1982?

    • grada3784

      Nowadays the Communists wouldn’t want to bury us. They’re too busy making tons of money sucking us dry with all the interest on the US Debt they hold.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Obama really doesn’t love America and Rudy knows all about love :

    Ask Regina Peruggi, the second cousin he grew up with and married,
    who was “offended” when Rudy later engineered an annulment from the priest who was his best man on the grounds, strangely enough, that she was his cousin.

    Or ask Donna Hanover, the mother of his two children,
    who found out he wanted a separation when he left Gracie Mansion one morning and announced it at a televised press conference.

    Or ask Judi Nathan, his third wife, whom he started dating while
    still married to Hanover and New York mayor. In two SUVs, he and an
    entourage of six or seven cops traveled 11 times to Judi’s Hamptons
    getaway at a taxpayer cost of $3,000 a trip. That’s love.

    Rudy knows so much about love that he declared the other day that President Obama “doesn’t love you” and “doesn’t love me” at a private party of GOP fat cats.

    ( snatched from another site )

  • Galvestonian

    Communists ? Is he talking about Russia ??? Russia is the furthest thing from CommunistPutin isn’t into sharing the wealth unless he gets the most of it. Ol’ Rudy is just blowing hot air with a bit of toxicity in it to attract the tea part loonies.

    • RFW

      The “communists” who ran the old Soviet Union weren’t into sharing the wealth either. Nor are those who run Best Korea.

      But there’s this difference: in the USSR, a reasonably ordinary life was possible, but in Best Korea, unless you are a member of the elite, you are effectively a slave.

      This translates into, e.g., “in the USSR, food was hard to come by. In Best Korea, food is often impossible to come by.”

  • grada3784

    People without responsibility to anyone can rave insanely, as Giuiliani has shown. A President, acting responsibly for the security and image of the nation, must act a lot more responsibly than this deranged politician.

    In this case, Obama must speak in more measured words than an insane Republican.

  • bkmn

    And Giuliani has been influence by MORONS.

    • Amanda B. Rekendwith

      I think they prefer the American HomeSkooled Spelling…

  • The Fox News-watching, right-wing-radio-listening conservatives know nothing about Giuliani aside from his 9/11 grandstanding. I’ll admit to having mixed feelings about him. He’s a bully and a thug but he also did a few things I liked and a lot I didn’t. But the extent to which the typical Republican, at least the ones outside NYC, do not know that he’s been married three times and was publicly flaunting his relationship with #3 while still married to #2, the lack of any relationship with his own children, that he lived with a gay couple after being kiicked out of the mayor’s residence, the drag performances, and on and on. They really know nothing about him aside from a very narrow propaganda story. It’s really startling because these are the same people who told me that Clinton needed to be impeached for cheating on his wife (not just the lying party but the cheating). Not that it would matter. They know about Gingrich’s philandering and don’t care about that either. It would only matter if a Democrat did it.

  • grada3784

    Stick with doing your Life-Lock commercials, Rudy.

    • William

      Rudy will be doing the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” commercials before long.

      • grada3784

        Unless his identity is stolen.

  • Dana Chilton

    In Joe’s frequent posts on ‘crackpots’ we read from religious right political talking heads that seem to revel in american’s damnation… Because of gays or feminists or scientists or whatever, they exude perverse, almost sexual, pleasure in condemning this country as immoral and doomed and detested by god. Here, and In right wing circles, Obama is condemned as un-American because of Rev. Rights sermon 20 years ago but Guliani often praises those who align with the religious right as patriots and good christians.

  • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

    I wish Satan would call him home, so I could piss on his grave.

  • TexasBoy

    Poor dear, dementia is setting in at only 70 years old.

  • Lawerence Collins

    Pic says it all!

    • A Big Sarcastic Fairy!

      I like that.

  • People4Humanity

    Great drag name!
    Who’d a thunk you could just reverse two initials and nail it?

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Answer: A dyslexic?

  • delk
  • dave in boston

    Just pathetic. What a pitiful man.

  • Prixator

    Hey! I’ve been getting “death threats”, too? What did I do? 😉

    • TrollopeReader

      Yes, let’s see the police reports, and the corporate security reports …..

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    So, … either we are witnessing a mind crumbling from dementia, or there are some diabolical machinations behind these weird and bizarre outbursts. With these GOP clowns, it’s hard to tell. Something akin to Poe’s law, no doubt.

  • Yeah But No

    Rudi Guliani’s “Leadership” is worth 1 cent. Literally.

    • People4Humanity

      based on the copper value?

