AFA Launches GAP Boycott

Ho hum, another holiday season, another wingnut boycott of a retailer over the “Christmas Sale Vs. Holiday Sale” nonsense.

This week, the American Family Association announced a two-month boycott of Gap stores and the company’s other store brands, Old Navy and Banana Republic. The boycott is based on the store’s refusal to use the term “Christmas” in its advertising campaigns during the last few years. AFA encourages concerned consumers to boycott all three of the clothing retail chains. “The boycott is part of our ongoing campaign to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to put Christ back in Christmas,” reports AFA President Tim Wildmon. He says Gap has refused to use the word “Christmas,” despite tens of thousands of consumer requests for the company to recognize the holiday by name. AFA has played a role in persuading some advertisers to change their Christmas season policies. For example, Sears backed away from its censorship of the word “Christmas” and now even offers a Christmas Club on its Web site.

The AFA says the boycott will continue until the word “Christmas” appears in a GAP ad.