NY Gov. David Paterson To Reintroduce Marriage Equality Bill

How about THIS for some momentum?

Gov. David Paterson said Wednesday he plans to re-introduce legislation to make same-sex marriages legal in New York. The legislation is expected to mirror a gay-marriage bill introduced in 2007 by former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who — with Paterson as his running mate — campaigned in 2006 on a platform that included marriage equality. “We’ll put a bill out and let the people decide one way or the other,” Paterson said Wednesday morning on WHCU-AM (870) in Ithaca.

But even with legislation from Paterson, the state Legislature has not signaled the bill would pass both houses. In 2007, the state Assembly passed Spitzer’s marriage bill, but it stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate and remains that way now under Democratic control. Paterson has been an outspoken supporter of marriage equality for same-sex couples and has indicated he would sign legislation to make it law. His legislation is expected to be submitted in advance of a major lobbying day in Albany by gay-rights groups on April 28. The Democratic governor said he hopes the measure makes it to the Senate floor for a vote, even though he said he’s not sure it would pass. “Why can’t a bill just be on the floor and lose?” he said, adding “if you have the votes later on to pass it, bring it back.”

The Empire State Pride Agenda says they welcome the governor’s move. Paterson’s bill will likely be before the legislation before the current session ends in June. Hopefully by then the few votes needed in the state Senate will have been secured. If you’d like to personally take part in winning those votes and marriage equality in New York, please visit the Pride Agenda’s site and consider signing up for LGBT Equality & Justice Day in Albany on April 28th.