BRITAIN: Red Cross Rejects Appeal Of Volunteer Sacked Over Marriage Protest

Back in November, British Red Cross officials sacked a longtime volunteer after he launched a one-man demonstration against same-sex marriage. According to the Red Cross, the actions of Bryan Barcklay violated their rules against political campaigning and last week they dismissed his appeal. Via the Christian site The Way:

Thousands protested against the dismissal of Mr Barkley, despite this, his appeal was rejected by the charity who have since added new grounds for dismissal. The British Red Cross have been accused of double standards as many other volunteers and supporters have taken to social media to express their views on political issues. Should they all be dismissed for their views? One has to question whether the Red Cross is selectively applying their policies for the sake of political correctness. The Red Cross has apologised for taking so long to deal with Mr Barkley’s case. They have labelled his actions as ‘political campaigning,’ calling the appeals ‘process exhausted’ which means he cannot challenge the matter any further. A decision many argue is unfair and leaves Mr Barkley with no way of clearing his name.

Breitbart London today called for its readers to end their support for the Red Cross.

Here is one aggression by the PC Terror where we all have the ability to respond robustly. Red Cross mendicants have already been driven from my door empty-handed. Nobody who believes in freedom should give one penny of cash or one minute of time to the Red Cross. There are huge numbers of charities to which support can be diverted. When governments destroy freedom, voters have to wait for an election to punish them – and even then only if there is a UKIP-style alternative to the PC consensus – but an organisation such as a charity can be made to feel the costs of public alienation immediately. We all know what we ought to do, don’t we?