ITALY: VOD Ad Features Gay Couple

(Tipped by JMG reader Andrea)

  • TedBear

    The world is changing, and it is beautiful.

    • StraightGrandmother

      I agree. We really ARE literally changing the culture.
      Married, White, Straight, Western European Heritage, now has to share the stage with a buncha “others,” and It.Is.Beautiful. At the end, without going back to re-view it, aren’t they depicting a single mom with 3 kids?

      They say the millenial generation gets this, that their culture is much different than that of their parents.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Nice mixed race family too. Good to see the real world reflected in ads.

  • Yippee! We are visible in Italy!

    Oh my golly gee gosh! We are stepping into the daylight of society all around the world, and look! The world, she still spins, day turns into night, the tides race up beaches and dash against rocks. Life continues unchanged even with LGBTQAI taking part openly in society.

    • David Walker

      It’s so hard to believe. The mind wobbles.