      • guest

        Copper value, in a book? I think the 1 cent is because Amazon has to charge something. Amazon should consider just adding it as a free option to any other sale…sort of like the right wing does when they always buy up books to pump up sales and then give them out. They are still giving away Sarah Palin books.

  • fuzzybits

    Oh let him and Donald Trump run together!

  • Mark_in_MN

    Ah, Rudy, President Obama won’t be on the ballot in two years. He’s already been elected twice. He can’t run. So why are you campaigning against him in conjunction with events for a wannabe presidential candidate who won’t be running against him?

    The GOP strategist is right (for once). These people are crazy.

  • nipper

    Communists are still a thing? I thought we moved on from them.

  • William

    It sounds like Rudy has been drinking from the same crazy well as Pat Robertson. I hope they can share a room together at the home.

    • Ben in Oakland

      only if you want to see some stupid on disgusting old fossil sex.

  • 2patricius2

    Rudy Giuliani speaks: “9/11, 9/11, 9/11, blather about Obama – (communist, America hater, not like us, 9/11) – 9/11, 9/11, 9/11…..”

  • Guest

    Go blow it out yer ass Rudi

  • Ben in Oakland

    “Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists ”
    Ben in Oakland Doubles Down: Giuliani has been influenced by idiots and troglodytes”

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Why didn’t he stick with being a drag queen after his term as mayor? That was something he seemed decent at… unlike this current nonsense.

  • ColdCountry

    …one GOP strategist saying that independent voters are looking that them saying, “These people are crazy.”

    As an independent voter, i concur.

  • billbear1961

    “Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down . . .”

    This is a SURPRISE? What ELSE do these totally irresponsible freaks do, anymore, once they start spewing?

    ‘Meanwhile Republicans have been distancing themselves from Giuliani, with one GOP strategist saying that independent voters are looking that them saying, “These people are crazy.”‘

    This is NEWS?

    Anyone who doesn’t know that by now is truly HOPELESS.

    • billbear1961

      Sadly, this knowledge doesn’t stop lots of independent voters from VOTING for them!

      EDIT: Does Giuliani have a drinking problem? Does he still have all his marbles?

      What’s gotten into him?

      I didn’t think he was one of their worst.

      What’s he up to?

      What’s he trying to prove??

      EDIT 2: Is it that people in the GOP often claim he’s too “liberal”??

      Is he trying to prove otherwise?

      Well, the wheels are coming off his cart!

      Jesus, there is no insanity these people won’t resort to to please the base.

      They NEVER tire of grovelling at their feet!

      They REFUSE to stand up to them!

    • TrollopeReader

      They’ve not been “distancing” in that they are condemning (where are YOU Brian Brown? You Condemn everything!)
      Rudy ….they’re just “no commenting” …. or skating away ….


      • billbear1961

        It’s the most they EVER do.

        They will rarely openly condemn something said by one of their own, no matter how crazy or vile.

        They just try to skate away from it.

        And they’ll point to some obscure, unknown nutcase on our side and claim THAT is as bad as having major, well-known players on your side saying outrageous things.

        • TrollopeReader


      • billbear1961

        I think it was last year that someone made outrageous racist statements at CPAC, and demanded that the descendants of former slave-owners should be financially compensated for the loss of their ancestors’ slaves.

        He was ignored, but NOT condemned.

        And when bigots call in to conservative or Christian talk-shows, demanding that gays be executed, it will be suggested that’s going too far, but the caller is not condemned for his insane views.

        The right is SICK and EVIL, and will not stand up to the moral DEPRAVITY that corrupts much of the GOP base.

        These are profoundly ignorant, stupid, evil and FRIGHTENING people.

  • JJS_prime

    Influenced by communists? What does he think it is, 1955?

    • billbear1961

      They WISH!

      And it will be, again, if they win the 2016 election!

      • TrollopeReader

        Well, I *did* miss many of these teevee shows ….


        • billbear1961

          The Mighty Mouse Playhouse?

          I’ve got shocking news for you, my innocent TR: Mighty Mouse was a . . . RED!!

          • TrollopeReader

            NO! NO!!

          • billbear1961

            Alas, I fear it is so!

            The depraved creature actually believed in JUSTICE–for . . . EVERYONE!

            *holds stomach in self-righteous DISGUST*

          • TrollopeReader

            gosh-darned activist.

          • billbear1961

            Found among Mighty’s possessions . . .

            BANNED by U.S. censors


          • billbear1961

            Never feel more like singing it–and as LOUDLY as I can–than when I’m anywhere NEAR a bunch of goddamned Republicans!

            They provoke the CHRIST out of me!

            The bear is a social democrat.

            If there were a CARD TO CARRY, I’d effing CARRY IT–the old ursine heart BURSTING with PRIDE!!

