Colombian YouTube Star Has Two Moms

Adoption by same-sex couples is presently before the courts in Colombia and this weekend local YouTube star Sebastian Villalobos, 19, who has 1.2M subscribers, revealed that he has two moms. The clip below has gone viral and already has over half a million views. The full Villalobos family appears at the 8:00 mark.

Earlier this month the Colombian Constitutional Court deadlocked on the gay adoption bill. A final decision is pending from an outside judge considered to be conservative. Last week the faculty of a major Colombian university issued a brief in which they declare homosexuality to be an illness.

La Sabana University’s faculty of medicine stated that homosexuals are “away from the common, which is somehow a disease” and suffer “an anomaly,” in a report sent to the Constitutional Court regarding an ongoing debate on gay couples’ right to adopt. “Gay and lesbian people deserve our respect as people, but it should be noted their behavior deviates from the common, which is somehow a disease,” stated university professor, Dr. Pablo Arango, in the four page report. Homosexuals “exhibit… higher rate of mental illness, suffer more often from HIV/AIDS and other STDs, with a higher rate of suicide,” and that “these same-sex couples are much more unstable” and “commit more sexual abuse,” said the report. Homosexual relationships offer a greater possibility of children displaying such “disruptive behavior as drug abuse, eating disorders, school failure, bad behavior in class and more often suffer the traumatic experiences of separation and divorce,” said the report.