This Week In Holy Crimes

Over the last seven days…

Alabama: Pastor Simon Bussie arrested for sodomizing 11 year-old girl. Bussie was in the charge of the church’s day care center.
North Carolina: Pastor Robert Lee Adams Reaves convicted of murdering a 21 year-old woman. According to testimony, Reaves stabbed the woman dozens of times because she was dating a man that Reaves was interested in.
New Jersey: Pastor Lonny Aleshire demands new trial after pleading guilty to raping underage girls.
Canada: Brothers Allen and Phillip Latimer reveal they were sexually molested by the late Father Allen McDonald while serving as his altar boys. The men came forward after last week’s arrest of Bishop Raymond Lahey, who briefly hid from authorities after being charged with the possession of child pornography. Lahey had been in charge of Father McDonald’s case.
Mexico: Father Jose Carlos Contreras Rodriguez charged with raping and murdering a 16 year-old girl.
South Africa: Unnamed pastor convicted of raping his two pre-teen daughters. His name is shielded to protect the victims.
New York: Pastor Eddy Mijares sentenced to 14 years in prison for molesting 13 year-old girl.
Michigan: Pastor Timothy Allen Ortiz charged with forcible sexual conduct on underage girl.
Virginia: Pastor Steven Joplin charged with seven counts of sexual assault on pre-teen girls.
Ohio: Father Gerald Robinson loses his appeal to overturn his conviction for murdering Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, whom he stabbed 31 times in the face and neck.

This Week’s Winner-
Pennsylvania: The parents of two year-old Kent Schaible have been charged with manslaughter for allowing their “faith healing” pastor to pray over the child, rather than seeking medical attention for his bacterial pneumonia, which could have been cured with simple antibiotics. The father is a teacher at First Century Gospel Church, whose members believe in healing by prayer rather than medicine. Before his death, little Kent suffered from “a sore throat, congestion, liquid bowel movements, sleeplessness and trouble swallowing,” yet his parents continued to pray.