          • 2guysnamedjoe

            A college friend grew up thinking it was a lullaby. When he was little, his grandmother sang him to sleep with it every night.
            He was little during the McCarthy era, so Granny must’ve been very brave or very crazy. Imagine what could’ve happened if li’l Tommy decided to stand up and sing it in front of his 1956 kindergarten class.

          • billbear1961

            Sounds like she was an excellent influence!

          • Tor

            GASP!! I grew up with Mighty Mouse. He was always making the cats and mice kiss and make up.

          • billbear1961


          • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

            We should have known, with Mighty Mouse associating with pinkos like Andy Kaufman.?


  • J Ascher

    I wonder what foreign party we can suggest that Giuliani may have been influenced by? Could it begin with an “N?”

  • bambinoitaliano

    All these pathetic politicians could not get any attention so they decided to say something outrageous just to get the attention. They are not crazier than the loons already existed but they need to get on the stage at the next craze convention just to have a shot at the general.

  • Ninja0980

    The thing I always laugh about is how the Conservative Party (they make or break most Republicans) here in NY always accused Rudy of being a moderate.
    He never was, he simply had to hide it or he would have been given the boot.
    He is a far right asshole, always has been, always will be.

  • It’s pretty clear to me that this is Rudy-the-Fascist channeling his inner Mussolini. His “America-right-or-wrong-love-it-or-leave-it” attitude plays to the worst of jingoistic know-nothing conservative pride.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Giuliani has always been a piece of shit. I hated him when he was our mayor and I hate him even more. Fuck You Rudy!

  • billbear1961

    Stand TALL for the social democratic IDEAL–for the fulfillment of the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount–for the sterling achievements of the Dutch and Scandinavian MIRACLES, the most progressive and just societies on EARTH!!

    For Canada!

    For the United States!

    Sisters on the path to a New Age of JUSTICE!!

    We will NEVER GIVE UP!!

  • GayOldLady

    “Rudy Giuliani Doubles Down: Obama Has Been Influenced By Communists”
    And Rudy Giuliani is being influenced by Dementia.

    • Sam_Handwich

      either that, or World Net Daily

      • guest

        Same thing!

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

      Giuliani, in his up and coming senility, probably confuses all black men of all time periods. He probably heard the soviet anthem sung by Paul Robeson (circa 1944) and mixes Robeson up with the President (circa 2015).

      • JD

        Must say, it’s a much more peaceful anthem than some I’ve heard…just sayin…

    • grada3784

      Let’s leave Uncle Fester’s girlfriend out of this.

  • People4Humanity

    completely off-topic, but related to Rudy being #2:

    EDIT: fixed the link

    • Sam_Handwich

      i wish that would happen during the Miss America pageant one year

    • guest

      If that is a gif, you are better off doing a right click, and selecting copy file location and then pasting the link location in the comment.

      • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

        Nope, it’s a video. Probably linked from the full screen version or FB. Happens to all of us eventually.

  • Daniel

    I do not believe that the president loves America. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up

    Wealthy Old White Overprivileged Man with Bloated Sense of Entitlement Uses Code to Call President Black, Film at 11.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Yeah, his “dog whistles” are getting really shrill. I noticed that too.

    • RFW

      Giulani happily overlooks that his own upbringing was hardly what the masses enjoy.

  • billbear1961

    FUCK you fascists, ALL of you!

    • Sam_Handwich

      Mister Bear! How unsymphonic of you :o)

      • billbear1961

        I hope this is a song they’ll hear and take to heart, dear Sam!

        • People4Humanity

          B … b … Butt they might enjoy it too much!?

          • billbear1961

            If they enjoy losing, that’s fine by me, P4H!

            (The bear’s comment isn’t part of the song.)

        • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

          To take something to heart, they’d need to have one to start with.

          • billbear1961


            I think for most of them it’s quite hopeless!

    • RFW

      Doesn’t the bibble somewhere prohibit cutting of the body, a prohibition that observant Jews extend to forbidding pierced ears?

      Hello, there, Sarah, you scrumptious little piece of non-observant cow rectum!

  • Kissmagrits

    And what manner of proof do you offer of President Obama’s embrace of communism, Mr. “Former” New York state prosecutor? And as for “O”s ancestry compared to that of your forebears, you haven’t mentioned where your people came from? Genoa, Napoli, Milan? Or Tuscany – or, perhaps, Sicily? And what were their traditions? Any skeletons?

    So, go away, Mr. Prosecutor – we’ve heard enough this last ten years of increasingly shrill assholism and inflated sense of self importance. And we just don’t care. Oh, and you were no BFD during the 9/11 dust up. Ask any fireman or police officer who was on duty that day.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Rudy is clearly off his meds. The Republicans think they’re the only ones who love America. The rest of us are just slaves.

