Headline Of The Day

Via the Washington Post:

This is how you know you have reached true capital-”D” Diva Status: the “Tonight Show” clears its entire slate of guests just for you. Barbra Streisand will be Jimmy Fallon’s only guest on Sept. 15, when she appears to promote her new album, “Partners,” which comes out Sept. 16. The last time she was on the show, she was promoting her debut album with Johnny Carson in 1963. It will be interesting to see if and how “Tonight Show” set decorators accommodate Streisand’s “good side.” Streisand famously favors the left side of her face, so much so that she’s even unseated Oprah Winfrey — when Streisand did interviews with Oprah, she sat stage left and Oprah sat stage right, a complete reversal of Oprah’s normal guest-host arrangement. The Funny Girl’s a huge get, so NBC’s bound to make whatever concessions necessary to get Babs in the building

Streisand is expected to perform so it seems like there will have to be another guest since the new album is all duets.