Thomas Peters: Younger Priests Will Help Make The Church More Repressive

“Here’s a dynamic I’ve seen in parish after parish. The liberal monsignor is the pastor. He is in his 60s. His homilies and pastoral priorities are cryogenically frozen and preserved from the 1970′s. He never preaches against sin. The assistant priest (i.e. parochial vicar) is probably in his 30s, maybe late 20s. This under-35 priest loves St. John Paul II. He loves Latin in the Mass. He may have fallen away from the church in college, but he had a powerful conversion. He talks about sin and the beauty of confession in his homilies. He quietly tries to introduce Eucharistic adoration. Does this sound like a parish you know of, maybe even your own? It’s happening all across America. And it’s going to change the face of the church in this country.” – Thomas Peters, writing for Catholic Voice.