    • RFW

      More precisely, they don’t accept the idea that people’s political beliefs legitimately vary. If you don’t agree with them, you are “other”.

  • BudClark

    Rudy Giuliani is a smegma-smeared schmuck.

  • Phil

    Time to put old Rudy out to pasture.

  • Patrick

    I wish I could run that bum out of town.

  • joe ho

    he’s a spokesperson for some anti-identity-theft company. i wonder if any customers will complain.

    • People4Humanity

      too late!
      Judy something-or-other already stole his.

  • Stubenville

    Dear Rudy please keep this up. By insulting the President (and by extension the entire United States) you’re turning people away from the Republican party. Great job!

  • Happy_Housewife

    Giuliani is such a dumb whore. Communists? Seriously? What does he think it is – 1948?

    • CB

      1952. snark

  • e jerry powell

    What is he campaigning for, anyway?

    • People4Humanity

      ¿plantation cross-dresser?

  • Larry in Oklahoma

    Poor Rudy. Criticizing the President and knowing he (Guiliani) will NEVER be called President. Talk on, loser.

  • neonzx

    I liked him better when he dressed in drag.

    • DaddyRay

      He never put very much effort into it

      • People4Humanity

        Yea. Not pretty, nor passable.

  • Happy Dance

    Wait…I thought he died? Well, it is obvious he is at least brain dead!

    • DaddyRay

      Last breaths have been know to be bitter and incoherent

  • “You think what I said yesterday was stupid? You ain’t see nothing yet!”

  • Cuberly

    Do we really need to list every time this asshole has said something or implied something racist? There’s not enough space.

    Glad to see there’s a lot of GOPrs calling him out on this. Hardly enough of course. Don’t want to alienate the rednecks, right?

  • Dryden01

    Finally! Obama was vetted by Giuliani instead of the U.S. media. It points up the need for “journalism” reform. Let the advocacy journalists go the way of the muckrakers and the yellow journalists!

  • josephsinger

    The only reason Giuliani did this is so he could be a media whore for a newz cycle. He made a splash as Hizzoner when 9/11 happened and made a failed attempt at being the Republican nominee for POTUS. He’s doing the same media whore tricks that Sarah Palin, “Toupee” Donald Trump, Terry (the Koran burner) Jones and the inbreds from the (Fred) Phelps clan does on regular intervals to get their names in the news again.

    • Dryden01

      Did Rudy state anything that was untrue? If Sarah Palin’s father was a member of the German-American Bund and she was schooled by Idaho Nazis and attended Westboro Baptist Church do you think the media dimwits would cover it up like Obama’s communist connections?

      • Vista-Cruiser

        Barack Obama was thoroughly vetted before he was elected in 2008. In any case, his record as president over the past six years is what counts now. And that record is better than that of any Republican president over the past 150 years.

        By the way, when you upvote your own comment, everybody can see it was you.

        • zhera

          Take a peek at Dryden01’s comment history. It’s quite entertaining!

      • Porkie

        He seems to claim that President Obama does not “love America” After he has already fulfilled almost 2 terms as POTUS; having to hear repeated jibes against his family and lies about himself, and risked not only his personal safety but that of those he loves and for what? 400,000 a year?
        He clearly loves America, whether you or Mr.Guiliani would agree with his vision for what she could become is another question so:
        “Did Rudy state anything that was untrue?”
        Well. Hell yes!

      • Porkie

        When the only upvotes on your posts are yours, it is a little sad – so, probably best to avoid that one.

      • josephsinger

        Skip the magic mushrooms.

      • CB

        It’s always a bit ridiculous to argue with idiots. However, correlation is not causation. Your assumption that exposure to these ideas and people was sufficient to shape Obama’s identity is ludicrous, as is your lack of understanding of both socialism and communism. But you do want the emotional response that supports your bias, don’t you? I just hope you didn’t hurt yourself when your knee jerked so violently.

        • People4Humanity

          ^up^vote^ for “knee jerked so violently”

      • TrollopeReader

        But if any of *us* tried to comment on Dryden01’s fav blogs, we’d be banned in minutes.

        Funny how the 1st amendment doesn’t seem to apply to conservative stay-in-the-bubble-ignore-facts-and-reality-blogs.

  • Anon
  • Sam_Handwich

    JUST IN…

    Giuliani further clarifies remarks:

    “Obama has cooties!! Neener neener!!”

  • Sean


  • Richard B

    Rude Rudy is complaining that he is getting death threats !
    This is the price for spreading bad karma.