Westminster’s 2014 Best In Show

A wire fox terrier named Sky won last night’s 138th annual Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden.

This was Sky’s 129th best in show ribbon overall — she became a Triple Crown winner in dogdom, too, having previously taken the National Dog Show and the top AKC event. A wire fox terrier has won 14 times at the nation’s top dog show. No other breed has won more than eight times. The winner with the ginger-and-white coat and little terrier goatee beat out an impressive lineup for the final ring. Also competing were a standard poodle, a Portuguese water dog, bloodhound, an Irish water spaniel, a Cardigan Welsh corgi and a miniature pinscher. “She has the `it’ factor. She owned this night,” Leininger said. The standard poodle named Ally was chosen as the runner-up.

The winner’s full name: “GCH Afterall Painting The Sky.” I was pulling for the corgi.