Fellow Birthers: Orly Taitz Told Us To Lie

Even her fellow birthers are now calling out loony Orly Taitz, saying that she instructed them to lie in court. One of those calling her out is Larry Sinclair, the nutjob who wrote a book claiming he’s done cocaine and had sex with the president.

A man claiming to have been Barack Obama’s homosexual lover and another claiming to have Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate say Laguna Niguel attorney Orly Taitz asked them to lie in federal court. [snip] Taitz planned to use the two as witnesses in her effort to prove Obama was born in Kenya and is not a legitimate president. However, the case was dismissed on Oct. 29 by U.S. District Judge David O. Carter without going to trial. In his dismissal, Carter wrote, “the Court has received several sworn affidavits that Taitz asked potential witnesses that she planned to call before this Court to perjure themselves. This Court is deeply concerned that Taitz may have suborned perjury through witnesses she intended to bring before this Court.” The affidavits have not been been made public by Carter. However, in a Nov. 9 motion that criticized Carter’s dismissal of the case, Taitz identifies Larry Sinclair and Lucas Smith as the witnesses she believes filed affidavits saying that she asked them to lie. She denies the accusations and told me she thinks Sinclair and Smith filed the affidavits in response to pressure put on them.

Here’s an affidavit filed by Smith attesting to Taitz’ instructions to lie. There’s some juicy dirt on her in there.

(Tipped by JMG reader Piet)